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  1. ruslan

    For rent: Baringer sr 60

    BARINGER SR60 (UL) Tier : 2.1 COLLATERAL: 16 CLD
  2. ruslan

    Thread closures: Reloaded

    Nighthawk: That's only partially true, since having people who want to visit and sometimes participate is also a privilege. I'm sure there are a few people who just don't bother posting, because of these rules. Safara: Do you really need another example? :D 711: Come on, man. Why ban...
  3. ruslan

    Thread closures

    Here's the thing, I don't give a damn about people whining, I also don't care about what some might consider as negativity. If you do, don't follow these so called "offensive" threads. I find em amusing! They create action. What I don't like is when someone closes threads which I follow...
  4. ruslan

    Modified Omegaton Fast Aid Pack (L) Service

    If you have CLDs laying around in your storage and you feel like having some freaking FUN this week and you really wanna OWN a ModFapping FAP for a week. Yes! YOU can! and should and will! Current price: 170CLDs Benefits: 1. You get to keep your very liquid CLDs. 2. You get to own an...
  5. ruslan

    Selling: Calypso Land Deeds

    Currently in Twin Price: 1200PED :yay:
  6. ruslan

    Atrox Young

    Here's something I did, It's a return distribution data taken from ET for Atrox Young, not based on individual avatar, but an Average of all, if you can call it that. Top Right is a loot-size frequency graph: x = number of globals in a global size-range OR occurrences ex.: 400 globals of...
  7. ruslan

    Buying: Calypso Land Deeds

    Currently in Twin @ Ring Price: 995PED
  8. ruslan

    Selling: Modified Omegaton Fast Aid Pack (t1)

    Accepting: Planets Asteroids Domes CLDs PED Cheers, Some Update 1: The Fap is currently at t2.4
  9. ruslan

    FYI: This was probably already mentioned, but...

    If deeds were made to be lootable and the droprate was 100 deeds a day, there would have been almost 2 years more of Action and Fun. It's still good tho. Just saying... :)
  10. ruslan

    Selling: Emik T10 t4, V-Rex 2000 SGA t5

    Emik T10 t4.9: 3862(tt)+7k: - TODAY ONLY! tt+6.7k Happy Bidding! V-Rex 2000 t5, SGA : SOLD
  11. ruslan

    Selling: Improved Omegaton M2870 a.k.a i2870 t3.9 + Omegaton a204 = Superset

    SOLD: Thread Closed
  12. ruslan

    Stop browsing the forum

    k, everyone, Stop browsing the damn forum! Go play and earn me some Deed interest! :yay:
  13. ruslan

    pirates list

    Xane Pirates blacklist
  14. ruslan


    "This is not a suitable place to spawn a vehicle." FIXEET! :wise:
  15. ruslan

    Full screen banner

    Can we not have that, please?
  16. ruslan

    Modjestic Healing Services

    Modjestic First Aid Pack - Healing Service USA - CANADA - WESTCOAST 02:00 to 08:00 MA RATES: 1 person: 70 PED/hr 2 people: 80 PED/hr 3 people: 90 PED/hr 4 people: 100 PED/hr Additional Fees: Travel (both ways) Usually can be found in Akmuul or Twin Ring Happy sKilling! Doctor SOME
  17. ruslan

    Achievements got wiped?

    hmmmm :SSSSSSS
  18. ruslan

    Out of RAM

    I keep on getting this Out of RAM message. With 24gigs already installed, how much more do I need? Just tell me... I can get some more. ? Some
  19. ruslan

    How many people don't care how many Dutch people there is in EU?

    Sorry, this just had to be done. ;)
  20. ruslan

    Selling: Supremacy Set (w/o footguards) t1, Isis LR63 (UL) t7

    Supremacy Set (M) (w/o footguards) t1 With BO All sold and traded! Thnx for your time. Cheers, Some
  21. ruslan

    Selling: Merry Mayhem 09/10: Helmet & Arms awaiting your offers

    Selling a supercool mini-set of Merry Mayhem Helmet and Arms! (M) MM Helmet: SB:5k BO: 7k Current Offer: xxx MM Arms: SB: undetermined BO: undetermined Current Offer: xxx Happy Bidding! Laredo, Invis, Some :yay:
  22. ruslan

    ATH: Isis LR63 (UL) Tier - Se7en!!!

    Booya! :yay: To put this into perspective: Svempa XT(L) t0.9 + Dante - 93.8 DPS Isis LR63 UL Tier 7 + a204 - 94.3 DPS Now, onto Tier 8! Some PS: Thnx to Zayka for finishing this sucker off for me. :)
  23. ruslan

    Selling: Single ESI - 650ped TT

    What's your offer?
  24. ruslan

    5 MISS in a Row

    Wasn't sure where to post this thing to, here or the Bug section, so I thought I get some popularity points for all this hard work. :) Here's a screenshot and a graph in a language MA understands. Happy MISSing.