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  1. lorenzotorres

    New SIB Weapons Charts

    kool nice charts :wtg:
  2. lorenzotorres

    FYI: steffel can blog too: mining

    ???????????????????????????????? :wtg: :wtg: :ahh: :scratch2: :laugh: :yay:
  3. lorenzotorres

    Help (if works i'll tell you how to get free ped)

    can u get more ppl to do this
  4. lorenzotorres

    Help (if works i'll tell you how to get free ped)

    ok type this in browserhttp://www.!!!!!!!!!!!/register.php?referral=jackomacowacko and registor, help me raise these meta rl points so i can know if its a truth or a lie :wtg: :yay: ;) :ahh:
  5. lorenzotorres

    Jolly day!

    Last night the server took long to came back
  6. lorenzotorres

    All players from the caribbean *only* read

    Guys can u join the group Caribbean Players
  7. lorenzotorres


    Can anyone help me get into NOOB GROUP FOR HUNTERS
  8. lorenzotorres

    Help vu10

    :yay: stupid game i just needed to update my windows.You have problems go to automatic updates and update all updates :yay: EU here i come and that 2005+ thing reinstall to get that working ;)
  9. lorenzotorres

    What is going down tonight?

    1st i get to home work :mad: then on the phone :ahh: then EU :yay: :wtg:
  10. lorenzotorres

    JamhotRadio coming soon!

    Yeh!!!!!!! Cool you guys gonna love fridays
  11. lorenzotorres

    Will MA do a “torchwood”?

    I think so :scratch2:
  12. lorenzotorres

    my bro says he need the Settings 4 Sam DJ and a guys hotmail is Marc22 he wanted 2 join new...

    my bro says he need the Settings 4 Sam DJ and a guys hotmail is Marc22 he wanted 2 join new radio station
  13. lorenzotorres

    hey are u jamhot

    hey are u jamhot
  14. lorenzotorres

    PLZ help

    anyone who can bring up my reputation will recieve 3 PED and 50 EFD plz help:(:(:(
  15. lorenzotorres

    Eu radio Help on Creation

    hey how to create a radio show on the EU.Just want info.
  16. lorenzotorres

    Help!!! Again pt2

    i would like help on thishutning topic kinda new i don't know where pvps are or where good monsters but i know miners skill. I can offer anyone who can help me 2 Peds9 because i'm a noob but also ill help u on some good tips on mining and some popular mining (hofs) spots :yay:
  17. lorenzotorres

    Help!!! Again pt2

    can some one help me out i wanna goin on of those kinda hunting squads and kill a monster that gives killa loots
  18. lorenzotorres

    Hunt for a HoF

    hey can anoyone add me as friend an tell me when Something like this happens i always miss these types of events
  19. lorenzotorres

    9/7/2009 - 157 HP ,16 surveyor .. loots sucks SO much last 2 weeks :(

    lol whats so good bout that haircut guy who posted 1st;)
  20. lorenzotorres

    Living in PVP4 | July 9 |

    where can i go to pvp area 4 noobs the oil rig?? i heard about that can u take me there ?:eek:
  21. lorenzotorres

    Channel Kev: BlogTube (4)

    cool i love these can u post more :yay:
  22. lorenzotorres

    Starting another hunting blog! But i'm gonna profit!

    hey i wanna do a hunting hof which gun i should use i am a lvl 1 noob lol and i mine all profits from mining goes to hunting:wtg:
  23. lorenzotorres

    Drone Hunt #9

    hey rick can u take me on a robot hunt u are very skilled
  24. lorenzotorres

    Easiest Profession on EU?????

    Whats the easiest profession on EU
  25. lorenzotorres

    FYI: AHR Logo Finalists! Please Vote Now!

    no 5 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay: