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  1. nutter

    FYI: What does markup means?

    In the 'old days' when I started...everything was UL . And yet everything also had MU. There were also NPC vendors for different starter gear. The introduction of (L) gear was seen as the end of MU for UL stuff... I would venture that it isn't these things that have affected MU, rather a lack...
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    Ah the good old days!

    Loved the armours.
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    Question: When did you first join Entropia? (Project Entropia, or Entropia Universe?)

    started in 2004 with Andy 'Nutter' McDonald. Got fed up of a male ava, so changed to: Fezza Prozac Sanity in same year. Was member of Supremecy Reign, with Miss Peel, Jam etc. Went on a meet with Skalman, Jam, Miss peel, Egg, etc. Was awesome times. Shame they have gone now..
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    22 Negative hunts in a Row, A Constructive Look at the Future of Entropia, Loot, Fun and Growth

    Each shot. Each mining bomb. Each click of the manufacturing terminal. = a roll of the dice. Swirlies? = Jackpot. Entropia is a casino. The odds / prize / multiplier are altered by your skills / weapon choice / economy / efficiency and a multitude of other variables. We knew this when it...
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    MA is leading an unfair game

    EvE Online....
  7. nutter

    MA is leading an unfair game

    There is an Opalo thread where you are shown repeatedly trapping Eamons. This is an exploit hence the ban.
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    Help: Currently working on updating all Armor Set images on EntropiaWiki

    I have Vindicator (F) if this is any use for you...
  9. nutter

    UK IRL Meet up

    Sounds like could be a giggle. Count me as a probable...
  10. nutter

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    I wish this type of loot came back....
  11. nutter

    Question: remove / change the item cap system

    On a side note, I got one of the (L) chips you describe (Lac Attack VII(L) ) from a Longtooth Old, (TT37 ped I think), along with about 25 ped of shrap. No global... If you want it, you can have it for TT.
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    Question: remove / change the item cap system

    I didn't think there was a 'cap' as such... I thought each and every item had a number of items in circulation per number of accounts. So, Imk II for ex would be 100 per 1 million accounts Whereas A101 would be 250k per 1 million accounts and so on and so on. This would be why more (L) stuff...
  13. nutter

    Developer-Notes #12 - Loot-2.0 Follow-Up

    ALL the knowledge we have of the game, of the loot etc up to Loot 2.0 was garnered by the community through playing and sharing information. Why is it such a big deal that we now have to do this again? Think of it as PE v.2 - The community are starting again from a low level of knowledge as to...
  14. nutter

    Fake names

    Needs to send in a change of name form FIRST! THEN request an unlock. Each time he will need to provide the ID. Change of name form need something with matching address to that on the account as well as the new name. Unlock needs passport / driving license etc. It is all detailed on support...
  15. nutter

    Mindark, make us happy NOW!

    This! Expanding, MA could also try to make ALL old BP's be the start of chains of manufacture to come up with the new items and armours. So Basic Filters etc would be useful again. This would create a market for crafted components and as such MU on items. Yes, the end items or armour will be...
  16. nutter

    Fake names

    Name change form sent with a copy of ID and will be unlocked... Although took them 4 years to do mine...
  17. nutter

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Hunting loot is now more shrapnel and no ammo = more MU (101%) Those who are complaining they are having a much worse time.....If you continue to hunt the same mobs with the same equipment, you need to adapt. Try different weapons, try different armours. It feels like the old PE, where we...
  18. nutter

    FYI: Weapon Economy Rating

    Ah, so it is factoring the TT value of the amp (1ped, TT as I recall), with the decay which will be very very low given this low TT. I see... Additionally, I see mentioned that buffs (rings etc) do not affect the eco rating. Surely this is causing inaccuracies, as they do affect the DPP of a...
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    FYI: Weapon Economy Rating

    But the damage from an amp is not more than 1/2 the damage of the gun, so there is no correlation with the DPP. DDP on Chon +A101 = 2.97 = 64.8% Eco rating Chon + RDI Alpha amp (massively over amped) = (Estimated as no access to try out and based on Bukins + RDI Alpha) 94% I can see no...
  20. nutter

    FYI: Weapon Economy Rating

    Sounds like the amps eco is working how amps used to work (A106 on Opolo was da BOSS!) Either - Error which will be corrected in a small patch, Or Some sort of incentive to use the biggest amp possible (are they gonna start dropping new amps I wonder...or the materials in large enough...
  21. nutter

    More loot for the new players.

    wrong gun for these mobs. Match the equipment to the mob to get much better returns. For punies = TT guns, or the guns they drop (Rubio, Azurio) no armour or CDF armour - S10 fap. Returns about 90 to 95%, with MU eve better. (Results based on the 10k (or whatever the top puny challenge...
  22. nutter

    Loot 2.0 Balancing

    I had thought this too. Must need to match the weapon to the mob weakness to be most efficient. Just as we used to have to match our armour to the mob attack damage (should still do this, but I see people wearing Gremlin for all mobs and I just *rolleyes*. no wonder players moan about their...
  23. nutter

    Graphic Update.

    Sorry for the slight necro, but just read this thread... An upgrade from CE2 to the latest version with DX12 should not affect game functionality one bit. The lost functionality when changing from GameBryo to Cryengine was due to the scripting methods being different, as far as I am aware. A...
  24. nutter

    Selling: Eudoracell pet lvl 0

    I have seen prices for Eudoracell from between 300 and 500 ped for a low level one as you have. Just got one myself in a trade. Good luck with the sale :)
  25. nutter

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Booty-scooting :)