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    Selling: 146,000 cfd

    Hey there, As the title suggests, i am selling 146,000 CFD. Will sell in chunks of 36,500 cfd. PM or post your offers in this thread please. Many thanks C
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    Selling: Tiers and sockets.

    Hello all, I absolutely hate stuffing things in TT so below is a list of the items and the in game values for todays market price. ITEM - Amount - TT VALUE - Markup Electronic Stabiliser Component - 9 - 1.80ped - 112% Focus Lense Component - 65 - 13.00ped - 105.41% High Speed Control...
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    FYI: Client Loader Reads my memory

    Today for the first time since i can remember, the Client Loader is now showing a GREEN light AND showing the amount of memory for my laptop. IM SO PLEASED :wtg: Click to enlarge
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    windows gadget?

    Hello there, Does anyone know if Entropia Tracker has a windows gadget that shows live global feeds from the tracker site? ;) I know we have the ticker on EF at the bottom of the pages but i personally fancied having a little feed next to my other gadgets on my desktop? If it helps explain...
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    FreanD factory and show room

    WARNING: Nothing at all to do with MA / FPC lol After reading a few new threads about ideas of new towns etc (or just making the ones we have already a bit more functional) I was inspired to turn my hand at creating a concept for one of the corporations in the universe. So i thought id share...
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    Help: Please help!

    THIS SHOULD HELP IF YOUR CLIENT LOADER SHUTS DOWN. Read opening post for full history. PROGRESS REPORT: 00:17MA TIME SOLUTION FOUND THANKS TO CvX Heres a snippet from CvX which seems to work for most ;) In addition Helios has found the files in XP. PROGRESS REPORT: 20:06MA TIME...
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    Whats your FIRST & BEST EU memory?

    Well as alot of people come and go, and then come back again. I thought it might be interesting and funny to see other peoples memories over the years. Myself, well i class myself as a baby of the CND boom (having seen an article in local press regarding the purchase of the station i decided to...
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    Got beer?

    Well after taking a run west of Athena today i stumbled across a little settlement with service centre and some boxes. Couldnt find it on the map as an outpost of some sort so thought that this must be a secret MA hideout. Click to enlarge Then on top of the hill, i saw big blue shipping...
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    Ahhh New Switzerland

    Ahhh New Switzerland TP moved :P Love the graphics of the place and love the fact the TP is miles from the town ;) Can see the tower in the far distance haha. Click to enlarge PS Grats to Family Guy who kept spamming my chat in this pic with globals haha
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    Selling: Bulk lot of pixies

    HEADLINE GRABBER - ALL PIECES TT+0.31(ish) for bulk buy :) Hello all, Im fed up of finding little bits of pixie armour here there and everywhere in my storage so thought id sell it. Ideal for someone who owns a shop or is happy to try and sell the pieces individually on the auction ;)...
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    Buying: Duchev Logs 9 & 10 (all offers considered)

    Hello guys and gals. Still looking for logs 9 and 10 and will be offering 100 ped finders fee to whoever leads me to the person who i subsequently buy from. PM me with offers please. Good luck all :)
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    Buying: Duchev logs 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 and 12

    Hello all :) As the thread suggests im looking to purchase the following Duchev logs 9 and 10 If you have any of these please pm me your details. Also giving finders fees to whoever pms me details of who holds those logs :) Cheers :) C Found log 11 :) Thank you Found log 12 :) Thank you...
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    Robot Parts (Lots of them)

    Hello everybody :) I have a few robot parts sitting in my storage that have been there a VERY long time. So i thought id see what price they are worth nowadays and might sell some of the duplicate pieces (and the singles if the price is right ;P ) in the future. But first any of your views...
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    HoF: Born again Noob HoF

    Well after selling all of my skills last year i decided to start playing more again a few weeks ago and kind of accepted the fact i was starting as noob once more. Good thing is my GF has an avatar too now (took alot of persuading :yay: ) so with her luck beside me, we went hunting and got...
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    Selling: Lots of (L) BPs

    Cheap BPs :) Cheap BPs :) Hello all, I have decided to sell all of the (L) BPs that i have left in my inventory as i will probably never craft them at all haha. I will split the items into lots and will run the auction until Sunday 8th of February at 21:00 MA time and will try and keep this...
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    <S> 6A, 6B and 5B armor plate sets :) SB tt+1

    Hello again :) Im now selling my 6A - 6B and 5B armour plating sets complete with a start bid of TT+1. Yep TT+1 Auction will end Tuesday the 25th September at 20:00 MA Time however i will remove the items if somebody wants to have a quick sale and therefore offers a nice Buy out price. I...
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    <S> Already extracted skills.

    ONE HOUR REMAINING STILL CHEAP PRICES Hello all, I have been extracting some of my skills lately and so im going to start putting some on the forum to sell. I have 3 at the minute bu i intend to put some more on as and when i have extracted them - hopefully today. Just so that you know...
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    Not a goodbye :-P A ciao for now

    Well all those that know me have realised by now that i haven't been active for the last few weeks for this that and the other. But now i think its time to say my goodbyes to all i have come to know and love here at EF and in PE. ITs really been a good laugh getting to know you all and play...
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    Hands up for Vista

    Thought id create a thread tosee how many people have or are getting very soon, the Windows Vista OS for the PC you play PE on. Would be interesting to find out how many people are coping with the horrible bugs and lag that you get with it when playing PE (much like i do lol) So a simple yes...
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    S: ADJusted Laganus Arms Personal Cannon

    As the title says im selling and Adjusted Laganus Arms Personal Cannon. Its jointly owned between Rip and I and we just dont have any use of it at all except for the odd hunt and the cool explosion graphics. END: I will end the sale this Sunday (the 17th) at 4:00pm MA time Particulars: TT...
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    A Welcome Back to Crafting HoF ;)

    Well as i wanted to give looting a cool new item BP a try i thought id have a few hundred clicks of the Jester D1 while i had the materials in storage. UNFORTUNATELY i didnt loot any nice BPs but i did have this little thing ;) Click to enlarge 5 Opals in the loot and a little bit of enmatter...
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    SELLING RARE: Natures Eye & Chastity 1 Paintings

    Well continuing to stream line my game playing (and in order to buy bigger and better things :P ) i am putting up for sale the following paintings: NATURES EYE CHASTITY ONE You can view them by clicking the names which will take you to PEWiki. Also they are currently hanging in my hanger at...
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    Selling Small Serena RARE Painting

    Well im looking to turn some of my static assets into liquid peds so im going to start taking offers on this lovely painting. The picture can be seen here CLICK ME Im going to make this an EF auction and will keep this front post as uptodate as i can. Start Bid = 1600 ped Current Bid = 1750...
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    B:> Boar Shins (M)

    Hello :) As the thread title says im looking for Boar Shins in a Male Armour please :wtg: So if anyone has any or knows of someone selling :) please let me know so i can sort this armour set out once and for all. Prices are negotiable, Check and my price will be arranged around...
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    good job i drank the night before :)

    Well, last night was fun, i went to a pub drank kopperburg, lager and generally got a little bit tipsy. Turning on PE at about half 12 i went for a little hunt north of Twin and logged out (more like timed out in a drunken stupor) soon after. Good job i did because when i logged back in this...