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  1. cduser

    Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler Healing Service - Decay Only!

    Hi, Now offering decay only Smuggler healing. (Maxed of course) As of now it is tier2, so if you want to add a tier 1 or 2 enhancer, you provide those as well :) Healing on Calypso only atm. IGN: Necros NC Spacian
  2. cduser

    Buying: Gyro FAP-14 Smuggler UL

    Edit: Got what I needed, thanks to everyone who gave offers :)
  3. cduser

    How to fix this graphics card? (Non-EU related)

    So, i was playing some Starcraft2. All of a sudden i get an ingame message (from the game itself) that i didnt get to read properly before i had a bsod. My pc reboots, everything is normal except that at one point that lasts like 3 seconds, my screen is filled with the same weird white symbol in...
  4. cduser

    Want it? Come grab it!

    Click to enlarge
  5. cduser

    Darth Vader robs a bank! Laughed so hard :laugh:
  6. cduser

    Did you global in July 2010? Quick poll - Need your help

    Because of this: I need to know how many % of the active players globalled within July. Please send this around to your friends, i only need you to click one of the two poll...
  7. cduser

    Help: So how many active players are we actually?

    Since there are so many wild guesses about how many active players we are in this game, i thought i'd make a poll for every active player to sign, so that we can see how many (at least forum users) who are active. I know not everyone uses the forum a lot, but let's see if someone can come up...
  8. cduser

    An Entropian dream

    So i just woke up after 12 hours of sleep :laugh: I had this weird dream... Imagine it was for real :eek: So i was out hunting argonauts. I got a few globals and then tossed a probe. I hit an III Melchi, and some douchebag in a tank used his special mounted gun ammo to destroy my claim. I was...
  9. cduser

    I just walked down Järntorget

    Okay so im visiting a friend here in Sweden atm and we went to see MA's office. It was closed to we couldn't get in but i got a suprise for them for tomorrow :3 (more on that later :D) Anyways we went away. It was like 1 and a half hour ago, we saw this guy not too far away from their office...
  10. cduser

    For everyone who took part in the Kevin Rudolf competition

    Here's a way better version: :laugh: IccqSAmsOcg
  11. cduser

    Epic brainsynch! :D

    We all 3 said it at the exact same time :D That just makes it more true i guess :D New siggie? :laugh:
  12. cduser

    Company requiring extra money for shipping

    Okay so i ordered some stuff on this site, and when i reached checkout they said that i would have to pay a 2.99£ postage fee. I never got to select any kind of postal option or anything. The postal was to Denmark and appearantly they usually charge £14.99 for shipping to Denmark. Now i have...
  13. cduser

    Summer "To-do list"

    Well me and a friend was bored. So we made each others "Summer to-do" lists :D Here is mine, and try make one for yourself and post!! :D #1: Have sex with 2 girls - Probably Abandoned. #2: Get drunk #3: Play WoW for a month #4: No wanking for a week - Working on it... STILL! #5: Wear a dress...
  14. cduser

    You have gained additional health.. Or have i?? O_o

    Hmmmm.. Click to enlarge
  15. cduser

    EU Flashmob

    Yaw. I was thinking, How badass would it look if we got 150+ people gathered up for a flashmob in EU? 150 people is alot i know, but a big amount of people would be awesome. I think that is also as much as the EU servers could handle at one place. Please answer the poll :) And to those who do...
  16. cduser

    Most awesome game ever so addictive :laugh:
  17. cduser

    Epic Shower So many questions.. WHY is he smoking in the shower? WHAT is he smoking in the shower? WHY is he recording it? HOW THE HELL did it get out? :laugh: Watched this shit like a million times and i still laugh like hell :laugh:
  18. cduser

    Yayness :D

    And dont mind the PM window :laugh: Click to enlarge
  19. cduser

    Info: Enhancers are STILL lootable :(

    Hey all I thought as the enhancers now have been placed in the right categories in inventory, they are no longer lootable, but i was wrong. went to pvp4 yesterday and got looted. i now realise im missing like 12 enhancers... sucks big time :( remember to unload enhancers in your inv too before...
  20. cduser

    Use My FAP :D

    Please MA use this model i made, as replacement for our current one! it is soo much prettier! :laugh: Click to enlarge
  21. cduser

    24 Hours in 3D modelling, What do you think?

    So, about 24 hours from now, (including 10 hours of sleep), i downloaded Blender, and found a tutorial. The tutorial was about making a snowman from ordinary shapes, without doing anything than resizing and moving. and of course, adding textures and colors: Click to enlarge (The snowman in the...
  22. cduser

    Necros' Mining Adventures - Sponsored by Basil Bas Soulstone

    Hello everyone :) Yesterday i found this thread where this guy Basil Bas Soulstone asked for someone to help him. I of course sent him a PM :) Shortly after i got one in return. The idea is, that he pay for the mining, he get profit and pay losses. I can keep the skills and have a nice time...
  23. cduser

    Proteron Stalker

    Someone pulled this prote to rig, so we teamed up and went for it... so much death.. dont mind the 1-2 minute part at revive, was afk :laugh:
  24. cduser

    What do we need an atrox dome for?

    Dome #4.. with atrox youngs only is annoying me like hell.. you cant go through it without having to slaughter a crapload of atroxes.. loots on them sucks and to make it even better, its taxed 5%.. Is there any way we can have that changed? who go to CND to hunt small atrox anyways?
  25. cduser

    Buying: Anyone TT their 102 or 103 oreamps?

    If anyone tt their crafted OA102 or OA103, let me know. i will buy them for tt price instead :) Note: this is not for resale but for mining.