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  1. Gabriel

    Awesome idea for new VU's!

    Yes, i just had this great idea and have to forward this to the brilliant managers of Entropia Universe. How about testing Version Updates and minor Patches before releasing them? I'm sure you got some spare monkeys letting the VU's run on Computers with different setups! I know it might...
  2. Gabriel

    Happy Birthday Gunz!

    To your 18's year of life. :dunce: I have to say it's really nice of you to fap your brother on big Araneatrox' on such an important day. See you on XBOX live bro! :laugh:
  3. Gabriel

    Selling: Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Adjusted

    Taking offers on this beautiful skill machine. Since I'm not sure about the current value, neither in a hurry, I'm taking item offers via PM's or posts. The gun is at full TT-value. For a start i add SB: +15k BO: +15,5K Sold for BO I'm reserving the right to reject all bids in case I'm...
  4. Gabriel

    EF BBCode

    Would it be possible to have the BBCode for making table ?
  5. Gabriel

    Project Feffoid

    Project Fury Not really inspired by PkmX, as I've always been tracking all of my hunts since I've started EU, I decided to start a Project Feffoid and to make it public ^^ (I have 2+ months of tracking atm, on a few different mobs). Project Fury This project has been renamed project Fury, as...
  6. Gabriel

    Marco Move Me Kthxbai

    ffs I get instant CTD every time I try to login since yesterday, and MA hasn't moved me yet. I post in here, on the unofficial official MA forum, it may be faster than the support case I've sent yesterday and updated 2 times since. QQ Support answered me, can you delete that thread? :)
  7. Gabriel

    Oops I did it again...

    No comment H400 (L) in the loot...
  8. Gabriel

    687 Longu Young

    Got this little Longu today :) There's a story with it.... A friend on IRC asked what would she hunt, warrior or miner bot ... I told her warriors and she told me it would be my fault if she gets shitty loot :D. A few hours later, I was at a TP trying to find which mobs I should hunt, and she...
  9. Gabriel

    8.2k Atrox young

    Finally !!!!!!!! (Private Joke Inside)
  10. Gabriel

    Storage cleaning

    Hey all, I'm selling some stuff. PM me, but I'm usually at Camp Echidna. 16 Hunter Foot M (TT+8 each) 3 Goblin Foot M (TT+3 each) 7 Hunter Gloves M (TT+7 each) 2 Hunter Gloves F (TT+2 each) 26 Kobold Harness M (TT+2 each) 34 Kobold Harness F (TT+3 each) 2 Kobold Foot M (TT+40 each) 8 Kobold...
  11. Gabriel

    Weapon skilling VS amped weapon skilling

    Hey all. I'm wonderin something, what would give more skills between those: a weapon doing 90 dmg a weapon doing 70 dmg + 20 dmg from amp = 90 dmg Considering they both have same reload, same decay, same ammos usage (that probably doesn't exist :o) What would give more skills?
  12. Gabriel

    MMOWC Champion

    Who do you think will win the final and who would you like to see winning ?
  13. Gabriel

    Show Us Your Jack-O-Lantern!!!! The Return!

    After last years post from Mudkicker: It's time for the new one, the 2007 one !!! So, post your pumpkin pictures. I know someone who made some good ones and I will...
  14. Gabriel

    Best EU phrase ever...

    I've made a small list of the best EU phrase ever that some people said, you can come with your own ones too :D. They must start by "In an attempt to stave off...". In an attempt to stave off a brag increase, an ironic statue showing ND taking on a neconu AND a phasm has been placed in the ND...
  15. Gabriel

    Who's the most skilled banned of EF player ?

    I see lots of posts like that, so i was wondering that! So...who do you think it is?
  16. Gabriel

    A question about the ban.

    Hello. There is an error in that rule, banned account can't browse the forum. It only shows "You are banned....Reason.....Until...." but you can't browse the forum, you can't even see the menu so you can't log out and have to ask friends for the log out link to be able to browse the forum. Can...
  17. Gabriel

    IRC Server...

    Is it me only or is the IRC server down?
  18. Gabriel

    Happy Birthday Knoobles

    I know it's probably not his birthday, but who cares! He makes us laugh everyday on IRC! So lets the party start :beerchug: :birthday: :censored: :spam: :handjob: :trout: EDIT: Thank you Faustian for the idea
  19. Gabriel

    Happy Birthday Alfhild

    The title says it all Happy Birthday Alfie ! :birthday: :cheer: :dance: :grouphug: :beerchug: :* :* :*
  20. Gabriel

    Buying skills!

    I'm buying 1 full chip of all of those skills: Alertness Athletics Bravado Dexterity Perception AIM Inflict Ranged Damage Evade Diagnosis First Aid PM me with price here or on irc
  21. Gabriel

    Another Amethera Map

    1 year after my first amethera map, i decided to update it :p choose the format you want ;) might not be usefull, but i don't care, just wanted to share it again ^^ PS: there's a texture differences in the map, it's because i only updated what is...
  22. Gabriel

    B> Korss!

    B> Korss & others (L) I'm in need of a few Korss H400 (L), at least 50 ped TT. I'm also looking to buy those things, high TT prefered (depends of the price too :p): Weapon Force Mace Basher (L) Loughlin Cutter Two (L) Loughlin Scratcher Two (L) Loughlin Smacker Three (L) Montgomery Anabolic...
  23. Gabriel

    Buying Alicenies

    Hello, i'm looking for alicenies, i'll buy as much as you can provide me @ 110% PM Me :)
  24. Gabriel

    Buying Oil...a lot :P

    Hey i'm looking to buy oil @ 115% (at least 50k refined) or @ 110% for unrefined PM me :)
  25. Gabriel

    Selling Engineering & Manufacture Mechanical skills

    Delete Delete plz :P