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  1. Asha

    Let's donate!

    I just thought that the admin of Entropedia would have a lot work to do including the SGA items and now the tiers and the weapons+tiers... Omg, it's too much to think about it! So maybe we should donate her some dollars... I did about 2 month ago when she wanted to make it a paid service for...
  2. Asha

    This & That

    Hi, I have achieved my first neg rep! :yay: I love new experiences! For the same post I got 5 +rep. Lol. Other achievements that I didn't post and happened recently: - I became midlevel - +150HP - I unlocked combat sence - I got a Martial Harness M SGA So again: :yay:
  3. Asha

    Omg, my face! (safe settings)

    I was happy for the safe settings in the login screen, finally I don't have to change every advanced options 1 by 1. Game runs like crazy, everything is ugly - as it should be. My character is all white, its ok, I change only the character to high settings. But wait.... after the change I'm...
  4. Asha

    Help: Atrox location?

    Hi, I know about Itacha and LA2, but I'm looking for a place where I can find atroxes from provider to alpha, and a lot of them. I searched entropedia, but whatever location I tried I found something else than on the website... Any good locations without young-old? Thank you!! :)
  5. Asha

    Selling: Clothes - long post...

    So it seems that I crazily fell in love with coloring and texturising...:hammer: I'm a hunter originally and I LOVE it - not even mid level, 138 health...but i really enjoy it. :handgun: I'm steadily loosing my peds - as you this level ;)- , but now it seems that I found another place...
  6. Asha

    HoF: My 1st bigger 1

    This is my 3rd Hof ever, but never this big... :yay: About the perception theories: I got 4 Perc before the Hof in the last 2 atroxes... I got this many before globals too, so nothing special that would show that I would get something bigger.... I didn't watched any other skillgains... :(
  7. Asha

    Achievement: Fashion Design

    This is my 1st achievement I post here. But I was also happy to unlock Coolness and Avoidence not so long ago. No screenies... :( :yay::yay::yay:
  8. Asha

    Selling: Sale!!! Robot stuff & more...

    Sale is closed. Thanx. Sale!!! Below weekly market prices! ;) Robot weapon grip 3975 pcs - 102.58% Robot low-loss link cable 8221 pcs- 101.92% Robot filter 8128 pcs - 102.24% Animal pancreas oil 223 pcs - 102.13% Basic leather extractor 10k pcs - 106.14% Basic stone extractore 3255...
  9. Asha

    Question: About textures, prices, etc

    Hi, I was wondering about a few things that I didn't understand. Can you please help me? 1. Why is a leather texture cost less than a leather? 2. Why is leather clothing is so cheap - relatively? For example: Allophyl Leather Texture = 0.33ped, markup ~135% = 0,45. You need 200...
  10. Asha

    Selling: Reilly blueprint, Marksmanship skill

    Hi I'm selling these at ingame auction: Reilly boots blueprint - 75,2 QR SB: +2749 BO: +3099 sold Marksmanship skill implant - tt: 129 ped BO: 1426% sold 0 day left... Thank you! :)
  11. Asha

    Selling: Colored, textured clothes :)

    Hi, I'm selling some textured and colored clothes in my booth. Here is the list with a pic and prices: MALE CLOTHING: Rancher hat M 100% ambu - +51 ped Leaf berret M colored green - +20 ped Street pattern pants M colored - +12 ped Basic pattern pants M stones + color - +9 ped Urban pattern...
  12. Asha

    Atrax leather Paris jacket F

    Hi, what would be the price of this jacket? :scratch2: 100% atrax leather and coloring... It's mine, I may sell it... Thank you!:)
  13. Asha

    Selling: Mixed items

    Sold Selling items in my shoppingbooth: Gazzurdite ingot 134% EMT kit 2600 +119Ped Ghost harness F +19 and lot more items, cheaper than auction. Location: Genesis Amethera Tower B Booth 9
  14. Asha

    Asha's Booth - Genesis

    Asha's Fashion Booth Now available! The store is closed temporarily. Hi All!:) Please visit my Shoppingbooth at Genesis Amethera, Star Tower B, Booth #09 (B is the first building at the TP.) Current item list: TEXTURES Lysterium Daikiba Snablesnot Sabakuma Stinktree Brukite stone texture...
  15. Asha

    Looting less

    Hi, please if someone said this before, delete this... So I tried the new feffs (no, I won't whine) and it's really boring to hunt them, but I guess I have to buy a bigger gun. But the main thing is not that they are harder to hunt, becouse they don't hit bigger, but that with the same amount...
  16. Asha

    Items dissappeared from inventory

    Hi, I wrote this to support today, becouse I have items missing from my inventory and I am naked: "Hi, since the new VU, i am sure you already know that stackables don't stack in the inventory. I just logged in and found that my inventory reached the maximum of 200 items I could carry becouse...