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  1. mike jones

    Buying: lvl 100 250 hp

    buy lvl 100 avatar with 250 hp if you selling out let me know thx.
  2. mike jones

    Selling: excavator speed enhancer I&II

    excavator speed enhancer I&II cheap
  3. mike jones

    Selling: handgun skill

    300% need esi i have collateral
  4. mike jones

    Selling: weapon range enhancer I

    weapon range enhancer I 280%
  5. mike jones

    Buying: Buy adj fap

    Buy adj fap thx
  6. mike jones

    Selling: jaguar arms (F) unl

    sell jag arms (F) unl to any decent offer
  7. mike jones

    Selling: scan robot skill 900%

    201tt 900%
  8. mike jones

    Buying: 500tt worth of esi

    buy 500tt small chips thx
  9. mike jones

    Selling: twin peaks shop large

    selling twin peaks mall shop floor 3 #1 L 16k bo taking offers
  10. mike jones

    Buying: privateer

    buying privateer offers to pm plz thank you
  11. mike jones

    Selling: full Jag (F) tier 1 +9k

    selling full jag (f) tier 1 +9k
  12. mike jones

    Selling: Jag (F) tier 1

    selling full jag (F) tier 1 9.9k total
  13. mike jones

    Buying: oa 104 bp oa 105bp

    buying oa 104 bp or oa 105 bp
  14. mike jones

    Buying: a204

    buying a204
  15. mike jones

    Selling: Scan robot skill

    selling scan robot skill around 200tt 2k% in my shop Twin mall lvl3 #1L
  16. mike jones

    Selling: Twin Shop L

    Selling twin mall shop lvl 3 #1 L taking offers Bo 22K accept trade no off topic ty
  17. mike jones

    Selling: oa-107bp oa-108bp

    oa-107bp qual .6 1800ped oa 108 bp qual .10 takeing offers
  18. mike jones

    Selling: Nemesis (M)

    selling nem set +1.1k
  19. mike jones

    Selling: diagnosis skill 80tt

    selling diagnosis skill 80ped tt 3k bo 3709.45%
  20. mike jones

    Selling: ml35

    selling ml35 +11.3k bo
  21. mike jones

    Selling: engineering skill

    around 7ped tt 4.9k%
  22. mike jones

    Selling: bicak kek, embra c1

    bicak kek sb +2.5k bo +3k nice blade for farming argos embra c1 sold
  23. mike jones

    Selling: Bicak Kek (shortblade)

    shortblade takeing offers perfect for farming argos
  24. mike jones

    Selling: 2 X shopkeepers

    selling 2X shopkeepers 1 M 1F +2.4k each
  25. mike jones

    Selling: bicak kek

    selling bicak kek +5k