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  1. soothsayer

    any programs?

    are ther any programs that can monitor your progression that stil work? I really enjoyed a program before that alloud you to monitor your skiilling progression easily.
  2. soothsayer

    Ideas how to tweak current cars?

    I wanted too see what Ideas people would have for the current cars, if MA were to bring out a update for the vehicles. what would you want MA to do to teh cars to make them better?
  3. soothsayer

    New CRafting annd mining missions?

    I think it would be nice too see more system that allow people too make peds from people who play the game and not directly from MA own pocket while adding new crafting and mining missions to the new quest system. introducing surface mining and basic tool crafting. say 5 basic pick axes...
  4. soothsayer

    I-series - uk - Qestion for FPC and Mindark company owners.

    Not sure if any one has heard of the I-series in the uk. Its a huge Lan party round 2000 people all hook up there pc's and play from friday till monday. There are many competitions with prizes that are sponsered by the game companies. Every I-series they have lots of stands showing of beta...
  5. soothsayer

    Radeon 5850 3x monitor setup

    I have been trying to save up for a few years so that I could try out teh 3x monitor setup thing that i had read about many times. previously the only way was to buy a matrox triplehead2go @ £200, plus the cost of a decent graphics card and teh 3 monitors required. I manged to get hold of 3x...
  6. soothsayer

    new beauty Idea.

    Maybe this should be in teh wish list but here goes. after they said we should be getting a overhaul for the beauty proffesion and it has not happened. I am assume its still to come as they wanted to get rid of the barbie like hair we currently suffer with. I have had a quick go at designing...
  7. soothsayer

    Beauty Proffesion Bugs

    :mad::mad:not very pleased I thought that beauty profession was getting a make over and it appears that it wil not be. :mad::mad: any way now that it is back I practised a little ona friend and was too find many bugs. I did not even try cutting his hair or changing is body.. how can i see...
  8. soothsayer

    Consumer Electronics Show -CES 2010

    Found this on MMO -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We have not heard very much from Entropia Universe in the past year and the reason is that there wasn't that much to talk about besides the work on the new game engine. "We've been quiet because...
  9. soothsayer

    Beauty Proffesion?

    If marco or any one from MA can we have any info on the beauty proffesion please.
  10. soothsayer

    hunting getting boring?

    I have noticed that some people have said that hunting is getting boring. i always hopped that once cry2 was here that they would introduce hit boxes on mobs, like they do in FPS games. it would defiantly make hunting more challenging rather than standing there hit the auto key and hoping...
  11. soothsayer

    Support Cases - when will it??

    i posted a support case to MA as people are asking about hair cuts etc adn that there avatars are appearing different after VU updates, heres what i sent.. History for support case 169654 2009-09-08 08:40 You wrote: Good Morning, I have been getting people asking about getting...
  12. soothsayer

    What too do....

    One of my freinds downloaded EU tonight and i showed him around a little. .we had a few laugh at the game (gay dancing as he said) but when it came to the crunch What do i do.. well I unless they depo you really cant do alot.. you can say go explore or go try and get free evade skills but come...
  13. soothsayer

    Crazy things in the New Vu.

    Rather than all the nice thinsg we see in EU want too see all teh crazy things in EU. Whats this all about.. Click to enlarge Floating water on a side of a hill so much for real physics Click to enlarge
  14. soothsayer

    Wifes gonna kill me.

    I just dropped the biggest balls up,. I just depo in game wanted to depo $30 ingame. after i accpeted teh next window appeared saying 2985 peds(or near that amount) has successfully been deposited into your account. WTF>>>> OMG>> all i can think i have done is pressed 1 zero ttoo many. as...
  15. soothsayer

    Qestion for Marco

    Marco has EU ever considered trying to setup Lan event or sponsoring one? I will be attending I37 Lan in August in the uk (roughly 2000 people). It would be ace too see EU there with a stand showing off the new VU (if it is ready by that point). There will be many WOplayers there would be good...
  16. soothsayer

    bored of Land grabs?

    when i 1st heard about the land grabs, I used to get excited and thought cool, i will get my soc involved, soon realised even after the1st one that even with medium lvl players at that point there was no chance of ever getting land unless i depo a huge amount to buy one. simply never gonna...
  17. soothsayer

    nvlddmkm.sys error

    nvlddmkm.sys error is stopping me playing any games. they crash all the time with this error. its driving me mad, I have googled it and there are thousnads of pages of people with the same issue, only thing i can see solving the issue is going back from vista 64bit to xp. :( i got 2 x...
  18. soothsayer

    LAG and rubber banding - advise

    seems so many people get these 2 mixed up. a lot of people say they suffer from so called lag when playing EU. I know its not the best programed game but most issues I would say are caused by a poor pc system/low resources or poor internet connection. I own a decent spec pc and a 10mb...
  19. soothsayer

    this sucks - we all love to whine thread

    very simple this waiting sucks, and everything else that sucks. please keep on topic about thinks that suck.
  20. soothsayer

    Looking for a New Soc

    I am Looking for a new society that plays in the late evenings, round 8-9pm Ma time and English spoken. My main 2 professions are a lvl 30 hunter, and a lvl 20 hair stylist. Due to RL I could not continue with my own society (ouko) and have had to let it go :( I am a family man and enjoy...
  21. soothsayer

    Entropia Universe Convention

    Had a quick look at the web cam at the convention, not much happening but then i noticed they have not changed the stand in any way, Surly with cry2 on its way and all the possible new graphics i thought the point of these shows was too show off what is to come and how good your game is.. old...
  22. soothsayer

    golf/guitars in EU?

    was browsing EU main site and found this image.. any one for a ?Game of golf.. you can even buy your own official MA golf bag.. or even any fancy in skilling in music and taking up guitar lessons
  23. soothsayer

    ALL the best with Chrstmas and the new year

    all the best for Christmas and the new year.. enjoy the last 24 hours of skilling and the robot mission, I have reached my lvl 20 goal in hair stylist. i hope others will reach theirs Now for my its time too spend time with family and friends. hope every one has a great time over the festive...
  24. soothsayer

    lvl 20 hair stylist & Beauty Sense

    after i got told about unlocking Beauty sense at lvl 20 this was my final goal before we lose the extra skill gains.. so early tonight armed with 400 gels and over 1k hair sprays i set off skilling, even after i had used these materials up i still did not reach my goal. I had too take a...
  25. soothsayer

    skilling madness

    hit lvl 17 hair styling last night hoping to hit 18 tonight. adn now with 20 hair styles unlocked i hit lvl 6 face sculptor with out even skilling in it.. think i got this whilst cutting hair.. lvl 13 body sculpturing now got Torso unlocked. I also got lvl 2 fashion designer wich has...