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  1. Grisza

    Achievement: 100qr firn texture bp

    Judging by: firn texture tracker it's probably only 100qr bp ingame if i'm wrong thread can be deleted :dance:
  2. Grisza

    Selling: Precious collection of opalos tier 0.9

    As title says i want apart with my collection of 27 opalos, so if you wanna gain couple points in tiering skills feel free to make me offer i can't deny :dance:
  3. Grisza

    Achievement: 6th iron finshed: longu

    Have to say finishing this iron was pain in the ass since Qetesh didn't use fertilizer station but runing over his land is over :dance:
  4. Grisza

    Achievement: Fashion design

    I'm bot too much in tailoring (although my highest single craft was from basici shirt) but thx to crafting quite a lot textures i've unlocked it.
  5. Grisza

    HoF: 3rd and 4th solo hof in 13 mins

    Looted LR41(L) from drones, after quite succesfull team hunt with my friend Mutak on frescoquda i've decided to finish gun on atroxes and suprisingly they were pretty generous {(guns in loot:cb26(L) and cb13(L)}:dance:: 247 469 175
  6. Grisza

    Achievement: b'day unlock: mindforce harmony

    Would like to thx all who contributed to this achievment, countless: drones,molisks,longus,argos,atraxes,armaxes,cornundacaudas and few: (in teams of course ;-) leviathans,atroxes,phasms and frescoquda, last but not least thx go to my frineds who allowed me to team up with my "powerful" chip and...
  7. Grisza

    Selling: 15.3 concetration sb 1ped

    15.3 ped tt implant atm no bo, no finish time, when i will see fair offer i will sell it :wtg:
  8. Grisza

    Nice day for droning

    So far my best day on drones 5 globs plus 10.28 esi :dance:
  9. Grisza

    Achievement: Avoidance

    It took me 4 years but finally got it :dance:
  10. Grisza

    Achievement: Snarkastic

    Unfortunatelly 4th :birthday: of my avatar weren't connected with sth worth mentioning. My mission impossible to finish hunter set still pending, side effect is:
  11. Grisza

    Question: Better snarksnot spawn.

    Hi, after long time i finally found spawn of snarknots with maturity young-stalker (to tell the true met stalker once in 2months lol), but i wanna find some spawn without swarms of low maturity, second reason is i'm quite bored with this swamp between chug's hideout and orthos west. Any help is...
  12. Grisza

    Achievement: cs & medium hp

    Probably my last achievments in this year :dance:
  13. Grisza

    Help: Fix pick up items bug. ;-)

  14. Grisza

    hedoc sk-50

    You provide tool i fap you for no additional cost. Have valkyrie 1 if it'll be necesary. Fap is maxed of course :deal:
  15. Grisza

    Buying: Plz help me to improve my look by selling to me hunter harness F

    Title and pic explains all :dance: Case closed, found harness.
  16. Grisza

    Nice looking but still a bug.

    MA don't want me to finish scan soil mission, can'r remember how many tries already lol, lately they figured new method from keeping me away from scaning; one time my car simply submerged in shallow water, second time when i finally cleared area around roxtrot and tried to tp fast there after...
  17. Grisza

    FYI: Today i felt like lucky noob.

    Ok, so maybe i'm not too noobish (over 3 years in game), but guy which helped me today Josh BAGMAN Kinsmen made me felt like lucky noob, not only bought my 0.9 opalos for price which no1 else offers but also tiered all my 0.9 stuff almost for free (full rascal and 2 guns) that really made my...
  18. Grisza

    Question: Main chat off

    Hi i have simple question how to turn off main chat leaving only radar and hp bar, bikoz i don't give a damn about chating. :D
  19. Grisza

    Achievement: Vacation in switzerland

    Was visiting sis in switz, neigborhood was great but almost all 2 weeks weather was terrible so favourite time/money killer started do what it does. Unfortunately my personal ATH in craft isn't in this colection bikoz fraps wasn't runing @ that time lol, so FYI about 700 ped basic shirt (f) made...
  20. Grisza

    Achievement: Killer machine

    Ok so i was wondering what to do with last 3.2 ped left on ped-card and suddenly i figured that for over 3 years in EU i didn't kill anybody, long story short picture says it all:
  21. Grisza

    Selling: Power catalyst chip

    As title says 3.62 tt, sb 3.62 bo 10k%, no finish time, when i will see offer i can't refuse it's yours. I reserve rights to cancel auction if i don't like results :yay:
  22. Grisza

    Achievement: Golden board

    Was in the mood for bristle so went to TI, and to no supprise loot sucked but final result suprised even me started with 23 ped and finished after 2 runds with this: this stinktree board must be golden inside bikoz it's markup is:19681% if any1 wanna buy it to check what's inside feel free to...
  23. Grisza

    Achievement: 3rd avatar b'day gains [wounded pedcard included]

    All of below around saturday which was round 3 years of my experience with EU: anatomy: iron merps finished: 47 laser sniper: and finally wounding:
  24. Grisza

    Achievement: I will treat you right ;-)

    Finally after thousands broken faps: Didn't put power catalyst bikoz it was ridiculous gain after MF changes.
  25. Grisza

    Achievement: Droning

    My personal record of 50th globs without single hof on drones finished. Next goal: 100 :wtg: