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    Buying: Ff arr 8000m

    pm sent.......
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    Selling: Selling Fire Forge ARR8000M Tier 1

    gun is in auction
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    gun is in auction for 1800 ped without attachments
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    and Bump again !! Gonna go to auction before long
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    Selling: Selling Fire Forge ARR8000M Tier 1

    thanks for the heads up. I sent Rookie a PM.
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    EK-2900 Tier 1

    I have an EK-2900 Tier 1 I am thinking of selling. Can't find any anywhere to compare. What's one worth nowadays?
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    Selling: Selling Fire Forge ARR8000M Tier 1

    Looking to sell my Fire Forge AR8000M. It's at Tier 1 and has damage enhancers in it. Damage is 78 and Range 135. Price is 1400 Peds Total. Nice gun for someone on your Christmas list.
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    Selling: xxxxxsxxx

    xxxxxxxx please delete this post
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    oops, sorry about that. The weapon is tier 1 and it has 5 damage enhancers just put in it.
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    yes, it has damage enhancers attached.
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    Selling my weapons due to R/L issues. Hate to part with it, but selling my Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with all the extras, E amp 15, Hunnir Laser sight, and Jzar Precision scope. With damage enhancers this little beauty does 153 damage with a range of 160. Price is 2250 ped for all of it ...
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    Info: Not a soc but a sect !

    remember to always practice safe sects:eyecrazy:
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    A newbie story behind a scam

    never borrow anything or lend anything (neither a borrower or a lender be). Of course they can still screw with your head, but you won't be out any peds.
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    Question: What about your withdrawal

    they're on the metric system. 30 days equals 47.3 days U.S. :lolup::lolup::lolup:
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    So, who bought Calypso?

    They'd better get their thumbs out of their ass and make an announcement soon, sales of expensive items and real estate will stop dead, or prices will drop, until people are reassured that a bunch of money hungry investors haven't bought it and are going to squeeze us even harder than FPC did.
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    OPERATION: H-DAY! Retake Hadesheim August 13!

    You'll be able to hear the sound of peds being sucked from our ped cards for miles. Hey MA, why don't you do something for us and make it a double skill gains like in the not too distant past? That was before you bacame so anal about "Balancing" well, balance all those peds flowing into your...
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    Be fair, buy Sweat for a good price

    Fair? What's fair about the crap that MA lays on noobs to get them here? Play the game for free? Make lots of real money in a real world economy? What we get for the most part with those lines is folks that are too broke to pay the 15 usd per month for the other online games. I can't count...
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    Question: Withdrawal sacrifice?

    I wouldn't pay another damned cent. This 30 business days is bullshit. Especially after the first time when all the info is in the system.
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    A sad farewell

    someone who knew him should send MA a note explaining the situation and the coordinates of his tree. Maybe they will put a memorial there.
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    when did you last deposit?

    I've been in EU for a year next month. I've deposited almost 3k usd. Last few months I've been depositing only about 80 usd per month. I'm in the society I was aiming for, got what I consider the perfect armor/weapons I need, and regained some of my sanity. I've withdrawn about 500 USD in...
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    Selling: "The Farm"

    damn. gotta go out and buy my lottery tickets.
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    BooBgirl Juicy WeT is gone ! here the Story why ... thx censor chip

    I thought Swedes were supposed to be an open minded bunch. What did they do import a bunch of advisors from the vatican? I'm on rocktropia right now and all i see is tits and asses. and bimbos names bootylicious? I guess rocktropia is the puberty planet and when you grow up you can come to...
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    How many mobs have you lost to EU's....

    yeah, I always wonder if they're screwing me out of a modfap or tango when that server crash bullshit happens.