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  1. DianaLOVEBrand

    Bug: "Special Luck" in toulan instance

    Running a key from toulan cost (lets say) 60 ped @3 dmg/pec. When you get the "Special luck" info (like in compet) in beginning, and you are running a 0.x dmg/pec setup... How big is the Esi you will get than? :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::girl::eyecrazy::eyecrazy: Error or not? Instances are paying...
  2. DianaLOVEBrand

    Bug: Space & MediStims

    How pirates should kill one, when MediStim Pills are useable in space?!? :scratch2:
  3. DianaLOVEBrand

    HoF: Formicacida Uprising HoF

  4. DianaLOVEBrand

    HoF: Formicacida Uprising HoF

    best LA!
  5. DianaLOVEBrand

    Info: Bug: Mayhem B-Amplifier Beta giving <2% lifesteel

    Bug: Mayhem B-Amplifier Beta giving <2% lifesteel Pls fix that!
  6. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: Mayhem Scintilator Viridian T 6.x

    Selling this +1% crit dmg gun in Tier 6.. maxed at lvl 98.5... bo: 500 Million peds... offers welcome!
  7. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: Auction: Mayhem Scintilator Heliotrope T8.4

    Auction: Mayhem Scintilator Heliotrope T8.4 Selling this hell of a gun due to an upgrade to Viridian. +1% Crit-Rate without decay 47.5 dps without amp+buffs 2.94 dpp without amp+buffs Current highest bid: 24k by Ark Cybe Nor End date/time: 07.07.2017 05:52 UTC SB: +1 PED BO: +30k PED Bid...
  8. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: Unique Helios Ring, Imp Resto, Imp Hedoc

    I'm in need to gather some PEDs. Unique Helios Ring (maybe the 2nd best option for your left fingers): 10 % Crit Dmg, 30 HP, 100% Regeneration, 1% Life Steal, 12% Acceleration, 25m Auto Loot # 40k BO Improved Restoration Chip # 19k BO Improved Hedoc Mayhem T4.9 (with heal enhancers like mod...
  9. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: The Boss Gun T8.x

    Selling T8.1 Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope. Great eco (3.30+ with EST @4% crit + 95% crit dmg) at good dps (150 with OA204, 5%crit, 35% crit dmg). The Boss Gun! Remaining Tiers: 54, 54 S/B: offer B/O: +55k (before Loot V2.0 released) Primary looking for PEDs + HC A204 + Scope/Sight This...
  10. DianaLOVEBrand

    Beat The Boss - Event

    Important! Oculus & Falxangius are Iron-Mission Mobs Oculus fits perfect for EST-Hunters (100% electro dmg, no other mobs on this LA) Rewards: I ain't Beat The Boss Requirement: MORE (not equal) than 1/8 globals than The Boss Reward: 625 PED I ain't Rob The Boss Requirement: MORE(not equal)...
  11. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: Tier VII Components @250%

    To keep my gun shooting, i gladly would buy 200 Tier VII components. Just contact me in game or drop to my caly order. Thanks a lot. Diana LOVE Brand
  12. DianaLOVEBrand

    Serious Question...

    ...does anybody have some bacon for my eggs? Ofc, they are all fresh and enjoyable!
  13. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: Mayhem Scintillator Cobalt Tier 7.x

    Dear Grinders, due to an upgrade, I need to sell this nice litte profit maker toy. I had a good time (2 month) with it at Huons and Kadras on Arkadia with a good overall profit (more than 10k ped tt + grinder bonus). The gun matches perfectly with the RDI Energy Amp Alpha and has the BEST ECO...
  14. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: EST Harness (F) - or trading my low tt one + ped

    WTB EST Harness (F) - or trading my low tt one + 500 ped for high tt one. Mine has ~3.50 tt left so you shouldnt hunt big bulks with it anymore :P
  15. DianaLOVEBrand

    First Cersumon Mayhem by Shoot 'N Loot (not MA associated)

    We cordially invite you all, to hunt Cersumons at Red Sands Forest in April 2017. The land seems over populated with this species, so a lot of 'em must die! This Event is organized by Shoot 'N Loot Society and is NOT associated with MindArk. Every global counts! Prizes: 20...
  16. DianaLOVEBrand

    Help: Please make maintenance

    Dear Mindark, please set a maintenence and restart the Servers. Arkadia is nearly unplayable because of rubberbanding and lags. Ammo gets consumed without dmg dealt. Thanks a lot!
  17. DianaLOVEBrand

    Entropia Master: Endgame begins :D

    Thanks for my friends who told me, that I am already done! :)
  18. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: WTB Halloween 2015 Ring

    please pm me here or in game. thanks
  19. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: LC300 Ambush 7.9 & Modified Hedoc

    EWE LC 300 Ambush Tier 7.9 (remaining 99,114)..........B/O:+19k Offers are welcome. Contact me here or in game. Diana LOVE Brand
  20. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: EP-21 Defender Improved

    Like title says. I am interested in buying one of this small beauties. Just message me here or in game.
  21. DianaLOVEBrand

    Pls let us refine

    Dear MA, i love to buy your strongboxes. The only thing what prevents me in buying more and more boxes is the fact, that my untradeable stacks of pills are getting bigger and bigger. We are talking here already about a 10k's of PEDs that are laying around. I am pretty sure, that it is'nt just...
  22. DianaLOVEBrand

    Selling: DNA Fragments A, B, C, D

    Selling DNA Fragments A @950% B @950% C @750% D @1000% Some available!
  23. DianaLOVEBrand

    SEPA transfer times

    Dear community, did you guys know that it takes exactly 1 business day to do a SEPA bank transfer from germany to sweden but it takes more than a week to do a SEPA transfer from sweden to germany? Background: I have opened a support ticket to ask MA, why my withdrawal was not committed after...
  24. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: Tuning Nano Adjuster W03 - 400PED each

    Give me your Tuning Nano Adjuster W03! :) Thanks!
  25. DianaLOVEBrand

    Buying: Wtb cdf xtlc800

    Wanna buy a XTLC800, prefered a high tiered one. Just give me a message when u want to sell yours :P