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  1. MG Mighty

    mining resource size

    With 10 PEC of Probes (for ore) my best is at ~80 PED claim of lyst in Hell with this finder:
  2. MG Mighty

    Achievement: Unlocked scientist by paramedic

    Keep up the good work you are doing. Gratz
  3. MG Mighty

    Explosive Projectiles Blueprint I returns

    If you consistantly get less than 89% returns on EP 1 you are probably doing something wrong. You need to be at least level 5. You should use a 100 QR bp. You need to be able to do runs with more than 3K or 5K clicks if you decide to do so. You need to learn when to stop. (and most important...
  4. MG Mighty

    Been off for a while and have a couple of questions, please

    On the last VU it was permanent day almost everywhere in Calypso. But there were some zones that were in permanent night (only knew one and was very small -> less than 200 range radius) So far I haven't found any zone/area that is in permanent day.
  5. MG Mighty

    Achievement: Great Master (level 100) on crafting profession

    My congratulations on reaching such a goal
  6. MG Mighty

    The Popcorn thread!!!

    So you're saying that I missed a great gather of amazing posts, people better make this even better or I'll get mad (oh wait, I already am)
  7. MG Mighty

    Info: Longtime's Imp MAKO FAL Hunting Log

    Good luck.
  8. MG Mighty

    Does DPP really matter?

    I believe that this is wrong. I am sure that it wasn't like this for some time that I tested. But there is a catch, you can't spent more than those ~17 PED without a good reason behind it The reason that was available at the time of the testing was removed (it wasn't needed a 3 dmg/PEC to get...
  9. MG Mighty

    What am I doing wrong here?

    Bigger runs have one advantage: The will allow you to collect more data on the mob loot patterns, if you aren't paying attention to that and processing this information then your average returns will be non optimized, unfortunatly there is no easy or simple way to do this, only method I know...
  10. MG Mighty

    LA2 the 250 Bonus EVENT

    REGISTER : Poser MG Mighty GuiMauro
  11. MG Mighty

    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Poser MG Mighty GuiMauro
  12. MG Mighty

    Please add an Item Lock feature !

    +1 In the mean time a little work arround that I use with some itens that can be tiered: put enhancers in it and TT won't eat them (warning this won't protect against sleepy/drunk trades with other players)
  13. MG Mighty

    Shared Loot Problem with ESI

    Please reply to this doubt: Do you think that you are geting a fair ammount of ESI when the size of them is low (or medium low) Or it is the same thing and you don't get ESI ?
  14. MG Mighty

    Question: Vixen?

    The tamabled vixen are special spawns that happen when a certain number of demon hackers are killed in their dome in Hell. Most small whips will be good enough to tame one. The hard part is to make them spawn.
  15. MG Mighty

    Discovery: Mission Galactica Adjusted regeneration chip

    Thank you for sharing
  16. MG Mighty

    Selling: Hermetic ring adjusted

    What is this "ring merging thingy" ? I searched a bit and found no info.
  17. MG Mighty

    Question: claim after nrf in same spot?

    I think it is a more fair system. Previous system of never geting a claim after a nrf would mean that if an (unknown or not) miner had been probing that area before you then without this new system it would be impossible to get claims and that wasn't fair in my opinion. To have large parts of...
  18. MG Mighty

    Huge price increase in gold starter pack

    I believe that I am going to buy one next week (new month)
  19. MG Mighty

    New Graphics card,No Sound in game at all.

    Are you in Arkadia, I read that there are sound problems there.
  20. MG Mighty

    Huge price increase in gold starter pack

    I agree But MA loot balance manager doesn't I say this because they ESI drop rate is very low and at the moment the price is over 1000% and has been like this for many many weeks.
  21. MG Mighty

    Eco Hunting Log

    Or mobs (and an rough estimate of what % of the 1000 PED turnover was spent on them) Atrox Young 112 PED Fri, 10 Apr 2015 23:05:09 Atrox Provider 55 PED Fri, 10 Apr 2015 22:55:33 Atrox Old 117 PED Fri, 10 Apr 2015 22:24:10 Atrox Young 62 PED Fri, 10 Apr 2015 22:23:44 Atrox Old 64 PED...
  22. MG Mighty

    Question: New pets: where exactly can they be found on the archipelago?

    There were some nasty fish in the area which was landfill Landfilling it increased the hunting grounds by a lot and it also much more convinient to hunt in plain area (beach) than in the middle of the islands (heavy step terrain) which allows for more PED turnover.
  23. MG Mighty

    How one small exploit ruined all Entropia market in 3 years.

    It's 6 PED minimum TT before the last use Not 6 PED TT and it no longer can be used. There is no known issue for taking the item for less than the "usable" condition in the last use. This is the same for most if not all items in EU (armor works as it was intended as far as I know) (Although...
  24. MG Mighty

    How one small exploit ruined all Entropia market in 3 years.

    No Excellent thread so far But what you pointed out was that it works when triple (sometimes double) droping the last usable click of the mining amp would result in a tt lower than 0. For example the Level 5 Finder Amplifier has a TT of 200 PED so once it reach less than 6 PED TT can't be...