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  1. chronos

    Selling: Some UL items

    Hello, im going into entropia hibernation phase again, so have some things thats up for grabs. * Genesis Star Excavator ME/05 SGA Edition Tier 1.9 Sold +1k * Ares Ring Improved Sold * Athenic Ring Adjusted Sold * Athenic Ring Improved Sold * Explosive BP III QR 100 Sold * Adjusted Hedoc...
  2. chronos

    Selling: Calytrek Spirit MK.I UL

    Awesome grinding weapon, with good range! Has to sell due to RL changes.. Tier 4.9 Good remaining tiers. Sold!
  3. chronos

    Selling: CLD's & AUD's

    All gone. So will i be for a while, hopefully not to long. peace!
  4. chronos

    Selling: High Tier Perseus Male (L) Set

    Perseus. Almost full TT, most parts has several awesome tiers 1000+ Great set which will last a long time if you use Durability enhancers! And worked awesome to do the Divine bosses mission to get the Divine intervention chip Are now in ingame auction! SB 150% BO 160-170% Dont miss out on this...
  5. chronos

    Zipper Mouth Facemask Red

    Worth anything? :)
  6. chronos

    Selling: Divine Intervention Chip

    Sold! :) close post
  7. chronos

    Buying: BP's: Tension Straps & Propellant Supercharger

    Heyo, Buying these 2 Blueprints. Please take a peek at your collection if you maybe have it :) I can trade with other blueprints, or just buy them from you. Pm me price. Brgs Chronos!
  8. chronos

    Buying: Perseus (L) M Set

    Close post :)
  9. chronos

    Buying: FEN Token Platinum

    Buying these new platinum tokens. Offering 15 ped each. /Chronos
  10. chronos

    Buying: Aud

    Heya, Looking to purchase around 30 more AUD. Offering 69ped ea.
  11. chronos

    Seems that page changed host yesterday. We are now redirected to but its broken. Search and links doesnt work. Anyone know status for the future of this site ?
  12. chronos

    FYI: Cancelling an order might not return your PED's

    Heya, FYI: I cancelled an order i had made on ComPet Deeds, and i did not get my PED's back. I filed a support case, and they claimed it was one isolated bug. They gave my money back as a pile of gold in my inventory. So i want you to take extra care if you also cancels orders, or when orders...
  13. chronos

    Buying: EON (L) Male parts

    Need: Harness, Thighs, Shins, Gloves. TT: Above 50% left Thank you :)
  14. chronos

    Buying: COMPET Deeds

    You got any, please contact me ingame Stig Chronos Brannlund or here with pm. Paying 24ped ea. Brgs Chronos Edit: 2018-09-24: Big purchase pending, might not buy anymore at this time.
  15. chronos

    Buying: TerraMaster Gold Rush 3 or 8 UL

    Send me a pm with asking price and tier if you have one for sale :) Thanks /Chronos
  16. chronos

    Buying: Storage Box Blueprint

    Small or medium BP wanted. Pm if you have one. Cheeers!
  17. chronos

    Buying: Hoverpod & Sandrunner BP

    If yee got anyone of theese BP's L or UL for sale, please send me a pm. /Chronos
  18. chronos

    Buying: Hoverpod/Sandrunner BP

    Got any of these blueprints?, then send me a pm with asking price. Thanks in advance. /Chronos
  19. chronos

    Buying: Nabesh Scanner 100 UL

    Got it, weee. Close thread :)
  20. chronos

    Question: Uptodate list of current wave Events

    Heya 'all I have been looking around both forum and google for a comprehensive list of all Wave events that exists. Preferrebly Calypso, but also other planets aswell. If you can provide me with links, or information, ill update this 1st post with locations, difficulty, and more. Unless such...
  21. chronos

    Buying: Longsword ~Lvl20

    Interested in anyone of theese (or similiar level). PM me with your asking price :) * Kilic Rex * Kilic Vass * MAKO FAL-5 Smuggler * Nano Katana * Ozpyn RLB S1X1
  22. chronos

    Selling: Ores / Enmatter / Treasures on Arkadia

    Yep im stationed here now a while, so hit me up if you wanna buy some resources :)
  23. chronos

    Buying: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/05 SGA

    Got one, thanks community :) - close thread!
  24. chronos

    Buying: Calytrek Spirit Mk.1 UL

    No longer looking!
  25. chronos

    Buying: Full Bear or Boar set (M)

    As topic states, i want a bear or a boar unlimited set :) Message me what Tier and price you are asking and ill get back to you. Cheers!