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  1. Stefan 008 Bond

    Info: The Codex was implemented on Sept. 24th 2019. It has not been 1 year yet!

    To add insult to injury, MA is short changing this awful decision by 3 weeks. I still cannot believe that they refuse to convert progress over to the new system through code and data conversion. Im sure everyone would be ok with even 75% of that.
  2. Stefan 008 Bond

    Question: Space Economy, the Final Frontier?

    While many questions will be asked about specific space content, I wanted to ask about your intentions and visions of using the space economy. Not only do we need a more coherent tie, and inter-relationships between the different planet economies but we also need a "higher purpose" as well for...
  3. Stefan 008 Bond

    Question: Team Hunting and Mission Counters

    Perhaps one of the greatest social features in Entropia would be the team hunt. Ever since missions came it has forced a majority of the community into solo players. My question is if there are any reasons or technical limitations as to why this cannot be developed? And if not can we expect to...
  4. Stefan 008 Bond

    A Player’s Notes: Vol. 7 - “On The Outside, Looking In”

    Greetings fellow Entropians, thanks for joining me, and welcome to Volume 7 of “A Player’s Notes” In my previous writings, I have taken an in depth look at things such as the Hunting loot mechanics, crafting economy ideas, coloring/texturing improvements as well as social aspects and time...
  5. Stefan 008 Bond

    Suggestion: Add some Crystal Palace Deeds into the loot pools

    Just wondering what everyone thought of this idea... personally I think when MA included CLD in loot was one of the greatest, fairest events they had ever run. Obviously I'm only talking about a small portion (lets say 10k) of the 500k but I really think one thing EU really needs these days is...
  6. Stefan 008 Bond

    3 New Planets by 2020???

    Hey all, I haven't seen anyone make mention of this, but over on mindark's deeptoken website there is a section outlining Mindarks roadmap. In this roadmap they state they are bringing 3 new planets online in 2020.... I'm just gonna say, I really hope Mindark has some big plans to initiate a...
  7. Stefan 008 Bond

    Team Hunting Missions Poll

    Missions were a great addition to EU many years ago, but undoubtedly one major side effect of this was the "Solotropia" feeling. As mission points/kills cannot be split between team members EU has gone the way of solo hunting. I think it is time we push for EU to be more social again! Without...
  8. Stefan 008 Bond

    Neverdie Coins, Etherium and Cryptocurrency discussion

    Hi everyone! I thought I would create a discussion thread for the incoming Neverdie (and teleport) cryptocoins coming into game soon on Rocktropia. I know next to nothing on the subject myself, only what I have been able to gather on as well as some google searches about the state...
  9. Stefan 008 Bond

    Dissecting Loot 2.0 Statements form MA

    Hi everyone, I know we have numerous 2.0 threads going but I wanted to see if we can clarify a few things I see as almost contradictory statements that we have received from MA about the big Loot 2.0 update... While i am most assuredly overthinking the statements myself, I would like to see if...
  10. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: Testing Armor Decay version 2.0000

    Hi all, While it may take a good while for us to get a grip on loot 2.0, the changes to armor decay should be fairly easy to test. Just wanted to share what I have so far Confirmed: 1. Minimum decay rule has been removed! 2. Linear Damage model is in effect and really awesome savings on...
  11. Stefan 008 Bond


    It doesn't take a large sample size to see there has been at the very least, a massive reduction to no loots and frag loots... I haven't had any yet at all. Before i get too excited this may well be temporary because of the new bonus loot pool? If this trend keeps up we very well could be...
  12. Stefan 008 Bond

    A Player’s Notes Vol. 5: Quality of Life - Time Wasters and Social Aspects

    Besides Loot and your luck with it in game, there are other factors which can contribute to a player’s overall experience and happiness. While I could have split these 2 topics into separate posts, I decided to leave them together because I feel together with loot they round out the overall...
  13. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: A Player’s Notes Vol. 4 - Crafting 2.0! Explosive BP’s For the Rest of Us!

    :cool: “What if I told you, despite all the hate, Mindark, is actually on the right track with Explosive Projectile Blueprints??” Shrapnel in loot, crafting residue to 101%, as well as TT.. In actuality, these all facilitate one very important thing. Turnover. Easily accessible...
  14. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: A Player’s Notes Vol. 3 - Coloring and Texturing - Suppressing our Artists and Economy!

    Primer found here To me, the coloring and texturing professions are in need of serious overhaul. The whole process is completely out of reach for the average player in terms of both cost and time. The result is that the entire profession lines of tailoring, texturing and coloring are...
  15. Stefan 008 Bond

    Fair Warning :)

    In my real life, I quit my job in the summer of last year to pursue working for myself :yay: My new venture is ready to roll and will lift off next week! Over the holidays, I have allowed myself some down time from my business venture to pursue some hobbies and interests as well as round off...
  16. Stefan 008 Bond

    The EU Economy - In MS Paint!

    This is the EU Economy: This is the potential EU economy with Space fully realised: Any Questions? :) ~008
  17. Stefan 008 Bond

    Help: SPACE Content Petition! - Click Here If You Would Like to See Space Updated!

    SPACE Petition! - Vote "Yes" to sign! Fellow Entropians, This is an attempt to gather some momentum to affect change in a positive manner. I have no horse in the space race, so I figured I am as good as anybody to bring this up... Since the turn of the New Year, we have seen a significant...
  18. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: A Player’s Notes, Vol. 2 - Cyrene Edition: Bringing the Planet to Life - Thoughts, Concerns and Ideas

    A Player’s Notes, Vol. 2 - Cyrene Edition: Bringing the Planet to Life - Thoughts, Concerns and Ideas *Original post can be found on Cyrene Forum, this is a copy* Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I have written something like this. Please grab yourself a cup of coffee or crack a...
  19. Stefan 008 Bond

    Adding a Cyrene planet directory on Entropedia

    Hi, Well this is mostly addressed to the mods. I am trying to start a motion to get planet Cyrene a header/directory on entropedia. I started a thread about it over on Cy forum as well as an entry in the wish list on Entropedia. Word on the street is that you guys are hosting that site now as...
  20. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: Testing damage absorption on armor and plates after VU

    So, I went about testing for changes in the way damage is absorbed/protected after this latest VU. Saw some pretty convincing chat logs on the other thread pointing to a change. I did a test on feffoid outcast: first re-affirmed the 28 damg on pedia (14-28 dmg) found Jimmy B's old tests on...
  21. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: Genesis Blizzard (L) Decay Test

    Hi all, I looted this fine sword last night in a HOF and noticed it had no decay info on Entropedia yet. It is far over my skills at lvl 50 sib start (only lvl 33 here!) I have relied on Entropedia info for so many years that I decided to start pitching in when i can more recently. So i...
  22. Stefan 008 Bond

    Info: Post your new HA/CHA on "old school" unlimited weapons

    In case anyone missed it, with today's update MA has changed/boosted Hit ability and critical hit chance on old school unlimited weapons. It is no longer strictly tied to the prof lvl as before.. My stats: Lvl 50.07 laser pistol hit, lvl 49.53 ranged laser damg I am now getting 7.0/10 Hit...
  23. Stefan 008 Bond

    Help: Community Research Project - Testing Min/Max Loots in Hunting

    Entropians, I need some help in researching Hunting loots.. To follow the original train of thought it is outlined here: What I Need: Is very simple really, and I figured it would be...
  24. Stefan 008 Bond

    Question: Do we have a working formula for Mob regeneration?

    Hi all, As the title suggests, I am looking for info or any form of formula and or research on Mob regeneration rates.. Obviously there is a good change we have 2: 1 for mobs with high regen (every 4 seconds) and mobs with low regen (regen at every 20 seconds like our avatars do) Looking at...
  25. Stefan 008 Bond

    FYI: Player's Notes vol. 1 - Hunting Loot Mechanics

    Season's greeting fellow Entropians and Happy New Year! Like so many of you out there, I have played this game for years and have loads of ideas and concerns about the game we love. It has been an idea of mine for awhile to finally put all these thoughts, however big or small out there in some...