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    A Tirade or just Sheer Boredom ... ?

    A little of both I guess. Even these Space Threads have gotten a little dull and dry so let's see if I can spice it up a little. Firstly on "Space Services" Don't get me wrong as I am probably just as guilty of this as anyone else may be. Every day that I do the "EFA Scheduled Flight" and I am...
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    Entropia Fleet Alliance: Have to have a few days off.

    Hey all, Just a quick heads up. Looks like EFA may be going through some changes again. I will be taking a few days off and our regular "Scheduled Flights" may come to a stand still. Hopefully RavneJade will be able to cover these flights for the next few days. If not I do apologise for the...
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    Generic Fuses

    I am really starting to hate "Space Drama" and having to be a part of it. However sometimes one seems to have little choice. So here goes .... When "Generic Fuses" were first put on the Auctions over two years ago stability qickly came into their values. Until late January of this year they had...
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    Service Wars and Slander

    For some time two "Space Services" have been locked in a "Verbal War" which I believe has an economical basis. Recently it has escalated into a"Virtual Ingame War". Members of one of these "Services" has spent some efforts trying to insinuate EFA and its Members into this "Feud". I and the other...
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    Vafrag has resigned from EFA

    Yep there is yet another Ship Owner who has decided they no longer wish to be part of EFA. This time there is a difference .... Yoshi Yoshi Lem the owner of the Varyag has undergone a lot of criticism and flak of late which has tended to reflect on EFA as a whole. In order to protect the...
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    EFA Schedule Changes and News 2014

    With the ending of the European and US Summers comes the usual changes to our Schedule Times. This year we will also be making changes to our Routes as well. These changes will take effext as of Sunday, October 26, 2014. As the Kronan is no longer a member of EFA the Bismarck is currently doing...
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    Dradnoguht Ownership Change ?

    It was bought to my attention this morning ( A little after 18:00 MA Sunday) that Taxi Goblin Goldy no longer appears to be the Owner of the Dreadnought. The name appearing on it this morning was Melissa Xrystine Stormbreaker. Not sure if that makes it no longer a Pirate Ship or not. However...
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    Buying: Generic Fuses and Basic Propulsion Systems

    Basic Propulsion Systems - 40 PED Per Unit. These Units have a TT Value of 7.50 PED and are required in the construction of Warp Drive III (L) They are a fairly rare drop from: Older Cosmic Horrors - This is known from recent Loots. Itumatrox: It is unknown at this stage if these Mobs still...
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    SPACE --- Alive and Vibrant with a lot of Action ?

    I guess the real question I am asking is: "Do you think Space is developing and becoming more functional as time passes?" I see many issues that still need to be seriously addressed. But I do believe that it is developing and becoming more viable. It also seems that not only are a lot more...
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    Warp Ships have vanished

    With the update it seems all Warp Ships have vanished. I am stuck on the Bismarck. I am unable to access any seats, the Guest List or leave the Ship in my Quad or access the Space Station Teleporter. Warp Ships can not be seen anywhere. The servers have just started going down so perhap they...
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    Selling: Mothership Bismarck

    With Sbinortz selling the Kronan and WW BP (UL) the temptation of such an upgrade is too much to resist. As a result I am looking for offers on the Bismarck. No Starting Price - No Buy Out Price CLDs or PEDs only Current Total SI 27699.2 (6924.8 per repair point) Any offers will be considered...
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    Space: "General Discussion"s and "Services"

    Some time ago all the "Space Services" threzds used to be here in the "Space Section" of these forums. All the Service Operators and their Supporters respected and treated each others threads as "Space Service Threads" used to advertise their individual Services. This worked very well for quite...
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    Feww Rescues in SPace

    Space is broken again. It seems all the SPace Stations are down again. As a result EFAs Scheduled Flight is slow and way behind schedule. Passengers are being moved free of fares today but on Atmosphere Entry is available. There are a large number of floaters in the Calypso region and we have...
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    Warp Flight Services

    Of late I have noticed a number of things in regards to Warp Flight Services. The number of these Services or ships offering Flights is growning. For our Customer Base this is a good thing as it will make Flights more available to them. I ask EFA Operators to be courteous and considerate of...
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    Guest List of Warp Ships Functions Change

    When Warp Ships were first released the functionality of Warp Ships Guest Lists operated as follows: If someone removed themself, or the Captain removed them from the Guest List, they were immediately thrown into Space. This meant that the Captains could throw unwanted Guests off their ship...
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    Entro-pia Fleet Alliance a Growing Community !

    Entropia Fleet Alliance is a constantly growing and evolving Space Community. Consisting of like minded Warp Ship Owners and Crew Members. Our aims are to provide a safe and affodable means of moving fellow Entropians and their goods across the Entropia Universe. Iniated in May, 2012 we have...
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    Entropia Fleet Alliance schedule Change

    Due to Daylight Savings Time Changes this week-end EFA Bismarcks Scedule will change as of Sunday the 31st Marrch . Instead of Scheduled FLights commencing at 19:00 MA they will now start at 18:00 MA and all Flights adjusted accordingly/ For more details please visit:
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    Another Session of SPce Flaming and B*@ching !

    I see a lot of threads in the "Space" section of these forums that all seem to be geared around the needs of a few. These few are Service Providors, Traders and Pirates. These threads seem to be mostly geared around the needs and wants of these small groups with little or no consideration given...
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    Dreadnought raises the Skull and Bones !

    Today when leaving Rocktropia on our Daily Scheduled Flight , the Dreadnought finally raised the Skull and Bones to show its true colors.(Even though it has been common knowledge for sometime) In a blatant and obcious manner the Dreadnought followed the Bismarck out and attacked and destroyed...
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    Bismarck still out of action

    For more than ten days now the Bismarck has been bugged and unable to warp. Many thanks to those who have made themselves available to cover Flights for me. To date we have still had little luck in getting this situation corrected. This problem occurred sometime ago for the Starfinder XV and it...
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    Bismarck unable to Waarp

    . Bismarck unable to Warp .
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    SPACE WORKS ! ...... Mindsets are probably wrong !

    STRICTLY MY OPINION So its all speculation ....just like everyone else ! I constantly hear both sides of the fence claiming that "Space is an epic fail !" I completely disagree with everyone ! The "EPIC FAIL" is the current mindset of most people who travel in space. If you consider Space as a...
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    Buying: Generic fuses !

    Yeah, I am getting desperate again. Well not overly but need to start getting a few again. So, anyone with Generic Fuses or Basic Propulsion Systems, drop me a line or post that you have some here and we will see what we can do. Thanks all. Sakuba
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    W.O.F. Event 3 hrs. Entropia Fleet Alliance Warp Flight.

    Heads up everyone. I have just been informed that there is a W.O.F. Event starting in 3 hrs. Under consideration that there may be a few people off Planet Calypso and wanting to get back for it, I will be doing a flight to help those and anyone else who wants to get back to participate. Flight...
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    Incorrect Assmption on my part !

    Today while departing from the Rocktropia Space Station, The EFA Ship Bismarck was once again attacked by Pirates. When this attack occurred I saw one pirate off to the right. Whilst turning the ship to the left and rolling it back towards the Space Station I saw a larger ship that appeared to...