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    Hey, MindArk!

    Hey folks at MindArk... I'm not gonna shout this, someone may notice it... but... have you realized that LA's are not visible on map anymore? Anyone of you does ever make a run in the production game? Isn't it important at all for you? Not even worth a "working on it", maybe through SEE's...
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    Help: Crashes, corrupted textures

    This VU introduced crashes ingame or at login, which I've never ever experienced before. I have to login several times before I can get in. Plus several textures are broken (service center walls, for example, they are grey matte, or the mindforce tp chip), and many other textures stay gray/red...
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    Uber: Tower time!

    But finally my tower has arrived!!! :) OF105+OA103
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    Cannot use mapper

    Always the same error, date/time conversion. Locations are (presumably) sent, but trying to open the mapper windows gives the exception. Star, any workaround?
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    Bug on mapper

    Hi Starfinder, I've used the mapper for the first time. Everything's fine, claims recorded... except that I've closed the window and now, when I reopen it, I have this message: Le informazioni su come richiamare il debug JIT (Just-In-Time) anziché questa finestra sono riportate in fondo al...
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    New bug report system in FPC

    Hi all, just a note about the "new" support case system in FPC. If a "I report -> you solve -> you close" thing is good for simple problems e.g. unable to unequip or equip something, got stuck somewhere etc, but it doesn't fit the case where the support is forwarding the problem to a competent...
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    Uber: 1184 Zinc

    Wow... first mining uber :) :) After 32 prosp natural levels, I can say IT WAS ABOUT TIME ;) ;) Click to enlarge TK320+OA103
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    Bug in opening storage

    It's not possible to open the storage while the refiner is equipped, resulting in a loss of time for moving resources from storage to inventory to refiner and back again. Support case filled.
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    First global screenshot

    On both PC I run ET on, the screenshot of the first global is taken considerably too late (I'm talking about seconds). That's probably (I guess) because some DLL/libs are loaded upon first use, the first time a "grab" is performed. What about taking a "fake" screenshot at startup, so that any...
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    Request for ET

    Hi Starfinder. Having tried other global-screenshot apps, and coming back to this also, I'd request one thing: please can you add a configurable timer to delay screenshot capture? On slow machine, the twirlies are not taken. Bye!
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    Buying: Phantom pieces

    I'm buying phantom (M) pieces, except for arms and harness. Willing to buy 1 or 2 pieces. Pieces bought. Now need another HoF :yay:
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    Landscape redesigning

    In 10.8 we've seen a landscape redesigning on Eudoria, around Scylla and the like. Of course it's a very good job from a scenic point of view, and I hope that FPC/MA steadily keep on the work. But, from a miner point of view, such a dense vegetation makes finding your claims a bit annoying...
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    Question: After ghost, phantom? boar?

    I currently use ghost + 5b (what a strange thing uh :) ). I'm considering to buy (piece by piece, when HoFs allow it) something better (UL of course)... but being the markup on Jag and better armors completely beyond my budget, just two remain: phantom and boar (no drones). Would you recommend...
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    The Guild

    Mates, these made me go crazy!!! You gotta watch these videos! Link to YouTube, The Guild Great ;)
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    SIB "hole"

    So I reached prospector lvl 21, and tk220 is now maxed. SIB finished. Now I have to wait level 25 to use tk320, and in the middle... no alternatives. I guess you all know how much I'll take in gaining level 25 without "learning period"; I find this lack of alternatives in mining really bad. Or...
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    No more twist

    Ok, that is just a little thing. With the "new" tracker, my global screenshots are made too late, when the yellow twist is already over. Would it be possible to tweak the delay between chatlog reads so that the screenshot could be made in time?
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    Buying: Zyplex TK220

    Looking for a Zyplex TK220 Ore Seeker, but NOT full TT (around 100/150TT). PM me.
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    Selling: EWE EP-41 Mercenary (UL)

    Selling the well-known UL weapon, I don't have skills to make it perform nice. BO is TT+730 Find it in in-game auction.
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    Selling: Vigilante Harness (M)

    [SOLD] Vigilante Harness (M) Selling Vigilante Harness (M), TT 36.56 + 200 (below weekly markup) Total 236.56 PED
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    Selling: Thunderbird gloves M,L full TT

    Tiger gloves M,L full TT Tiger gloves (M,L) at full TT (83), selling at 150PED. PM me.
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    Selling: Riker UL2 unlimited

    It's current TT value is 2200PED, willing to sell at TT+1500. Requests evaluated. Bass Rockabilly Master (society Mamma Mia)