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    FYI: Entropia Universe does run on the pre-beta Windows 8 Developer's Preview Editions

    I've tried it on all the editions that are available for free on Microsoft's MSDN site. It appears that EU runs slightly faster on this version of Windows 8 than on Windows XP or 7, the memory and processor footprints is pretty similar to Windows 7. Installation is the same as it is for...
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    FYI: As I promised some of you more information on how to deposit via Paypal (for those Australians and New Zealanders).

    Here is a copy of my actual support case I sent MindArk recently and the great response on how to do it. Essentially, you get a Paypal account charged up and use the Paypal like a Credit Card is what I got from this conversation. You register your Paypal account under the Credit Card section...
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    FYI: Something that should be cleared up for newbies about in regards to trade terminal items.

    For example the mining equipment under the Rookie menu of the trade terminal (or TT for short), if it says (L) after the item, it's not repairable. Although, if you an item that doesn't have that (L) which means limited, it's repairable. So the Energy Extractor EE/01 and the Mineral Extractor...
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    Lytarian HoF on TI

    This is a repost, since someone told me that when EF when offline unexpectly some posts were also lost, so I checked on the validity of this claim and yes the previous post on this was lost. Oh well, repost... Enjoy, also copy the coords down for your own records... Click to enlarge Click to...
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    Another HoF, when doing lean / thin mining, saving money in storage for a big purchase...

    This definitely made me happy, only use 10 probes on this run and look what it got me. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
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    Selling Animal Parts (Horns)

    Below I have the quantities and TT values of each item for sale: Qty: Description: TT Value: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Armax Large Horn...
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    Just another mining HoF for me...

    Feel free copy down the coordinate pair for Eudoria to put in a database or spreadsheet file. Yes, stuff does come back in the same area. Note: If the resource you are attempting to mine is highly sought after you may not get a big deposit either because people are holding onto the quantity...
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    Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-28 for sale.

    TT+1.50 (10.53 PED total) If interested, feel free to send me a PM. I will get back to you ASAP.
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    Knight Thigh Guards (F) armor part for sale.

    TT+1.00 (14.25 PED total) If interested send me a PM, I will get back to ASAP.
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    Selling Hangar Part: Odenfield Ventricle System

    Selling this part for TT+2.00 (19.00 PED), if you are interested PM in here or send me an E-Mail if I am not online in EF at the time of inquiry. If you need other hangar parts or tools let me know in either case, I still do loot that stuff as well. Most common are the Hydraulic Manifolds but...
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    Crafting Global of the day. 06/16/2007

    Got to love them Simple Conductors I, wonderful BP in my own humble opionion. I have gotten more globals off of this BP than any other. Here is a sample... P.S. Stay the hell away from Basic Filters if you are just starting out and want to get globals or HoFs. A secret I have to share...
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    Drone Global on 06/13/2007

    No big deal, I get these almost every day, if it's not drones it's something else. Enjoy! :laugh:
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    Melchi HoF

    24-Hour Melchi HoF. :laugh:
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    New Creatures in Northern Amethera...

    Sorry that I have been slacking on getting these stats and information to people but I have been mining up there as well. I have a lot of the other screen shots on the web site if those of you would like to visit their site to see more. Ok, this one isn't new but the...
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    Globals and HoFs...

    I have had several 24 hour HoFs and a ton of globals here is just a sample of some of them. :laugh: I figured that by killing some Drone Generation 09s I would get some great loot, not many looted but this Drone Generation 03 sure did! I have some more of my globals listed on the...