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    Selling: Taking offers for Mayhem Thight Guards (F)

    :lolup: Hiya, Taking offers for Mayhem Thight Guards (F).
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    Selling: Hypercharged A 105

    Selling : Hypercharged A 105 Full TT , offers welcome!!!:yay::yay:
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    Selling: Improved Hedoc Mayhem!!!

    Improved Hedoc Mayhem for sale!! NO ITEM TRADES! Offers here or via pm! :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy:
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    Selling: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition Tier 1,5 / Angel Foot guards (M) UL / Omegaton A106 / 2 x Omegaton A105 / and a lot more

    Selling following items This Auktion starts with the first SB, and will end 7 days later! Regeneration chip VI TT Sold Mannequin Pad...
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    Selling: Winter Sale: Armor, guns, amps, plates (e.g. Infiltrator, Dante, 3 E Plates, 5 E Plates)

    ARMOR: Rascal set (m) TT= 60,65 SB TT + 65 PED BO TT + 70 Ped Goblin gloves (SGA) (m) SB TT + 20 PED BO TT + 25 Ped Ghost set (m) without feet TT=301,13 Ped SB TT+ 49 PED BO TT + 54 Ped Vigilante (m) shins TT= 19,25 Ped SB TT + 16 PED SB=BO Vigilante (m) gloves TT=19,25 Ped SB TT + 10 PED...
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    Selling: UL HL8 & ML35 very Cheap

    WINTER-SALES Hi Entropia Family, as Title says I`m selling my UL HL8 & ML35 Isis UL HL8 ~6k TT SB: +25k BO:+29k ML 35 SB +12k BO: 13k Total I want a fast PED Deal. So take the change and get these nice Weapons. This Offer is only available for a limited period of Time! Regards Rich
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    Buying: Imp 2870

    Trading only this weekend my items against a IMP 2870 ML35 UL isis HL8 ~6kTT Angel: Helmet, Foot, Shins (all male) Jaguar: Arms, HArness,gloves, thigh (all male) All iTems are unlimited The Items are around 85k Peds, so 10k PED more than SODIAK actually want for his IMP 2870. I make this...
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    Selling: Selling UL Isis HL 8 ~ 6k TT

    Hi Entropia Family, like Title says I want to sell my UL Isis HL 8 with ~6k TT. Taking offers in thread or via PM. I collect some Offers than I set SB an BO. Regards Rich
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    Selling: Jaguar -, Angel Parts, Ml 35, DoA SH

    Hi Entropia Family I want to sell my following Items: all items are unlimited Armor: Jaguar Arms (M) + 4,9 k Ped Jaguar Thigh (M) + 2,45 k Ped Jaguar Gloves (M) + 4,8 k Ped Jaguar Harness (M) + 2,35 k Ped Angel Footguards (M) + 11,8 k Ped Angel Helmet (M) + 5,85 k Ped Angel Shins (M) +...
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    Selling: Doa Strikehammer,ML 35 and 2X Dante

    I decided to sell following Items: (BO prices are incl. tt value of the item) Doa Strikehammer SB:1 Ped BO:58k (current Bid:40kPed) ML 35 SB:1 Ped BO:17k (current Bid=16kPed)...