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  1. Sound

    Selling: ESI, 123.40 PED TT

    Selling: ESI, 123.40 PED TT -Canceled -Edit- Put it on auction ingame instead.
  2. Sound

    Feffoids and such...

    Click to enlarge 12th January to 28th of February, not too much to complain about this year so far... :) Oh, and, all oils :silly2:
  3. Sound

    Chateau Liberte

    Not sure if anyone noticed yet, but I just found this on the island in the lake at Nymphtown, guess it'll be for sale sometime soon... Click to enlarge It is named "Chateau Liberte"...
  4. Sound

    The end!!!

    OMG!! The signs!!!11 The END is near!!! We're doomed!! We're all gonna die!!!! REPENT before it's too late!!!!111 Click to enlarge
  5. Sound

    Nice beginning of a day...

    Just got up and looked at my last 20 ped... Now I can't complain much anymore... :D Click to enlarge 10x Stinktree Boards, Kobold Shins (F), EnKnuckles 2, 2x DNA Fragment-A... :)
  6. Sound

    74 Ped Argo Young =D

    Just couldn't resist the urge to go and shoot something for a few ped ammo and got lucky :D Click to enlarge I can still count my globals, it's No. 4... :laugh:
  7. Sound

    Buying : Samurai Arms+Thighs

    I'm looking for Samurai Arm-Guards and Thigh-Guards... Both female... If you got any and want to sell them, please PM or post me an offer :)
  8. Sound

    Buying : 1/P-3

    I seek to buy a Cempball-Welch 1/P-3 Plasma Handgun, offers via PM please :) -EDIT- Resolved, got the ancient one... :D Many thanks to Fusion for the tip :wave:
  9. Sound

    Global Time for Sound =D

    What a sweet night for hunting yesterday :D First, I went to beat up some Argos and found this sweet Item-filled loot =D Click to enlarge And afterwards I teamed up for a chat with a friend and while she was somewhere totally else, conferencing with people in some apartment, I bought a new...
  10. Sound

    An unforgetable day indeed (-:

    A friend just asked me to make this post cause she had troubles with accessing EF ^_^° Here ya go: "This morning we had a great party, everywhere looking for gamerchick. Me, NoMan, ViagraFalls and many others that I forgot the name of. Here are some pictures of it :D " /Serinity Mistress...
  11. Sound

    Happy Birthday Ghandi!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day... :dunce: Welcome to the 19'ers, last stop before you're ancient :D :birthday:
  12. Sound

    Hi there... ^_^°

    Uhm... Hey... I'm Sound... ^_^° I was just sitting unproductively at work and thought it might be a good idea to get into the forum after being in pe for a couple of months already... =D And... Well... Here i am... :girl: