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  1. Lore June

    Selling: Gremlin set F

    Various tiers between 0.0 and 1.9 TT + 170 ped
  2. Lore June

    Selling: Mah'ketta set F

    All parts tier 0.9 (except footguards - tier 0.7), good tier rates - TT + 310 ped
  3. Lore June

    Selling: 761 ped ESI

    Selling 761,xx ped esi at 7500 ped. Possible item as part of the trade: ML-45 low tier.
  4. Lore June

    Copper 10k

    Mmm, donuts :P lvl2 amplifier and lvl10 luck :yay:
  5. Lore June

    Selling: Bear (F) UL

    Full set Bear F BO: TT + 500 TT arround 350 PED ATM So ~850 ped for the armor.
  6. Lore June

    123 meters deep

    It's morning. I'm running carefully through the hydrophytes constantly adjusting heading with the finder readings. I gaved up running poles line after the meteorites shower. It's true those new&fancy russian tools can perform in compass mode but I'm a bit attached to the old school and like to...
  7. Lore June

    Semai Jungle (Crytec2)

    It's the most feared place discovered. In fact we only have some low res picture from the quest of Morgain le Fay who supposedly succeeded to pass the thick jungle in search of Excalibur (L version). Morgain planned the journey after decrypting some lost umbranoid log book: "They are not our...
  8. Lore June

    I wish this new job available:

    Cleaning Lady !!! So, for a modest fee of 10 ped I will clean up your entire mess. That includes: - Equipment repairs (if you don't use that excellent Repair All function that uses soooo much ped). Armor and plates will be repaired completely, hunting gear so you can shoot 250 ped of ammo with...
  9. Lore June

    selling these paints (1.3k in 12 colors)

    I hope the link works. I cannot paste image here (new forum features, I think)
  10. Lore June

    The culture lvl of PE players has reached 0% growth

    Some details follow: No, magazines do not count. Da Davinci is not a book.
  11. Lore June

    selling Gremlin set F

    tt of set is 120 ped I accept offers starting from tt+100.
  12. Lore June

    Buying full nemesis F

    Like the title... please pm with offers