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  1. sgoddy

    Captains list

    L14 now (don't get out much)
  2. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Level 36 here as well
  3. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Sono Ax Lethnik - L35 - Natural - Kronan
  4. sgoddy

    Captains list

    Sono Ax Lethnik - L13.86 - Kronan
  5. sgoddy

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !register Sono Ax Lethnik
  6. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Sono Ax Lethnik 30 VSE (N) Kronan (and Serendipity unlock :yay:)
  7. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Sono Ax Lethnik 27 VSE (N) Kronan
  8. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Following some intense skilling, Sono Ax Lethink 25 VSE (N) Kronan
  9. sgoddy

    Info: Repairers List :)

    Sono Ax Lethink 19.7 VSE (N) Kronan
  10. sgoddy

    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Sono Ax Lethnik
  11. sgoddy

    FYI: Mothership at your disposal

    Bit boring for the onboard quads though: Kiri: 3 Pirates attacking!!! Quad owners: We'll head out and engage <Spawn Quad> Kiri: I wouldn't bother, they're all dead Quad owners: What? All of them? <sigh> <Pick Up> :wtg: Gz Kiri Then later on in the evening after some of the crew (including the...
  12. sgoddy

    Event: EU World Boxing Championships 2011

    Registered ooooo - I heard about this and then forgot to register, so thanks for the reminder - Sono Ax Lethnik is now in there. I'm about to go on holiday for a few days though, so I won't be at the launch party Saturday and I don't know if I'll be able to reply to the email being sent on the...
  13. sgoddy

    EU World Boxing Championships - Draw, Results and Schedule

    Damn, damn and triple damn!!!! I was totally going to enter this competition and just completely forgot :ahh:. I suppose it is too late to enter or substitute for a no-show????????????????:(
  14. sgoddy

    Black screen at login

    I had this recently and after reading the forums here did a repair (from the file menu). The scan found (and repaired) some corruption in one of the files after which it all worked fine. No idea where the corruption came from but I was quite impressed the repair function (which isn't very...
  15. sgoddy

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you!!!

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to you!!!
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  17. Socupper


  18. sgoddy

    Progress 17th Aug

    lol - my wife took the kids away for a couple of days at her relatives to allow me to get some serious game time in. It's been planned for several weeks, but guess which 2 days we picked!!!!!!!
  19. Nbksignature


  20. sgoddy

    Entropia status 09-04-25

    I'm back in
  21. sgoddy

    Team Scotland

    Gratz on the result, Scotland. Ax
  22. sgoddy

    FYI: Introducing the NBK Miners

    Gratz to Maya and the 'new' miners, lol
  23. Me


    Webcam now working lol
  24. sgoddy

    how much do you deposit in a month?

    300 ped per month 250 ped per month. Damn! 200 ped per month. Damn! 180 ped per month. Damn! 220 ped per month. Oooo UKP exchange rate is all over the place.
  25. sgoddy

    Info: ***WoF England 2009***

    Ok, that narrows it down some. I was winding up for a long and complicated scenario involving an innocent but misunderstood comment at the local pub where the AGM of the Militant Gay Biker Jaffa Cake Appreciation Society was unexpectedly being held. I'll spare you that. On further reflection...