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  1. Hasie

    I have been lucky :D

    Hi All These past two weeks was lucky for me, since my return from my break things have been going good. The R@bbit is back ;)
  2. Hasie

    Selling Full Nemesis (M)

    Hi there As the title says. I am letting my Neme go, its a great armour. This is not an auction. Its a sale. Complete set (7 parts) Price: TT+2450 Hasie
  3. Hasie

    Silent HOF Yay

    Hi Guys, I gave up my quest for a Space Ship, and tonight unexpectedly I got a strange signal... Hasie
  4. Hasie

    Neme, 5B, Maddox IV & Beast

    Like the title says, I am looking for a Full Set Nemesis M (7 Parts), Full Set of 5B's, Maddox IV and a Beast amp... Drop me a PM if you have one of these for sale. Hasie
  5. Hasie

    Selling 11K EFD

    Hi Guys, Selling 11k EFD, here is the details SB: 10 PED BO: 50 PED Ends: 17 Jan 08 Hasie
  6. Hasie

    Selling: Blueprints

    Hi there, Cleaning out my storage so I am selling a few BP's, would like to sell all in bulk... Attachments (Vol. I) 1.00 PED Alekz Precision Scope Blueprint 0.01 PED Beacin Laser Sight Blueprint 0.01 PED OreAmp OA-101 Light (L) Blueprint 0.06 PED Armor (Vol. I) 1.00 PED...
  7. Hasie

    South African Players, can you connect to EU or the site?

    Hello How are you guys? I am really dissapointed tonight, cannot log into EU. I cant even get on just want to know if anyone from South Africa can connect? Or anyone.... When I want to visit I get the following...
  8. Hasie

    Die Kommando Needs Recruits

    Hi all Well our South African SOC is recruiting. So if you live in SA or previously lived here you can come and join our soc. This is the only requirement. Go today and apply at the SOC terminal or chat to any member ingame. Hasie General of Die Kommando
  9. Hasie

    B: 4A Plates Set

    Looking for a full set of 4A's offering TT+160 Hasie
  10. Hasie

    Hasie's Updated Mining Tutorial

    Hi there, This guide will take you through the basic important points you will need to know if you want to start mining in Entropia Universe. Take your time and read through it. Please note this is my first tutorial but I feel it is quite complete. 1.What should I expect? The first thing I...
  11. Hasie

    Selling: Copper Ingots

    Hi I am looking for someone who wants to buy my HOF :D TT is 1266 PED So if anyone is interested to buy it in bulk please post or PM me with your offer. Otherwize I will have to sell it off bit by bit on the auction. Hasie
  12. Hasie

    My First Uber!

    Finally :yay::yay::yay: With a 102 amp Hasie
  13. Hasie

    Hasie's Mining Theory.. Tell me what you think

    Hi all, I had this theory quite some time now about mining claims and how they spawn. Like I said it’s a theory and I am not sure if there is some way to get proof. But I thought I would get the community’s view on this. I am going to try explaining it in the best way possible. Here it goes: I...
  14. Hasie

    Two HOF's and a Globie so far in one night!

    The best mining run I ever had! Made 1.4K Profit on this run and these helped alot! Double HOF's on HOFlist: Iron HOF: Narc HOF: Teilk my ex Mentor told me to get him some Narc, so I TP'ed to dome 18 and the first bomb was the HOF. Lyst Global: Hasie
  15. Hasie

    Here I go again! See the swirlies!

    Hi all Been mining again lately and got this over the weekend: Mining was good! Hasie
  16. Hasie

    Molisk and Atrax Global Woot!

    Hi Here are some of my hunting globals the past week! Hasie
  17. Hasie

    BUYING Ghost (M)

    Thanks but got a set this morning. Hasie
  18. Hasie

    South African Soc Are Recruiting!

    Hi All Die Kommando are looking for South African players to join our fast growing soc. Requirements: Live or Lived in South Africa and can speak and understand Afrikaans. PM me or reply here. Or Visit the soc terminal, catch one of our members ingame or visit
  19. Hasie

    PC: FreanD Delta / Beast

    Hi All I am interested in these items: FreanD Delta Maddox IV Beast What are they going for these days? Hasie
  20. Hasie

    Exa LA ? is there one still active?

    Hi all Like the title said, I would like to know if there is still a active Exa LA? Thanks Hasie
  21. Hasie

    What Will I Need For A Hogg Hunt?

    Hi There, I am planning of doing a Hogglo hunt in the near future. I have quite low HP so I will be taking two soc members to FAP me when I need it. I had in mind Ghost + 8A plates for protection so that will give me 20 dmg from a young... Quite fair. Now I would like to know what weapon I...
  22. Hasie

    Boorum's have been found on Eudoria

    Was runnig to Haddeseim yesterday with a disciple and came across them here: Maturity - Raiders, Warriors. Please someone confirm they are...
  23. Hasie

    B: Storm Kolor Jeans + Tank Top

    Buying Storm Kolor Jeans and Tank Top Male
  24. Hasie

    What Amp do you use on CND?

    I would like to know how many are using the higher amps on CND or are everyone to scared to go there?? Hasie
  25. Hasie

    BUYING: Full TT MatterDriller MD-204 (L)

    Please let me know where I can find some of these? Hasie