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  1. Joe

    S: Hardend Alloy bp + a few others

    Taking offers on the next Bp's Hardened Alloy Blueprint 1 0.01 PED 1151 PED by lucV AUCTION for Hardend Alloy BP ends: monday 25 februari 22:00 UTC time And a few others: Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint 1 0.35 PED Basic Bolts Blueprint 1 0.01 PED Basic Processor Blueprint 1 0.57 PED...
  2. Joe

    1917 Tantillion :)

    My first Big HOF since I started playing again :yay: Click to enlarge
  3. Joe

    Selling: Skills (Bulk)

    Hi all, I am selling the next skills. I prever to sell in bulk. If I dont find such buyer I will sell seperatly. You bring the ESI's Bids are without ESI's You can either bid on it all, or, if you dont like partial chips, bid on the full chips (I made the full chips Bold) this is not on...
  4. Joe

    selling out(no skills)

    Selling the next things... PM or post your bid A-3 Justifier Mk.II 1 5.37 PED Carried SOLD Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator 1 4.40 PED BO=tt+135 PED tt+115 Zbryne Alekz Precision Scope 1 4.27 PED BO=tt+8 PED tt+5 Toorged 190 Omegaton A103 1 30.00 PED BO=tt+4 PED 262 Sollomate Aggressio...
  5. Joe

    crafting chart:

    Hello all :) Lately I was wondering what the best mechanical components are to craft beside filters & dampers. So I made this chart. Click to enlarge U can see: - All the mechanical crafting components from level 1 - 10. - The tt-value of one crafted component - The tt-cost of the...
  6. Joe

    1265 molisk HOF :)

    My first single uber!! :D lol look at my ped card:) the right Hof at the right moment :) Click to enlarge
  7. Joe

    what drops bear Thighs?

    Hello all :) I was wondering if any1 knows what mob drops bear thighs... thnx in advance :cool:
  8. Joe

    85 ped tezlapod + item ! :)

    I met this one while I was mining :) the item is a Jaguar Arm-Guards Female :eek: Click to enlarge
  9. Joe

    Selling: Jaguar Arm-Guards Female

    hello :) as the title is saying I am selling jaguar arm-guards female tt= ~6 ped post or pm me for your offers
  10. Joe

    new Proffesion

    new Profession wouldn't it be cool to fish :D maybe boring, but cool :laugh: Click to enlarge
  11. Joe

    BUYING: adj. M2722

    PM me if u have one for sale :)
  12. Joe

    Armor plating mark.1D (L)

    woot got a limited bp :eek: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  13. Joe

    ~200 ped AOA :)

    having fun with team mates :D Click to enlarge
  14. Joe

    Selling Vigi (no helmet)

    Selling Vigi (m) (no helmet) Selling Vigi (m) (no helmet) full tt pm or reply for offers
  15. Joe

    550 ped Mermoth :)

    hadn't globaled / for ages so I was really happy when I recieved this from the poor mermoth :D Click to enlarge
  16. Joe

    just wanne say hi :)

    just wanne say hi :) been playing the game now for half a year and forums like EF helped me alot to learn the game :) I never posted tho, till now :dunce: