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  1. MG Mighty

    Selling: Longblades and some other skills implants

    Longblades Skill Implant (L) 248.45 TT Starting bid 3200 PED ( 1288 %) Ends 4 days after initial bid (can arrange for sooner if bid is near the BO value) Buyout bid 3555 PED (1431%) I can sell some more to the winner up to ~70 PED TT of longblades (the price will be arround the current set...
  2. MG Mighty

    FYI: Solution to fix the freezing logout when exiting the game

    It applies to the issue that when you leave the game under Windows 7 (I've tested in Windows 7 64 and 32 bit, I have no issue under Windows XP) The common workarround is killing the thread of the game by the taskmanager (but it takes too long) The solution that I give you is simple Instead...
  3. MG Mighty

    Uber: Nice Ambulimax gave me a DOA (L) and the victory of OLA 17 [ The Salty Flats ] Saturday Event

    It had been a long time since I hunted ambulimax, in fact I only accepted the mission that day as you may guess by the small progress shown in the pic This nice ambulimax allowed me to win the " Saturday Hunt @ OLA 17 " The total TT value was 5279 PED It contained a full TT DOA Boneshatter...
  4. MG Mighty

    This is my best Christmas ever

    Super mega ultra admirably legendary Christmas Spirit gift :yay: This needs to be celebrated :idea: The best and only way to do it is to share the good fortune. :guide: Some interesting ideas I have about the future of this "Project" will be written in this thread.:computer: It is my hope...
  5. MG Mighty

    Selling: Fap 110

    Selling FAP 110 Starting bid TT+1800 ending 1 week after starting bid or 24h after bid above TT+2000. Buyout TT+2200
  6. MG Mighty

    Google gives "This site may harm your computer" tag

    Google gives "This site may harm your computer" tag Actually it start given that tag a few minutes ago to all non payed advertise links
  7. MG Mighty

    Selling: Fap 110

    I'm selling my Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-110 Starting bid: TT+3600 Buyout: TT+3950 Auction ends 3 days after the starting bid is met.
  8. MG Mighty

    I'm the first to realize and say in the forum that I raized my Stamina to more than 9

    I only realized it today when my level of intelligence increase to 67 :ahh: It seems that the skill stamina that everybody else reports as having 9 (or 1 if they started playing only a few months ago) can be raise to higher levels after all Unfortunately I don't know/remember anything that...
  9. MG Mighty

    Selling: A204

    I'm selling an Omegaton A204. For that I'm making this auction that will last for the next 2 weaks (or until a buyer meets the reserve value of course it can end before if I get an offer that satisfies my expectations before the time as run out) The reserve value is set at TT+20000 PED Items...
  10. MG Mighty

    Selling nice PvP Armors (Vigilante and Polaris)

    I'm taking offers in the following armors that I've got: (See buyouts in my post bellow allong with the market history informations) Full Vigilante Armor Currently at Full TT Entropedia: Armor: Vigilante and Full Polaris Armor Polaris Arm Guards (M,L) 1 118.03 PED Polaris Foot Guards (M,L)...
  11. MG Mighty

    Bank Scam ?

    I'm sorry to say this to you but I believe that Banks can be used for scams by unscrupulous bankers. My hope is that MA keeps their word: The problem is the following: Banks have rent fees to be payed. (I don't know if people who have a loan voucher to be paid inside can enter a bank which...
  12. MG Mighty

    Dummies Guide to Win Merry Mayhem

    This is actually the first event made by MA that I applause. The current rules allow for people to participate and to share their time in a season that ought to be dedicated to family. So don't complain that you can't play be online more than 6 hours per day, go spend more time doing things...
  13. MG Mighty

    Nerfed: my skill gains while coloring

    I've tried every color that I usually used and I'm sure that the skill gains that I've used to have were much higher than what I've been geting so far. I've tried most of the different possibilities that I could use and I see no change for the better, in some particular tests the evidences are...
  14. MG Mighty

    Almost all appartments were already sold in auction by MA

    Is it just my impression or a lot of apartments that were in auction were sold recently. I believe lots of pages were sold in the past 2 weeks. I'm guessing lots of virtual real estate are being hold by people that like to invest in such kind of deals (at least one of the bankers is known for...
  15. MG Mighty

    Rare things on sale

    I'm taking offers on the following items for a limited time period, you can bid or send a pm with an offer, if that offer reach 90% of the minimum value to which I would sell I will reply back that your offer was near. Prices aren't too high (imho) and buyout is not far from the minimum value...
  16. MG Mighty

    Trade bud/exploit

    I have warned all of my friends online and wish to do so with those which I didn't contacted and for other people in general. Currently there is an exploit that allows certain immoral people to perform a trade where you won't get what was offered in the trade window and in the trade window...
  17. MG Mighty

    Explosive Projectile Weaponry Technology [NEW SKILL introduced in VU 8.12]

    I believe that it was introduced a new skill this V.U: :bomb: Click to enlarge I'm sure that I didn't had it yesterday.:cheer: I guess in the future we be seeing grenades, mortars and missiles. :deal:
  18. MG Mighty

    Skills and Health

    It is known that some skills will increase your HP. Currently this is my perspective which will be updated once I have acess to more data. But for now I have already enough to make a thread about. In blue are the data that I have enough data to say so. In orange I won't be able to check myself...
  19. MG Mighty

    Fancy a couple of new mobs ?

    Found some public information that soon we'll have 2 more mobs to slaughter and be slaughtered. They will be: Frescoquda and Letomie
  20. MG Mighty

    Ultra Cold Fabric and other tayloring materials news

    It seems that nobody has yet shared with us the following: If you go to auction you'll see there new options to buy new tayloring materials thought none is still for sale as far as I saw, there is already the possibility to make orders on them so I supose that in the future they will exist...
  21. MG Mighty

    MG Mighty bidding rules

    I think it is fair that I advertise my forum bidding principles that I like to follow while trading items in Entropia Universe. 1st - Honesty The seller and the buyer must be honest in their declarations of intentions. 2nd - Responsability One will be judge by his past actions and will take...
  22. MG Mighty

    Was THEGATE ever published ?

    I found an image of a cover of an old fanzine I was wondering if it was ever published and if somebody can share such pdf with us. This is the image that I found:
  23. MG Mighty

    OreTransformer OT-105

    In my quest to reveal my knowledge to other miners here is another chapter. It certainly amazes me the ammount of people that still don't know this because the difference hard to stay unnoticed. So I will tell you why should a miner use a OreTransformer OT-105 For a start, Weight The OT-105...
  24. MG Mighty

    Login servers: there are several ingame (at least 2)

    Just a few minutes ago I got this warning from a friend He can't login into UE And he asked me if I could, I answer that I relog and that I could log in without any problem. Then he sent me a screenshot, But others have this problem too (I was going to upload it, but I found this one already...
  25. MG Mighty

    Guide to determine the DECAY of any item

    I think that it is time for me to share with you the best method to determine the decay of an item. This included Armor, Weapons, Tools, Limited items or Not. The method is very accurate. The accuracy is almost 1/1000 of the PEC => 0,00001 PED I say almost because sometimes it is "only"...