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  1. dototo

    HoF: Happy new year, 1,7 K Atrox

    Ho ho ho in 24 Hrs two 1,7 K HOF´s :yay::yay::yay::yay: Thanks MA :yay::):yay:
  2. dototo

    Happy New Year, Feff 1,7 K

    Not enough time to complete 30 hrs in MM (I get to manage some 19-20 hrs) but this one came just 50 min before new year here :) :) :) Happy new year to all :yay:
  3. dototo

    Uber: Ambu Young, 1919 ped´s

    Finally guys, first one hope no last... Just pancreas oil, no SGA but still very nice:) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge