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    Buying: Argonaut Claw Strong FEN UL

    I need a "hand" finding one of these things. Sell me one so that I may "arm" myself with it... Seriously, PM me or message me ingame - Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
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    Selling: Selling A&P Series Mayhem LP-100 Modified

    Taking offers on this insane eco weapon. Pure ped offers only. Thanks and good luck. Additional Info:
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    Selling: IMK II w/Hyp204

    Both items sold. Thread can be closed! Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
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    Selling: Liakon Set (M)

    Selling a full set of Liakon (M) All parts are tier 1 [Thigh Guards are tier 2] Asking for TT+4k atm PM offers!
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    Selling: EWE EP-57 Catalyzer Tier 8.7 Sweet gun and only UL version to my knowledge. Asking for TT+25k or best offer :)
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    Buying: Modified Restoration Chip

    Buying one of dis. Lemme know how much you want :)
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    Selling: Improved Justifier Mk. II Tier 3.9

    Sold sold sold
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    Selling: Gear! Pretty decent gear!

    "Mini-Mod. Merc." EWE EP-57 Catalyzer Tier 8.5 Instant BO is TT+32k Full set of Supremacy (M) all parts Tier 1 SOLD! NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier IV(SOLD) Perfected Athenic Ring(Evade ring)SOLD Thanks for the interest and...
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    Uber: 22k Osseocollum :P

    No luck at all.... :yay:
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    Selling: EWE LC-300 Ambush Tier 5.8

    Selling this fine weapon! PM offers! Prefer ped but will consider a few items. Tiers: 125/131/134/163/128/157/145/135/82/92 Gun is tier 5.9 I would be interested in Modified 2600 FAP plus peds in the deal or perhaps a Ares ring. Also selling Hypercharged A105 laser amplifier TT+2800 ped!
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 Tier 6.9

    Selling this wonderful BLP pistol for BO TT+18k ped only! Send offers here or pm in-game! Thanks!
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    Selling: Selling some gear!

    Protector of the Empire Set all pieces Tier 3.X SOLD! Emik Enigma L4 Tier 6.9 BO set @TT+23k Genesis ArcSpark Tier 7.9 Remaining Tiers(146, 95) SOLD...
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis (M)

    Full Set of Adjusted Nemesis (M) for sales! PM me ingame or here on forums! Thanks!
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion 8.2

    Selling this fine lil' laser pistol!!! BO is set at TT+17k Peds Only Remaining Tiers: (9=48)(10=69) :handgun:
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 Tier 6.6

    Peds only please! BO is TT+29k FREE Dante Amp to whomever buys the gun for the BO! Remaining Tiers are 59, 77, 125, and 139 Feel free to pm me in-game or here! Thanks and GL
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    Selling: Bigfoot Selling Stuff O.O

    Selling: Enigma L4 Tier 6.6 (59,77,125,139)-Remaining Tiers -BO TT+34k(includes Dante) -Ped Only Full Set of Merry Mayhem (M) -SOLD (Helmet-Tier 3.5 Harness-Tier 3.9 Arm Guards-Tier 2.9 Thigh-Tier 3.5 Shin-Tier 2.9 Gloves-Tier 1.9 Footies-Tier 3.3) Dante Amplifier-1.5k(With gun Sale only)...
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    Buying: Nemesis Helmet (M)

    Looking to buy just the helmet! Pm me here or in-game Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
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    Buying: Full Set of Nemesis (M)

    Just like the title says! PM me ingame with offers please-Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
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    Buying: Buying (F) Boar Set

    As stated above I'd like to buy a full set of Boar (F) PM me ingame or here! Uncle Bigfoot Sasquatch
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion Tier 7.9

    Asking SB of TT+11k BO of TT+13k Send offers ingame or here. Please keep this thread clean. Will sell with Hypercharged A105 for Total of TT+14.5k
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    Uber: Been soooo long!

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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier IV

    Send me offers please! :)
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    Selling: TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush Tier 4.9

    Selling this wonderful lil' finder for a BO of TT+2.2k pm in-game or here!
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    Selling: RX OpTac x2 Gloves (M)

    Selling this piece of armor for a BO of TT+3k pm in-game or here!
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    Selling: Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega

    WTS [Encrypted Spatial Unit Omega] SB 3k ped BO 4k