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  1. Darkaner

    Buying: Shop or Booth on Calypso

    I'm looking for either a shop or booth on Calypso. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  2. Darkaner

    Selling: Coloring and Texturing skills

    I have begun to chip out my large amount of Design skills. Prices are: 30000% for Coloring and Color Matching 40000% for Texture pattern matching These prices are valid only for those who want larger amounts than 5 ped tt chip value. If you want smaller amounts, check auction where I...
  3. Darkaner

    Design skills

    What are design skills worth at the moment? Coloring, Texture pattern matching, Fashion design etc?
  4. Darkaner

    Selling: Orocopter

    I am selling a Gungnir Mk1 textured in Oro texture. It has 100% in all three fields. Full TT at 25 peds. Price: 130 peds. Price includes delivery to any planet! If you want it, send PM or post!
  5. Darkaner

    Medusa's Head Mall + all shops

    I'm posting this as one of the investors of Medusa's Head. We are currently discussing what to do with the shops and the mall. One option is to sell the whole thing, mall deed + all 24 shops deeds, in one bundle. The mall is located a short run from the Medusa teleporter and is equipped with a...
  6. Darkaner

    Selling: PA mall shop, Floor 3 #10 L

    Its a large shop with 15 items outside and 100 inside. Not upgraded. No rent. Close to televator. There are two small stands outside where you can have shopkeepers if you like. Imo one of the best shops in the mall now that the rent is gone. 20k peds. Highest offer: 16k
  7. Darkaner

    Components book vol. 1

    How much would you pay for a bp book with all the prints except: Hardened Alloy Metallic bone replacement ? Some have QR but... lets say without qr.
  8. Darkaner

    Selling: 100,000 efd

    Yes that's right, 100k EFD. Startbid: 1 ped Buyout: 900 peds Auction ends 5 days from now (September 19th, 20.00 UTC/MA time). Bids within last 5 minutes extends auction with 5 minutes. Good luck. :) Current high bid: 150 ped, Incoil
  9. Darkaner

    Selling: CP booth

    I'm selling my Isis booth at CP. Since March, I have been doing 140 peds profit/month on average (travel fee losses included). An active trader can do more than that for sure, I haven't even used all the item points... The booth has 30 item slots (it has been upgraded). Edit: Booth only for...
  10. Darkaner

    Rallycross event - Free to enter!

    Gentlemen, spawn your vehicles! Rallycross event - July 18th (Sunday) 20.00 MA time. 1st Prize: 100 Peds & 15,000 EFD (donations accepted) Event is over! The winner is Miles! Congratulations! Here's a short video of the race. Sorry about the poor quality, lack of sound and lack of lighting...
  11. Darkaner

    Selling: Team Brazil shirt!

    Get kitted for the FIFA WC! This Brazilian footbal jersey can be yours for only tt+55 ped! (I suppose it works for South africans as well.. :) ) Shirt + shorts will cost tt+115. So, shirt only: tt+55 (72 ped) Shirt + shorts: tt+115 (198 ped) Send PM or post!
  12. Darkaner

    The Isis Booth

    Booth #14 will be regularly stocked with Isis guns. I will bump this thread when I restock, which usually happens once per month. The following guns can be found in the booth: BL1300 BL1450 BL1600 HL8 HL11 HL12 HL14 HL15 LR48 LR53 LR59 Happy hunting. :)
  13. Darkaner

    Selling: 100% textured fields

    I am selling 100% textured fields of the following textures: Allophyl - 3 fields available - 60 ped/field Argonaut - 2 fields available - 80 ped/field Snarksnot - 3 fields available - 70 ped/field Cornundus - 2 fields available - 120 ped/field Gradivore - 1 field available - 45 ped/field...
  14. Darkaner

    Selling: Tier 0.9 tt items

    Selling all these in one batch. TT items with tier 0.9, good for tier skilling. 24 Opalo 13 M2100 4 Castorian Survival EnBlade-A 5 Castorian Combat EnBlade-A 1 Castorian EnKnuckles-A 1 Ziplex Ju10 MAtterSeeker 1 Vivo T1 1 Ziplex Z1 OreSeeker TT value = 91.83 Start bid = tt + 10 Buyout = tt +...
  15. Darkaner

    Question: Which enhancers do you use?

    Just a quick market survey. :) If you don't use enhancers, no need to vote.
  16. Darkaner

    Question: What do you want to see in my booth?

    I just acquired one of the CP booths. So the question is now: what to sell? A few options: * Weapon and/or armor enhancers. If so, what kind would you like to see? * Weapons (some kind that buzz doesn't craft himself) * Expensive clothes * Fireworks and champagne for celebrating uber hofs...
  17. Darkaner

    FYI: New mining shop!

    It has been open for a while but now there's an official thread as well: Mammoth Mining :)
  18. Darkaner

    Mammoth Mining @ CND

    Current prices can be found below. :)
  19. Darkaner

    Question: Tier skilling shop

    Is there any interest out there for a shop that sells tt stuff at tier 0.9 for skilling purposes? Are there any skillers out there at all in this profession? :)
  20. Darkaner

    Buying: TT items with tier 0.9

    I'm buying some tt items (see list below) that has reached tier 0.9, for tt+3 each. Sollomate Opalo Omegaton M2100 Castorian Survival Enblade-A Castorian Combat Enblade-A Castorian EnKnuckles-A Ziplex Z1 Oreseeker Ziplex Ju10 MatterSeeker This offer is for a limited time only.. so hurry up. :)...
  21. Darkaner

    Buying: Bulk OA-103's...

    ...for resale. Let me know if you can craft and what your price would be for say bunches of 20, 30, 50 etc
  22. Darkaner

    Selling: Beach signs

    I made some signs with a beach theme for the shop competition (that was can canceled) that I no longer need. The middle one is a Megaview Display (PC) playing a short scene with waves rolling in on a beach with a realistic wave sound. The other ones are three static images on Megaview...
  23. Darkaner

    Help: CND mining market survey

    Hi miners, I hope you can help me out here... I'm planning on opening a mining shop at CND, and could use some input from you what kind of amps you usually use up there. So my simple question is, what kind of amps do you use on CND? If you don't mine or use amps on CND, no need to vote. :)...
  24. Darkaner

    Selling: PA mall shop, floor 2 shop #3

    This is a small shop. 40 item slots inside, 5 outside. Rent 60 ped. I have sold clothes from this shop with great success but have now moved to a larger shop on floor 3. NEW Start bid: 14k ! Sold for 14k! Thread closed.
  25. Darkaner

    Buy clothes, get 1000 EFD!

    Here's an offer that will run until the end of the year: For every piece of clothing you purchase in my shops, you will receive 1000 EFD. To receive the EFD you will have to post your avatar name and date and approximate MA time of purchase in this thread. My shops are located in Port Atlantis...