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  1. Shadowsong

    Pre-cleared "Instant Withdrawal" Pool.

    One of the big "cons" raised when evaluating EU is the lengthy withdrawal process. Now, this is probably a level of fiscal control that may well be vital to the continued sustainability of the platform, so we cannot expect it to go away entirely. What I think can be done, is to allocate to each...
  2. Shadowsong

    LA2 - Spawn up, Tax down

    Land area 2, south from Miwak, now has very dense spawn of mixed maturity Thor(s) with a low tax rate of 1.99%. Thorafoid, Thorofoid, Thorio and Thorifoid are all available for your culling pleasure. Thorifoid maturity is low, but some high maturity specimens still lurk about after the recent...
  3. Shadowsong

    LA2 - FARQ-YATZI (Phase I)

    There has been an influx of high maturity Thorifoid and assorted blue people on LA2, south from Miwak. They appear to be well-supplied, carrying armour and other kit, presumably to arm the local Smurfs for some sort of "Amatheran Spring" uprising. There has been some disruption of our Federal...
  4. Shadowsong

    My tale of woe - f***d at the drive-through.

    So I decide to visit the Bull Pen for some wave action, only to discover that I am the only hunter on the field at the start of wave 1. Undaunted, I start mowing down the little ones, and all by my lonesome, progress all the way to wave 5, when I see the first other green dot. By wave 7, there...
  5. Shadowsong

    What does THIS mean?

    Saw this scroll up allchat.... wtf? Where? How? These are due to be handed out AFTER mayhem, so what the f** is going on here?
  6. Shadowsong

    SUGGESTION : Crafted HEAP and HEAT explosive ammo/attachments

    Vehicles have added an interesting challenge to PvP participants, and our weaponry needs to be specialised to adapt to the new environment. 1. Explosive Ammo a. HEAP - High Explosive Anti-Personnel Crafted explosive ammo Damage distribution : Nil damage vs Vehicles. Wider area effect 50% vs...
  7. Shadowsong

    How to build a better AI for fun and profit!

    I have an idea that may provide a solution to the "Loot vs MA profit" dilemma. What if a spin-off game is developed, which allows participants to inhabit or control the robots that populate Entropia, and embark on quests for virtual rewards? That game is subscription only, with layered access...
  8. Shadowsong

    Unlock - Parenting

    My beautiful daughter arrived this morning, all 3.84kg of cuteness and light. Now my big job starts :cool:
  9. Shadowsong

    FYI: Internet Crime Complaint Center

    So, every time a scammer hits, the discussion invariably leads to "Open a criminal case (gl with that)", followed by mass chuckling at the notion that any law-enforcement agent would even understand the problem. The Internet Crime Complaint Center would seem to me to be the logical place to...
  10. Shadowsong

    Traders RL Challenge

    So you're a shrewd trader, you say? Here's a chance to test your skills, and perhaps profit along the way. How far can you go on 1 gram of gold? Register for an account, claim your 1 gram pure bullion, and trade your way to riches. Post in this thread if you strike it rich. ;)
  11. Shadowsong

    Chat server bugged?

    All channels except "all chat" and PMs seem to be ... um.... broken. Anyone NOT having this problem?
  12. Shadowsong

    Major Internet Vulnerability.

    I don't know if anyone else has posted this info anywhere, but it certainly grabbed my attention. Take extra care while browsing, at a "humanware pay attention" level. Virus scanners and firewalls won't help you against this monster.
  13. Shadowsong

    FYI: Autostable Issue - Support response

    This is the latest response I have received regarding the problems with autostabling, as discussed in This thread I hope that means there's a mini-VU on the way soon :)
  14. Shadowsong

    Chicken Little's Open Letter to EU

    Whenever there is a discussion around the sustainability of EU, one of the arguments put forth by those who believe EU will never crash is the following: "Massive withdrawals cannot hurt EU, because somebody else had to deposit to buy the skills/gear/whatever, so money comes in to replace the...
  15. Shadowsong

    Why isn't this in the guides?

    Statements like these really make me curious : Now, I've been using an opalo for over two years, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to do what these posters seem to think is quite a trivial feat. Someone, please explain to me how to do this. I'm almost sure it would improve my...
  16. Shadowsong

    Buying: Sollomate Beauto

    ** DONE AND DUSTED *** Nothing to see here, move along :)
  17. Shadowsong

    Which is easier?

    Which do you believe is easier, to start a fire, or to extinguish a fire? Feel free to elaborate, but it's not required. ;)
  18. Shadowsong

    So, will I be luckier now ;) ?

    Serendipity unlocked at last :yay::wtg::cool::woot: All my own work, no chipping. Now I don't feel so bad about my biggest mistake ever, which was selling 700 Rifle and 1k Laser Tech skills about a year ago. The PED were not worth the additional slog it took to finally reach this milestone...
  19. Shadowsong

    The best gift for EU addicts :)

    That's what the LA event is, in my opinion. What makes it really spectacular is the six-hour limit. What this will do for the very hardest of the hard core, is provide them with a very strong motivation to immerse in alternative activities for 18 of every 24 hours. I'm a bit of an EU-junkie...
  20. Shadowsong

    Shadowsong's Illustrated Rig Guide

    In response to a request from His Majesty ;) , I have decided to compile this unified thread of rig illustrations. Enjoy. 1. How to get oil from the rig. The best way to succeed at the rig is to make friends. If you are prepared to be patient, and chat with those at the rig, they will often...
  21. Shadowsong

    More oil from the rig

    Occasionally, those guarding the rig may become distracted, and one can sneak past for a quick barrel or two. Click to enlarge
  22. Shadowsong

    How to get oil from the rig

    The best way to succeed at the rig is to make friends. If you are prepared to be patient, and chat with those at the rig, they will often allow you an opportunity to grab a barrel or two. Click to enlarge
  23. Shadowsong

    FaucBall Calypso World Series

    It's a glorious day in Eudoria, ideal weather for the final match of the FaucBall Calypso World Series. The toss was won by the Cervix Crapkikkas from Jason Centre, and they have elected to take the kick. Designated ball-mount today is Krystal Shadowsong Nova, wearing the official FaucBall...
  24. Shadowsong

    Selling Pets

    I have a few pets for sale. They are all recently tamed, and have food for a few days. Snablesnot Female Young Snablesnot Female Mature Snablesnot Female Old Snablesnot Female Dominant Snablesnot Male Young Snablesnot Male Mature Snablesnot Male Old PM or reply here with an offer if you...
  25. Shadowsong

    Whip up your EFD

    Is anyone willing to sell a non-(L) whip for 11K EFD? Reply here or PM please.