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  1. Macce

    Server Downtime for Patch

    It wasnt stated in the initial release note, This was edited after they found out that (L) prints where lootable, but before it was known that UL bps where also lootable.
  2. Macce

    Entropia Universe 17.1 Release Notes

    What a fucking farce, they are frigging snorting up all the profits from us and realese this crap , worse and worse evry fucking time.
  3. Macce

    Vomit Bucket

    What to expect if someone changes brake and throttle position, and replace it with a merged F function overnight.
  4. Macce

    Entropia Universe 16.0.1 Release Notes

    No crucial change to gameplay controls or camera, wobbling, move to target strange zoom. waiting for next patch, but i guess for nothing. same here
  5. Macce

    Help: Critical: Motion sickness

    I get headache,dizzy and mild nausea from this new camera movements, i have never experienced this in a game before. Not motivating to play atm Go back to deafult settings and options pre-vu 16 and let anyone tweak new additions to their taste. thank you.
  6. Macce

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    So just be quiet , so nothing will be done to the bugs and faults?
  7. Macce

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    Bring back our freedom to untick move to target when interacting!
  8. Macce

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    i used to tab hunt, its going to be hard to adapt if they doesnt put this type of gameplay back. also when in terminals, move to target is always on, so you cannot be in multiple terminals as before, when using tt . auction and storage to move loot or selling items. terminal closes when...
  9. Macce

    Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes

    waste of developingmoney for this changes, alot of other stuff could have been fixed.
  10. Macce

    Mindark, make us happy NOW!

    Since global trade channels introduced caly auction has gone from up to 1500 auction pages to 7-800 on average , A ton of auction fees must be missing from MA pocket and loot pool, since pvp trades via trade channels has taken that marketshare Let shops/shopkeepers be usable again, let them...
  11. Macce

    Choka baybee!!!

    Why! arent the master of all bugs n glitches already working for the company!
  12. Macce

    Looking for a new laptop, GTX960M 4gb or GTX970M 3gb, your experience?

    Yo, im back again! Bought an MSI gt72 6qd heroes with gtx970 3gb and i7-6700HQ 8gb ram. runs at 60-70fps at balanced mode on grid windowed 1600*1024. all settings maxed. runs at 30fps at balanced mode on battery windowed 1600*1024. all settings maxed ~1,5 hours battery system says...
  13. Macce

    Looking for a new laptop, GTX960M 4gb or GTX970M 3gb, your experience?

    Ordered a Msi GT72 6QD DOMINATOR G with additional ram, total 16gb and gtx 970M 3Gb Will come back with fps rates.
  14. Macce

    Looking for a new laptop, GTX960M 4gb or GTX970M 3gb, your experience?

    I havnt seen clevo or sager around in swedish shops yet. im primary looking at atm
  15. Macce

    Looking for a new laptop, GTX960M 4gb or GTX970M 3gb, your experience?

    Hey im looking into a new laptop. Im considering a MSI GE72 (Apache pro) with i7 and nvidia GTX970M 3GB. Now i wonder if this is overkill to run EU on? Framerates to share? Anyone have frame rates on a laptop with i5 and GTX960M 4gb to share? like this: Acer Aspire VN7-792G. Previous i had 2...
  16. Macce

    Shop Register & Delivery Service

    could be the end for all shops...
  17. Macce

    Shop Register & Delivery Service

    what i recall shop tax used to be better than auction fee? any way there shouldnt be fee+fee in my suggestion, my suggestion is to make it slighly better to own a shop with the ability to list items in shop on auction then just use the auction. When i owned a shop i was in the begining...
  18. Macce

    Shop Register & Delivery Service

    I think shop/booth/shopkeeper owners should have an option to list their items in auction, with monthly fee introduced again. And add delivery options to that. This would make the trading thrive and prosper again, give an extra edge to the ppl that invest in shops.
  19. Macce

    Buy item in webshop with ped

    Money spent on the boxes goes directly into MA:s bank account, exept for the tt value... Money isnt going ingame and is forever lost to Ma:s salarys and profits i think, a way for MA to increase its profits
  20. Macce

    FYI: Transport system bug

    well all i can say im also on their ignore list and no loot chart, since ive experiened a bug about a year ago, bug was reproduced and shown in a a screenshot and still no answer, they just fixed it (numbers and no answer)and kept thier mouth shut. ive been temted to blow it open many times in...
  21. Macce

    CLD Estate Plots

    yea, if no tp, will it turn ghost settlements like corinth beach and other places?
  22. Macce

    CLD Estate Plots

    And will there be a tp in the settlements?
  23. Macce

    GoPro published my video!

    Very nice! Gratz
  24. Macce

    Entropia took the fun out of my computer games

    Same for me, today is my 9th birthday in eu. Remember i heard about EU on radio when i drove home from work a late evening, i think it was Skalman on an interview. Downloaded when i got home and havnt played many other games since.
  25. Macce

    VTOL hunting exploit debate

    Its just sad that the comunity(Lynchmoob) decides whats an exploit or not, Ma is clearly aware of the issue and has done nothing about it. And its brought up again again, not everyone read the forums. If MA considers this as an exploit they need to warn ingame or produce new code Until then its...