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  1. Priest

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

  2. Priest

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    Great tune when flying around in space looking for glory.
  3. Priest

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    I love silly! great for the kids!
  4. Priest

    Post your avatar

  5. Priest

    Info: Space 2017

    sometimes i feel too like this is the direction MA is going. it certainly feels like it. but that is unfortunate. i would hate to see entropia just become a casino.... its nearly there tho...
  6. Priest

    Info: Space 2017

    also instead of fighting about what MA should give us. lets start getting angry at MA for blatantly leaching from the system. like the recent addition of the colored jumpsuits. no one but MA benefits from it. professional tailors arent benefiting from it. money is going straight to MA. no...
  7. Priest

    Info: Space 2017

    also like i see Missile pods on my quad wing i would really like to see become functional :P
  8. Priest

    Info: Space 2017

    Yeah i would greatly like to see some updates to space. i dont think just a iron mission would cut it tho. like others said there should be a big update including new ships, missions, features (space mining) i like big daddy's idea of transport missions. instead of people paying MA a direct fee...
  9. Priest

    Info: Gift List

    2016 Rocktropia Halloween - Thriller Zombie Statue & Thriller Zombie Figurine
  10. Priest

    I can't log into the game because EU doesn't want to send me a reader device

    I was having similar problems, I removed the tiny screws from the back of the reader, the reader then comes apart. Inside are tho medal contacts that touch to the card chip, Polish those off with a rough surfaces material. Inside are two batteries, can can switch them sides as well. Or replace...
  11. Priest

    Question: Suggestion for a noob looking into the Makeup profession?

    Come add me game, IL help you out with a starter kit, and give you your first job/commission Pardot Priest Kynes
  12. Priest

    Looking for Make-up artist, for custom mask Design

    I beleive that is why I posted here, I tried contacting her and she is on a break, Due to popular demand, she has been working a lot at it and needs a break. I forgot to mention, I tried contacting a few already but they are on hiatus...
  13. Priest

    Show us ya face!

    Hey wow good to see u bro.
  14. Priest

    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    One of my favorite bands, my goto tunes for hunting ^^
  15. Priest

    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    Add me to the list as well please. Space needs a major update
  16. Priest

    Show us ya face!

    redundant deleted :P
  17. Priest

    Show us ya face!

    we also have a Seneca for training.
  18. Priest

    Show us ya face!

    hey Narfi, i live near you bro. im over in the Yukon o7
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    Show us ya face!

    close.... piper chieftain
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    Show us ya face!

  21. Priest

    Selling: A103 Amp

    Selling A103 Amp, pm offers
  22. Priest

    Alice on the Moon

    awesome +rep
  23. Priest

    Selling: Karma Killer Tier 2

    WTS karma Killer Tier 2 for 120 ped
  24. Priest

    Rusty Farming Service

    what is the final value of the product?