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    Selling: [Lion Shin Guards (F)] Under MU

    Wanting to sell these Lion Shin Guards F which is a really decent armor ( not to mention it looks awesome ). TIR is 124/200 (Tier 0), asking atleast TT+900 which i find a nice price for this nice armor (which is also still under the current MU) but, as always, i'm flexible with offers :) Feel...
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    Selling: Hair Stylist Skill Implant

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    Mod2600 service.

    Heya PCF! Been healing for some time now and i thought i'd come self-advertise a little bit here, cause... why not? :P Well i won't keep you busy for too long, here's my msg: Healer For Hire 9% Reload! [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified] At Your Service! (Decay + Tip) @Caly/CP/FOMA Tip could include...
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    Buying: Philosopher's Sword (High Tier)

    Got one thanks.
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    Selling: (SOLD)

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    Selling: Sakura City, Kansha Condos 23E Estate - SOLD

    Selling my Appartment @ Sakura City, Kansha Building Floor 23E The appartment has 120item points, great for storage, an awesome view over a Mars-like landscape and great view on a landgrab fort! Who doesn't like som death 'n destruction when they wake up in the morning? :D Asking SOLD for...
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    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified

    Heya folks! Looking for a mod2600, tier doesn't matter. You can contact me on here or in game :) -King Kian did Got one! Thread can be closed :)
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    Price Check Fast Aid Pack, Improved / Emt Kit Ek. 2600, modified

    Was just wondering what an Imp FAP and a mod2600 are worth these days since the last price check was a bit over a year ago ( for imp atleast ). Thanks in advance :)