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    Question: The future of tier components and (L) gear

    Not sure if this belongs in suggestions or general discussion. But I would like to see some discussion around this. I have been contemplating the current gamplay when it comes to tier components. Given enough time I suspect that the tier components will eventually lose their usefulness when...
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    Suggestion: New type of armor enhancer

    Hello I want to suggest a new type of armor enhancer. Behold the "Armor Offence Enhancer". The way it works is simple. Strap these in the empty sockets on your armor, equip a trigger as your weapon and when you are close to a mob you press the trigger. What happens next is that you explode...
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    Question: Creature attributes

    Hello Mindark Thank you for the AMA. I have a question about the attributes on creatures. We all know that Stamina*10 is the HP of the creature. What function do the other attributes have?