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    How much have you deposited this year? Any HOF's ...?

    Deposited around 13.000 ped (lost more) and my best global is 200 ped this year... it s great.
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    Help: What to do.

    don't worry it s nice haircut, army style
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    Help: What to do.

    And me, i am just laughing ...because that s months/years we told you, But you keep asserting you fantasy 90% return, based out on nothing. then "we" told you is just economic bubble, reply = "ah you want to see the game dead, blablabla" And now you lose everything, as most people did for...
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    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    But idk, with MU,etc, that does not reflect real loot
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    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    " understand that people will be jealous of Smilgs getting profits if they are losing." Not at all ! Actually i have you as friend on EntropiaLife for years, and i am often surprised that you don't loot more.
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    I thought I had an idea about how this all works until I saw the 5700 Ped Armax Bull Mature

    sure the guy who kill 10k with 10.000 ped has more chances than who kill 7000 for same price, but that s all
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    I thought I had an idea about how this all works until I saw the 5700 Ped Armax Bull Mature

    But they say avatar actions are not tracked There is no such thing as a "personal lootpool" for individual avatars, and there is no system in place which tracks each avatar's returns over time, or which provides compensation to individual avatars. As a result, long-term results in Entropia...
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    I thought I had an idea about how this all works until I saw the 5700 Ped Armax Bull Mature

    if you hit 5000x multiplier, evey pec give more ped
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    Take the money, not the player

    that does look like it, people deposit, play 3 to 9 days (depending on their activity) and that's it ! see ya next month (s...) ! Look at tracker,etc , it s obvious. sure, there is the base of few dozens (hundreds) people, but outside of it.... people play only a few days each months, and/or...
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    How long could I deposit 100$, before I need to start spending more.

    Why would you deposit 100$ every month ? the goal is to pay forever now? "Real cash economy", normally economy goes both ways , hey
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    Why MA can set up any price for an hour of gaming and you will pay them?

    "actually give you skills which you can sell later if you ever quit " Sure ! ESI are sold at ~1200%+ for no reason ! (who is selling skillls ? why ESI seller takes so many %% ?) And everytime it s the same, there are only low value ESI , and nowhere near enough to chip out. Then if chip is too...
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    Question: Is the market still active enough to be a successful trader?

    Well, if you look at "market value" , there is still a lot of stuff being traded daily/weekly. I am not a trader but i think it may be possible to earn a bit here and there.
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    FYI: Pending withdraw 4 month today. (28 november)

    It took 3 months for 9000 ped, so i guess that' s the delay, 3-4 months.
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    Changing the EP4 BP

    There must be a reason if they introduced that BP. Before it,most of the crafting was done on useless stuff anyway. (and gone to TT) And hunters too loot tons of sharpnel,and other stuff that never sell. And mining activity is somewhat low too. if thoses EP crafters were mining or hunting ...
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    A Strange Game. The Only Winning Move is Not to Play

    People are funny ... when you are stuck with 50% return on almost everything for days, i would like to know what the player should do ? stop playing, that's it ! On the other side the player can "win" from 500$ to 1000$ in five seconds , so all of this is a joke, of course you need to Hof to...
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    explosive bps unbalanced and needs nerf

    fffffff I can't understand why they added theses BP. Players are crafting from TT, selling to TT (No auction fees or % is ever payed to anyone) So, what about supply and demand ? "economy" ?(lol) and then What are they getting "payed" for ? (not selling or buying anything except for one BP)...
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    Maturity and global ?

    yea now there 's not a lot of market activity on common goods, nearly back to ~ 2007, early 2008 levels (if numbers displayed are right) .... that, and CLd, and partners...and vets, and freebies, etc, but overall it's disappointing, every "win" have been capped , while cost remain the same for...
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    Maturity and global ?

    0)Overall it seems globals have been seriously "capped" ... because i see no more big globals on low-mid level monsters. but, is it capped by species ? or is it still somewhat based on hp ? Some species just doesn't seem able to global big, even if higher maturity can reach better amount of HP...
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    Question: Knowledge,etc...

    As i read everywhere that people don't understand how to play this game, that it is not luck based, etc,etc... (to summarize: you are a noob!) On the other hand people are giving advice on "how to play" .... like they know more than others....SO! Do any of you ever knew why he globaled 5000+...
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    We have a problem - let's solve it!

    " people thinking this is a scam (as in this example) and just generally being misinformed about Entropia (if informed at all)" Yea, but nobody is willing to share info,and nobody seems to know for sure how the game works. Support can't give any information.. (they told me :"At low level play...
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    Info: Tell me your thoughts on the loot cap.

    I remember few years ago combibo young used to drop ~2.000 ped once or twice a week... :cool: I was lucky to hit 22k ped atrox old in 2011... now i doubt it s possible, 2k on low maturity atrox seems a big global. About the 330.000 ped mulmun, this page from "Monria" say: "Large loots such...
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    Tired of the Whining - - - Design Your Loot Algorithm

    If the players don't loose their peds constantly, it cannot work. But i have too the feeling there is a small problem with newcommers(they have to learn the game, enjoy, not "pay" for others) , and a problem with veterans.( or big depositers) It's like a small crew is getting most of the...
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    keep going?

    hello, I am playing entropia for some time, lv 25 laser rifle, 22 electronic crafter, 9 ore mining are my highest i have deposited many times(around 2000$+ i think), but still i don't see big improvement in what i am doing =/ i would like advice from more experienced players; doess it worth...