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    Hi kinda looking for a hunting ground LA

    Hi, kinda looking for a hunting ground LA a pvp one is fine as log as folks aint pking me all the time. Looking for one with a mob real close to it and not too far a walk to text TP. Any inputs. I found a nice LA full of mobs in route to omegaton west but if i go there I'll have to be resucued...
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    Stuck Need aTP Chip

    Anyone bored if so let me know here first so ill log back on if not no biggie if i had a tp chip portable teleporter thing or what ever i would be fine.
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    Noob craft info needed Thanks

    Is there any blue print goal I can work towards that where I take a 01 blue print quality and work it up to 100 that when i made 1000 attemps and sell to npc I can make a profit. Right now for every 1,500 or so jesters I loose about 480 ped or abuots that. my jester blue print quality is now 50...
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    I dont understand my crafting global

    I just got a grafting global trumphant and i saw it written or read it as it was in the chat area. It said I produced a Jester D1 worth 84 ped yet it only sells for 4.5 ped or abouts nothing is special about the one i made that would indicate it is worth 84 Ped only thing differnt is its perfect...
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    I could never find Main Complex

    Im still in there in a control room I cant find the malls. Is it disabled to new players. Not looking for any refund I do some mining there and got a my first global there 90 ped for a noob aint bad. But I really want to check out the mall at Main complex. when I goto the TP thing north or...
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    WTB PFD 4k PFD I pay 10 ped each

    Prefer 4k blocks or larger looking to buy about 10 to 15 blocks. I'll be gone around Oct 01 for about 1 month. I work off shore. Honest note: 4k PFD might be worth a little more but I buy now. Take care, thanks. :):yay:
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    With 1 year premium can i change Avatar

    Hi thinking about going premium If I do can I change my Avatars name. 1st account I cancelled told MA/EU I kinda thought with an acount you drop your avatar at anytime and make a new one. Well your account can only have 1 toon and it can't be dropped. I downloaded your client guessing it works...
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    Whats the smallest Cheapest LA sell for

    Just curious what the lowest priced LA goes for or has in the past sold for at auction or in post furom post.
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    Hi, Looking for Rifle Info

    Been using the starter opallomate the one you buy off npc trade. whats like the next three levels of guns that are recommended. I kinda want 2 differrent lists if its ok 1 list would be must have skill increase bonus/ the other list maybe looking for pure power or maybe pure cost effective...
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    Does Trumphant Sound Mean HOF

    I got a load sound like a trumphant (probable not speeling it right) sorta like music/band It was a 90 ped worth of the green barrel things with noob gear anti matter stuffs i think it was oil like 9,000 plus. Gow do i see it I look at the HOF 24 hours and lowest hof is like 130 peds worth give...
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    Does Unlimited mean no decay?

    Just curious
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    Looking For CND

    I heard Club Never Die was on an asteroid. So from Port Atlantis I paid 25 togo the asteroid but I can find it I see like 5 Bio Domes and like s bunch of north and south asteroids. Signed Lost. Also I wanna got CMD cause it sounds popular. Can a noob kill anything there. I still wanna go...
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    Hi I'm looking for a Noob friendly Society

    And lol :yay: I ask a LOT of questions. but most everyone ok Everyone seems very friendly and informative in here. yall awsum
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    Apartment Blues / Apartement Decay

    OK I finally got enough ped to fairly enjoy the game. Now I know i dont got enough for a fee free house or home or whatever but i can afford a 10 - 40 ped monthly fee kinda prefer a 10 ped though :) But all the apartemnts and mall places are taken or empty and taken. Seems like without paying...
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    How far away is Beta West From Port Atlantis

    anyone know
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    Has Anyone [LINK REMOVED]

    Just curious if anyone in here has tried them. They sell PED. I donno if they are gonna have fees tied to them. I contacted them they said they get thier next stock in about 3 days from now. 200 ped is 18.02 USD. i dont know why they are: {DELETED} Just not shure what .cc means. Im not gonna...
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    Do any ingame banks sell ped (no inter fees)

    Do any ingame banks have plans to work with MA to where ingame banks can have their own website making it easier to buy PED with no international fees I got charged 10 percent by my bank as internatioal fee another 3.5 percent on my 1st order.
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    Is there anyway to buy ped via paypal

    Would prefer american based seller My bank charged me 10 percent and then there was like a 3.5 fee on top of that.
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    I dont understand Entropia Tracker

    When I log in I can see who all is online and check thier stats and stuff and it shows I'm online all the other characters have show avatar next to thier name except for me. I even downloaded their client. and logged in with my API. after i log in it shows my toon name and gives me some options...
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    Non Rifle skills that help killing w/Rifle

    Hi this is what ive found so far I think its correct unless i reading it wrong. When killing I think health is nice to have Strength can help give Health skills for Strength: Knife/Club/Sword. I think its like 1 health point per 40 levels of strength Combat relexes are good for rifle and yes...
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    Hi looking for skill mechanics website

    Hi (yall guys are great BTW awsum) I'm looking for a mechanics website I mean like If you use a long blade it affects skills this this and this If you use a gun it affects skills this this and this. I heard a long blade hepls you get hit points faster I heard some skills need to be unlocked and...
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    Is one name on new toon possible.

    When you create a toon is there a way to only have one name seems like it wont let me.
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    Why cant i participate in EFD weekly raffle

    I got 300 EFD things and i cant even buy 1 ticket i tried leaving it on 0 and i also tried making the quantiy of tickets i want to buy as 1. a few days ago it worked fine.
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    PFD Raffle

    Are PFD raffles allowed to be made by members? Heck for that matter Are PED raffles allowed to be made by members and posted in here? Just thought I would ask.
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    Is there a way to change my game name?

    I think when I made my accnt it made me have three names I prefer 1 Name or a full name change. willing to pay ped for name change service.