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  1. Mack Walker

    Uber: 24697 Ospra XXIII

    Well done for the HOF mate! Hope you could get some of the investment back with it! ;) See ya
  2. Mack Walker

    Selling: S.i. Hk110

    The good old S.I. HK110 For TT+35peds. Search for John Mack Walker ingame.
  3. Mack Walker

    Sweating Support Initiative l BIG Industries

    Congratulations for event! Everything went more or less right! (It is expected some minor incidents in an event of this magnitude and nature). I liked the SWEAT SEEK and EASTER EGGS parts of event. Could not get very well with the TRIVIA part, too many fast typers! lol! Hope we see other...
  4. Mack Walker

    How to Compare Weapons for economy and pick the best weapon for you.

    Whats best OPALO or OZPYN S1X1? According to numbers OZPYN seems better, but is it really?
  5. Mack Walker

    Too many think this game is just about gambling.

    Well, I created my avatar back in 2003, with some pauses along the years I came a long way in the game. I can say that its true the game is not "only" about gambling, but its sure "mostly" about gambling. Still the players can minimize losses, although in the end, if you dont global/hof you...
  6. Mack Walker

    Buying: Buying S.I. HK110

    Hello, I could sell mine for TT+40. (Price not negotiable). See ya
  7. Mack Walker

    Selling: Random Stuff from Storage

    I might want 1 item or 2, I requested friendship in-game. See ya!
  8. Mack Walker

    Question: Does Sweat Gatherer Skill affect sweat pull per try

    Interesting responses. I hope the sweat gather skill does more than just show numbers. It really should do links more frequent, event if just a slight bit.
  9. Mack Walker

    Most efficient vehicle

    I think overral the best is spear mk2. Good performance and low fuel consumption.
  10. Mack Walker

    Cyrene Fap Mission: i did it - here my "short" story

    They drop in waves man, waves. good luck took me 4 days to get all 200 bones.
  11. Mack Walker

    Good Weapons

    The HK110 is still a good weapon? I know its not being sold anymore, but its low damage and ammo burn are great (consider the training for laser rifle).
  12. Mack Walker

    Cyrene Fap Mission: i did it - here my "short" story

    Doing the mission now. Works as you guys said. There is a small drop window to get the bones. So, I suggest that when you see the items dropping switch to a strong weapon to take most HP of the dragon and then use a finnisher. Thats the ECO way I found.
  13. Mack Walker

    Areas to group sweat?

    In Arkadia, its the Quarry outpost.
  14. Mack Walker

    New to game and needing help

    Checkout Youtube for some great begginers guides! Hot tip!
  15. Mack Walker

    Cyrene Fap Mission: i did it - here my "short" story

    Helpful thread!! Anyone got additional tips for getting the bones and bones-in meat? Impressive how some people finished the mission chain without loosing much money. Thanks for helping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!