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    Selling: Restoration Chip Adjusted and Omegaton A106

    Hi, I have Restoration Chip Adjusted (TT+4850 PED) and A106 (TT+1300 PED) for sell. I'm waiting for reasonable offers. Chip sold! Amp sold!
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    Selling: Items sale-out (reasonable prices only) Arsonistic Chip, Castorian Combat Mace MK.I and MK.III, Gremlin M Set, Pixie Adj M

    Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition Tier 4.9 Sold! I can sell you cheap skills if you need them to use chip. Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I (Tier 5.5) Sold! Recommended level: 19 Nice for skilling and also quite strong. I can sell you cheap skills if you need them to use clubs. Castorian...
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    Buying: empty skill implants

    Hi, I'm looking for ESI for 870%. Up to 150 ped TT, Minimal single ESI TT 18 PED. Regards, Dawid
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    Selling: FFA Mayhem Star 2016

    Hi, I have 9055 points for sell.
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier (VIII, mod VIII, IX or X)

    Hi, I want to replace my trauma VII on a stronger one. I'm waiting for offers. Regards, Dawid
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    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    Hi I'm looking for Small Chadriak Mushroom up to 75. Price 47 ped each.
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    Buying: EWE EP-41 Military Adjusted

    Hi I'm looking for EWE EP-41 Military Adjusted. Preferred low tier. I consider only bids below 4k ped. Regards, Dawid
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    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I / Adjusted Embra Laser Sword C1 / Melee Trauma Amplifier VI

    Castorian Combat Mace Mk. I (Tier 5.5) BO: TT+1400 PED Recommended level: 19 Nice for skilling and also quite strong. Adjusted Embra Laser Sword C1 (Tier 4.4) BO: SOLD Recommended level: 7 This is GREAT weapon for skilling! Melee Trauma Amplifier VI BO: SOLD...
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    Selling: Three parts of Earth Shock Trooper

    Hi I have three parts of Earth Shock Trooper for sale. Earth Shock Trooper Arm-Guards (M,L) TT 48 PED Earth Shock Trooper Gloves (M,L) TT 26,96 PED Earth Shock Trooper Foot-Guards (M,L) TT 26,94 PED SB 1020 PED (~1k%) BO 2550 PED (~2,5k%) Auction will be ended two days after last bid...
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier VII or VIII

    I'm looking for Melee Trauma Amplifier VII or VIII. I'm waiting for reasonable offers.
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    Buying: Castorian Combat Mace MK. II or III

    I'm looking for Castorian Combat Mace MK. II or III.
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    Question: Error code 36

    Hi Four days ago I got strange error. When I killed Yulebot at Solo 3 I looted radiant star. I should get 1k points and 500 ped ammo (change from ~4,5k to ~5,5k points), but system displayed error and don't give me points and ammo. I have this star in my inventory, but I don't have points...
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    Buying: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

    I'm looking for Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition. I don't care about tiers. In this week I saw on auction one with tier 4 for tt+6,7k and no one wanted to buy it. I'm waiting for similar or cheeper offers.
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    Selling: Selling skills for TT

    My friend want to sell skills for tt value. I write instead of him because he doesn't have account on entropiaforum. Skills: Laser Weaponry 400 TT Handgun 300 TT Antomy 300 TT RDA Skill 200 TT Marksmanship 200 TT You bring esi and peds and You get implant with choosen skill. Please contact...
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    Buying: Loughlin Masher One or Two

    I'm looking for Loughlin Masher One or Two. It could be also Force Mace Assail.
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (M,L - 5 parts)

    I have to sell 5 parts of Earth Shock Trooper (M,L) at 230% Earth Shock Trooper Arm-Guards (M,L) - 44,84 PED Earth Shock Trooper Harness (M,L) - 61,07 PED Earth Shock Trooper Helmet (M,L) - 39,56 PED Earth Shock Trooper Shin-Guards (M,L) - 41,76 PED Earth Shock Trooper Thigh-Guards (M,L) - 44,9...
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    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier (tier 3.5) and Omegaton A106

    I have to sell EWE LC-100 Frontier (gun is ready for upgrade to tier 4) and A106 amplifier. This is very good set for for mid level hunters. With EWE LC-100 Frontier and A106 You have dmg/pec 2.951 and dps 40,03 With...
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    Buying: Buying unlimited melee weapon around requirement level 20

    Buying unlimited melee weapon around requirement level 20 (+- 4 levels).
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    Buying: Gremlin (M)

    I'm looking for Gremlin (M) at tt+135
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    Buying: MANTA K-3 Smuggler and trauma III (or similar)

    I'm looking for MANTA K-3 Smuggler and trauma III or similar weapon (MAKO FAL-3 Smuggler for example - i know that is longblade). I'm waiting for offer.
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    Selling: Nemesis full set M (mixed tier I-III)

    I have full set of Nemesis for sale. SB: TT+800 BO: TT+1100 I can also accept: - gremlin (M) at tt+120 - plates 5B at tt+40 - MANTA K-3 Smuggler or MAKO FAL-3 Smuggler or similar Current TT (could be change): 196,88 ped Nemesis Arm Guards (M) - tier 3.2 Nemesis Foot Guards (M) - tier...
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    Selling: Ares ring improved

    I have Ares Ring Improved for sell. Price: 6,5k ped This avesome ring can save a lot of Your money!!! This ring incrace: - Your chance to get a critical hit from 2,0 to 2,6% - power of Your Critical hits by 8% - damage per second by 8% For example if You have Isis LC-55 with Omegaton...
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    Info: Lookinf for disciples

    If You are new and You are not afraid to do some deposit to the game, then I can explain You rules of this game. I'm in game since 2007 year and I can teach You hunting, mining, crafting and trading. First thing that You must understand is that the game is expensive especially at the beginning...
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    Selling: Selling pills and pets

    I have pills and pets to sell. I'm waiting for offers. Name - Quantity Loot Collection Pill - 2 Loot Collection Pill Adjusted - 24 Mei Hua Quan Pet - 1 Mei Hua Quan Pet - 1 Neurostim-A - 6 Neurostim-B - 8 Neurostim-C - 1 Neurostim-H - 42 Neurostim-H - 1 Neurostim-X - 1 Neurostim-X2 - 1...
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    Buying: Nemesis tt+550 (m) ul

    I want to buy full set NEMESIS (M) UL at TT+550.