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    Melee Amp calculation for DPP

    Hello Friendly Forum Warriors, I am hoping to find somewhere that calculates DPP for melee with amps. Yes, I know I can work out the average if maxed etc using the maths. I also would like something as easy as Entropedia, but not sure if it does or does not exist. Any ideas? Thanks, Ahrotahn
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    Selling: [Tripudion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)] with 73 uses

    Hello folks, Just looted this today crafting, so thought I would post it on the forums. [Tripudion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)] - 73 uses PM me here or in game. Thank You, Ahrotahn
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    Buying: Looking for Rancher Hat (M)

    Hi, Looking for Rancher Hat (M). Ideally black, but will also purchase raw and have colored. Pm me here or in game =) Thanks, Ahrotahn
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    Looking for Colorist/Texturist & Tailor for Black items

    Hello Tailors, Colorists, and Texturists! I am in need of black color/texture to be applied to an Elder Coat (M). I am also looking for a Tailor that can make or already has a Rancher Hat (M). I have a client that would like to try the hat and likely also color/texture it to be black. Current...