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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    Ah, thanks. I haven't actually tested the download thingy myself :duh: I'll be adding a download link to the library today. EDIT: Done!
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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    Thanks for the good feedback, ACEwoK! I might actually use you as a proof reader later on, I agree that spelling is a a must :) I like the competition idea. Actually I've been thinking about doing some competitions, but it's still a work in progress. And for the reviews; the next issue will...
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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    Thank you, ACEwok ! Hope the community will keep providing me with feedback so I can make the magazine better and the readers reading :)
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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    I think someone else posted these by now, but here they are anyway :)
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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    Actually there is a pdf for the paper. When you open the magazine there should be a download link at the bottom right of the screen. Hope it works ;) Thank you everyone for the comments!
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    "The Eudorian Times" - eMagazine Preview issue available!

    The Eudorian Times - Your Guide to Planet Calypso... My sparetime project called "The Eudorian Times" has now opened it's doors to the public. The project is an eMagazine and it's here to cover news and happenings on planet Calypso. In each number we will be...
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    Vehicle Parts list and info

    Silly you ^^
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    Zychion Statue Theory

    You got too much time on your hands, Maria ^^
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    Furniture : Kitchen drawer

    When trying to place an item on kitchen drawer it tries to put it inside the drawer (wrong elevation). Also many, if not all, kitchen furniture can be ran through (doesnt block your movement). Kitchen bar, kitchen drawer and kitchen sink atleast. - Mike zewrac Crosshill
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    Uber: NBK Rolling over Prots

    Go NBK! :yay:
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    Looking for a furniture Shop

    I have a plan of making one but it's still a good month away from happening! Stay tuned though :) But 'til then you gotta use something else. :P
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    HELP Can not Ptach 10.7.1

    Not knowing if you installed on drive C or something else, but atleast I had the issue of running out of space in drive C when I was installing on drive E. So it's probably a good idea to see if you have space on drive C aswell.
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    NBK - Now Recruiting On All Levels

    So... if I wanted to join NBK, can I just apply at a terminal for Legion or Army? :o Or Squadron, I'm a bit over 15k with my skills I believe.. Liked the NBK website btw, done with a good taste :)
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    WOW! A lot has changed if three years!

    Hehe, yea, indeed a lot has changed. I've been more / less active in the past two or three months now, but before that I think I quit when PE went gold in... 2003? :P I was a betatester on beta 3, and hanged on till the release, which might have been the most horrible release ever. But now...
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    Kimmi`s Beauty Parlor. Promotion Offer!!!! 30days with free haircuts!!!

    woot, I'd actually need my hair a bit taller, since I don't have any at the moment. Can you make me some hair? :P
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    What do you want to see in the Lost Library?

    No furniture bps on the poll? :/