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    Buying: Tier 0 Corrosive attack nanochip I

    Emphasis on tier 0. I don't need it tiered I need it for personal use. Contact me In game: Blink321
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    What would happen if sweat market got totaly smashed?

    Like price would go as low as 0.5ped/k. Outside of ruining game for most newbies(at current caly prices I already consider it ruined for them), what other consequences there would be?
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    Buying: Unadjusted Maddox IV

    Or someone who can craft one. Contact me ingame: Bruno Blink Schullery
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    Is there a player with lvl 100 in SG profession?

    What title says. My ultimate goal is to archieve lvl 100 SG and be the first to do so, since I cant find any official data of it being done, but one of my soc mates keeps telling me it has already been done several times. Can anyone confirm?
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    How the hell is eco calculated?

    Ok does amount of shots weapon is capable of is not included in this calculation? I have noticed a CONSIDERABLE difference in numbers between a TT weapon and a beginner looted one. According to entropedia: Herman CAP-TT: 2.891 dmg/pec 14551 shots! (possible to use 1,717,018 weapon cells before...
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    Rings starting to decay?

    Just noticed that my adjusted Aeglic ring has decayed by 4pec.
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    Newbies swunting log of calypso

    Since Marie Elf Woodell stopped posting Swunty is left without any competition.I'm swunting sabakumas anyway for some time now, so lets see if a newbie like me can get close to a veteran like Swunty. Goals- Either 10 Aud,20 Sweat gatherer or 10 evader archieved Current stats: Bankroll:9.20...
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    Question about mentoring and propably searching for a mentor

    Hello everyone I am having a little issue here. I haven't played this game for 7-8 months but decided in the end I realy like it. Now I don't realy think I NEED a mentor because I believe I have covered the basic knowledge of the game by myself and with the help of my previous mentor. I may be...
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    So now that Royal Club is nearly dead again

    Its great place to sweat again! Same for Nea's. Any chance of splitting the sweating crowd to one of the mentioned areas?