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  1. KiriMistPrinces

    Uber: 37k noob hof

    Coming out of hiding to give you a big congrats!
  2. KiriMistPrinces

    Developer Notes #11 - Loot 2.0

    Sounds like it may be worth playing again
  3. KiriMistPrinces

    EU it's Down ?

    Thanks for making us share in your curse! Now I can't lose money before I go work for the day! :smash:
  4. KiriMistPrinces

    How come Entropia is not more popular?

    This isn't a typical MMO. Most of the cookie cutter MMOs now have the same formula. Free to play > Cash shop for nifty looking items and clothing that sometimes give you an edge over the competition but not really anymore > a story with missions that fit in the story line > an end game > level...
  5. KiriMistPrinces

    EU it's Down ?

    Seems like it's a social experiment and we're the rats in the cage following the changing lights.
  6. KiriMistPrinces

    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    Five :beerchug::beerchug:
  7. KiriMistPrinces

    EU it's Down ?

    It shows green when clicking on the support news tab.
  8. KiriMistPrinces

    What would I have looted from this if I had ammo?

    I'd have shot it
  9. KiriMistPrinces

    The Core - Robot Mayhem #1

    Another mayhem...:confused: Kind of losing their appeal.
  10. KiriMistPrinces

    Info: Highest Known Psyche in Entropia (New List)

    Not much improvement. I haven't played much the past year up until about 2 months ago. Haven't been doing much MF since then either :dunce:
  11. Attributes


  12. KiriMistPrinces

    Rare Item: Hair Stylist Chair

    Haven't really had anything worth posting in a while as far as loots go but I thought this was kind of neat on my hunt this evening :beerchug:
  13. Hair Stylist Chair

    Hair Stylist Chair

  14. KiriMistPrinces

    team target should last only 15 to 20 seconds

    I don't see an issue with setting team targets but the target should be cleared upon the death of an avatar.
  15. KiriMistPrinces

    Pirates Vs. Entropians?

    Wish I knew this was happening and that I wasn't at work when it happened. Oh well, maybe some other time.
  16. KiriMistPrinces

    2 quick easy fixes to pvp

    Better avatar animations that didn't get all screwed up when jumping would make pvp more viable as well. Not sure when the change happened when avatars jumped but in the old VU9 and even in VU10 we didn't have the issues we have now when avatars jumped around.
  17. KiriMistPrinces

    orthos riggers attack big rig!

    Big rig and noob rig? They're both noob rigs, MA made sure of that a long time ago...standing around waiting to get maybe 2 ped in 30 mins? I'd rather :sweat:
  18. KiriMistPrinces

    Social Psychology in Game, A disturbing observation.

    Or you just talk way too much and people don't have the time or the capacity to converse with you...I started reading the first few paragraphs, scrolled to see how long the post was and stopped reading.
  19. KiriMistPrinces

    Inside info? The sky falling?

    Ok there's too much bullshit to bother reading in this thread. (3 pages in and it's all the same shit) My honest opinion is this: 1) Who cares about the state of the union address? Seriously, hardly half the things they list do they ever complete on time or at all. If they released a plan...
  20. KiriMistPrinces

    Do you think its rude to scan people?

    I used to ask prior to scanning, since I sometimes go a few months without playing any more though I usually see armor and things I've never seen before so I scan without asking just to look at new items.
  21. KiriMistPrinces

    MA taking our skills?

    I've taken 6-8 months off at a time with no loss...sounds like you're talking to someone who can't add properly.
  22. KiriMistPrinces

    PVP4 - legal or illegal?

    Seems like someone starts a thread like this at least once every year about whether or not PvP4 is legal or illegal... If you don't want to be looted don't pay the shot and hunt/mine in lootable.
  23. KiriMistPrinces

    Whatever price I pay for gas, you pay for tax. OLA #46

    Just saw this, pretty cool idea :thumbup: Cheapest around here where I live in south Florida is $3.39/gal
  24. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Dante

    :beerchug: B U M P :beerchug:
  25. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Dante

    :beerchug: B U M P :beerchug: