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  1. KiriMistPrinces

    Rare Item: Hair Stylist Chair

    Haven't really had anything worth posting in a while as far as loots go but I thought this was kind of neat on my hunt this evening :beerchug:
  2. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Dante

    Pretty self explanatory, selling one of my two dante amps. Min: +1.9k BO: +2.1k Not really in any rush to sell so don't bother sending lower offers.
  3. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip II (UL)

    20 ped Full TT. Taking offers. This is not an auction or anything silly like that. If I find an offer to my liking I will let the chip go.
  4. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip II (UL)

    20 ped Full TT. Taking offers. This is not an auction or anything silly like that. If I find an offer to my liking I will let the chip go.
  5. KiriMistPrinces

    Buying: UL Nano - Cryo/Electric DMG Type

    Looking to buy a Cryogenic and an Electric type UL Nano (Kinetic/Lacerating...whatever...just the DMG type is what I'm interested in, doesn't matter what the name on the chip is). Level I to III. If you have one you are interested in selling please PM/Reply.
  6. KiriMistPrinces

    Achievement: Mindforce Harmony

    All I can say is, finally! All my cryo skilling was done without chipping in :)
  7. KiriMistPrinces

    WoF 2012 - Team USA Support!

    Hey everyone! For those interested in joining the Support Hunting groups for Team USA this year that Do Not already have access to our private group, please reply/PM me and I will get you access to our group :) I will be coordinating support groups and would like to get things organized before...
  8. KiriMistPrinces

    This is a person that people look up to?

    Normally this is not something I would do but honestly, in 4 years of EU I have never met anyone with the nerve to make a comment like this to me or anyone else that I have known in game. This is a person who's society member's hold him in such high regard? I hope this helps those see why so...
  9. KiriMistPrinces

    Achievement: 200k+ Skills

    Long time coming but finally hit the 200k mark. Account was created in Aug. 2008, took almost 1.5 years off of the game total during the course of play. Now back to working on my MF Harmony unlock and then on to commando and kill strike :smoke: Skill Scanner Stats: Total=200027 Attributes,416...
  10. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Trading Hunter Face Guard ME (F)

    Well, now with 2 of my disciples graduated I have 2 Hunter Face Gaurd ME's in my storage. I'm interested in trading one of the face guards for another ME piece of the set. If anyone has duplicate parts or is interested in trading feel free to reply/pm me. Current Hunter (F) ME Items: (5) Face...
  11. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: 73.70 TT Cryogenic Skill Implant

    Selling a nice chunk of Cryogenic skills :yay: Will take a brand new player from 0 to 4067 points :eyecrazy: Montly MV is 3798%, taking offers now! PED trade only, I'm not interested in any items at this moment in time
  12. KiriMistPrinces

    Help: Patch won't execute :/

    Pops up an error saying the patch was not executed correctly then under suggestions says to make sure I have enough diskspace...pretty sure this patch is not over 900GB...any ideas? :confused:
  13. KiriMistPrinces

    Achievement: All Attributes at 50

    On my road to unlocking MindForce Harmony I've managed to get all my attributes at or level 50 :wtg: Next stop, MindForce Harmony :)
  14. KiriMistPrinces

    Achievement: Avoidance Unlocked

    2 in one night :) Been a while since I've gotten to post in here :wtg: Don't laugh, have to play in safe mode now :(
  15. KiriMistPrinces

    Achievement: Combat Sense Unlocked

    Took a lot longer than planned due to no PC for months but finally got it unlocked tonight :) No screenies :(
  16. KiriMistPrinces

    Network Problems We are currently experiencing network problems. Our ISP is investigating the issue and it will hopefully be resolved soon.
  17. KiriMistPrinces

    Question: Tiering up the Kat. Det

    Hey guys just had a quick question. I was interested in tiering up my Kat. Det but was wondering what mob would be good to minimize as much loss as possible? Not sure what mobs HP wise are good for hunting with the Kat. Det. Thanks for the help. ps...I feel like such a noob again :laugh:
  18. KiriMistPrinces

    HoF: NBK Rolling over Prots part 2

    Not as good as the other one but it was a fun day overall! Let's go NBK :yay:
  19. KiriMistPrinces

    Uber: NBK Rolling over Prots

    Well we started off with 1 and just kept them rolling...taking a break but here is the update after the first 500 odd ped HoF :wtg:
  20. KiriMistPrinces

    HoF: NBK Prot Hof

    Not too bad to start the team hunt :)
  21. KiriMistPrinces

    Uber: 995 Prot with Full TT HL 11(L)

    Well it was my first hunting Prot today and I would have to say it didn't end up to be too bad. Joined up in an NBK Team hunt and ended up HoF'ing on Prots...and no we weren't using opalo's :laugh:
  22. KiriMistPrinces

    Kiri Taking a Flight out of TI

    Not sure how I did it, and I tried to do it again afterwards but I couldn't seem to get it to work again. I was just taking a little swim around to get to some more bristles, was getting a little bored so I started jumping out of the thing you know.. Tried to take a pic inside...
  23. KiriMistPrinces

    TI Servers Down?

    Hmm I would like to continue my hunt but it seems like all the TI servers are down. Anyone else experiencing this or am I the only one with issues? :scratch2:
  24. KiriMistPrinces

    Selling: Ghost (F) No Feet

    Taking any offers on Ghost (F) with no feet :)
  25. KiriMistPrinces

    New Player Event - Run for the CB5

    Well the event was kind of decided on last minute and presented to me by a friend, Peter Buzz VonBerg from Silent Assassins, who asked me to help him out in getting it going. We set out to Swamp Camp with another SaS member (Filth) to gather up some new settlers. We pulled them from the...