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    Selling: All for sale

    For sale: All items placed at AU. All skills can still be bough here. Please be patient as I do not check PF every day. Armor: 7x Mark.5b plates (TT+280?) 7x Mark.2a plates (TT+15?) Full set "Adjusted Pixi (f)" (TT+70?) Weapon: Aakas Fire dagger (Tier 1.9) (TT+240?) a few free accuracy...
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    Selling: unlimited Isis CB19 TIR4.7

    Selling my unlimited CB19. It is at TIR 4.7 and TT is at 2866.69ped SB: TT+3k BO: TT+3.5k Auction starts when SB is met, and will run for 1 week. Only accepting ped offers. thanx // staffas Ingame: Eufrat
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    Uber: unl cutter 3 craft

    a little skilling on Breer P1(L) gave me a couple of nice HOFs: and This second one had a L bp for an unl cutter 3 with 2 clicks left on it. First click was a near sucess. Second click was a sucess!!! :yay: The sword might be for sale, if you are interested drop me a PM.
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    My theory about loot in general

    Warning, a wall of text! Loot theories, how interesting :D My theory is based on what i think would be easy programming and also guarantee that MA does not loose peds, and at the same time explain the 90% returns that most get in the long run. MA creates all items ingame, and they have...
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    Uber: 8k argo :D

    Fun fun hunts :D trying out my new little toy, the unl cb19, I decided to try argo. Im kind of glad that I did :laugh: 837ped 8570ped Not a bad run at all :D :yay::yay::yay: :sniper:
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    HoF: 4.2k Blaus :O

    Holy shit, wtf is going on today. My first tower!!!! Z20 with lvl5 amp again, same amp, same 50 drops that I planed to do! :tower:
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    HoF: 2,2k lyta my biggest mining claim

    WOOOOT! I got tired of hunting, so I decided to go for a short run with my Z20 finder with a lvl5 amp. On the 4th drop i hit this nice lyta: perfect timing, now i got some peds to blast away on the longtooth when/if they get here :yay:
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    Info: Hunting log: Eufrat

    Ingame I am "known" as Eufrat, here on the forum i have used the name of staffas. For those of you that dont know me, I joined Entropia back in 2007 and had a good time skilling up to some kind of high lvl (atleast according to me), but I chipped out during the last year (my last...
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    Buying: CB19 unl

    Hi folks, Im looking to buy an unl cb19 (Link if you are not sure if you have an unl cb19 or not) :) I prefer if it is at TIR0 and low TT, but if yours is TIRed and at full TT and you want to sell it, send me a message and I might be convinced to get it anyway :D get your ped card ready for...
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    Another mining log (this time by Eufrat)

    Ive done some mining lately and thought I should boost my returns with a little log :yay: The plan: Bomb the crap out of the planet! Reporting style: Expences cost: (bombs) + (amp) Decay: (finder, extractor, refiner) Tot cost: Return Found TT: (ped) Found mu: (ped-au fee) Run totals Return...
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    Selling: Skills (not on chip)

    PM or post your offer on what skill, bring your own ESI to the trade. I can provide some ped collatheral if needed. Im looking for around market value for the skills. Theese skills are for sale: Skill Level ESI TT Needed Anatomy...
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    Selling: MF I (L) chips (heal and attack)

    I got some MF chips that want to sell as batches. Batch#1 Regeneration chip I (L) 16 different chips with a total TT of 59.20ped. I am asking for 120%, making it a total of 71ped Batch#2 Kinetic attack chip I (L) 12 different chips with a total TT of 28.58ped. I am asking for 130%, making it...
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    Terrible lag spikes

    Anyone have any sugestions how to fix or atleast reduce this problem? Every 10 minutes or so I get some crazy Lag spikes, where Entropia stops for up to 10 seconds and then resumes. During this time I cannot shoot or fap, but the mobs can still hit me. This started after the Meduza/NI VU. What...
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    Uber: unl adj sk20 from Longtooth

    WWeeeiiii!!!! I found a fun item when trying the loongtooths. Unlimited adjusted Hedoc sk-20. :yay::yay::yay: Back to hunting now :)
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    Discovery: Regeneragion Field Chip I

    My first discovery ever :) Regeneragion Field Chip I Loot window: Stats and HOF screen: Funny funny funny :yay::yay::yay: Edit: It looks fun when it is used too (used by minken due to my lack of skills): Edit2: More pics
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    Uber: Eufrat on Levi, 1k :)

    hehe, this one is so close to not being an Uber that I had to post it just for fun :) 1003ped Leviathan :) (for those of you that dont check the SS it is all adrenalin oil :) ) :yay::yay:
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    Uber: 2036ped Scip with items!

    Went for a small scip hunt with my fapper Demonikos. A few kills ito the hunt we found this baby: Scip provider 2036ped All items, love it :yay: If you are looking for a good fapper: -= Demonikos, Your EU Doctor =-. Demonikos found his unl sk20 btw :D
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    Selling: Embra Laser Sword C1 unl

    Selling my unlimited Embra Laser Sword C1. The sword is at full TT (2972ped) so that you can run straight out and start using it after that you buy it. Entropedia info for Embra C1 Make me an offer I cant refuse :) // Staffas Ingame: Eufrat
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    Question: New soc?

    I am confused. What should I do? where should I go? Should I stay where I am? Should I go somwhere else? My current status is, colonel in EON. A soc where i have a lot of fun, but at the same time I feel like I could offer more to another soc along the way. EON is a great soc, but if I am...
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    HoF: Fresco HOF

    So now it was time for my first 10k+ loot. And what a nice loot :) gun is a limited hl14 at full TT, then there is some oil in there too :)
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    Selling: eMINE PG (M) unlimited armor

    Seems like this armor is not for sale atm, so I place mine on the market. Entropedia info I would call this the perfect step up armor between Ghost and Jaguar/Tiger. Most importantly, it is the best looking armor in EU :) Lets make this an auction. Starting bid: TT+6k BuyOut bid: TT+7k I...
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    A new mission, Swunting

    I have skilled abit since last time I wrote something. Current skills are: Laser pistol hit: 63 Range laser dmg: 60 Evade: 34 Paramedic: 30 I decided to start a new mission: Sweat and swunt my way from 0ped to 100ped (in items and ped value) I do have peds so this is maily a "fun" way to try...
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    Selling: Omegaton M2870 Improved

    Time to resell my i2870 :) I bought this lovely gun a couple of months ago when i thought i would get loads of time to play. But as usual real life slaped me in the face and I now rarely have time to log in anymore. So I am selling the gun for the same price that I bought it for: TT+55k (full...
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    Selling: Eufrats looted items

    to save some Au fees and also provide slightly better prices for the buyer I will keep updating this thread when/if i loot some items that i am selling. PM or thread posts are both good ways to reach me, you can also ask anyone from ~: EON :~ soc to PM me to come and close a deal. Currently...
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    Info: unl item Tier upgrade mini guide

    Alright time for me to provide some info for EF. A mini guide of how to upgrade Tiers with an unl item. 1. You need to use your item untill it reaches Tier 0.9. You do this by using the item that you want to upgrade o a higher Tier. 2. You have now reched minor Tier lvl 0.9 (red 1) and the...