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    Buying: Adjusted A&P Series Hero

    As topic dictates, offtopic discussion is kindly discouraged. Feel free to Pm me.
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    Selling: Tier:3 Jungle Stalker

    Selling this longrange powerhouse Camo Arms Jungle Stalker 148 max damage with enhancers and dante (161 with lowrider mk.II or rapstar amp) @ 115m range SB:TT+13k BO:TT+15k -SOLD FOR BUYOUT- Tier Rates: T3: 133 T4: 140 T5: 89 T6: 97 T7: 84 T8: 54 T9: 113 T10: 95 Post or PM me with your...
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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger Mini-sweeper v-1 T:1.9

    The time has come for me to sell this fine piece of weaponry. I'm asking for tt+13k PEDs - no items. (the price might be somewhat negotiable, drop me a line and we'll work something out) -SOLD- Tier rates: T2: 105 T3: 72 T4: 160 T5: 113 T6: 122 T7: 161 T8: 98 T9: 145 T10: 79 (T1:138) PM me...
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    Buying: Jungle Stalker

    PM me :)
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    Item wanted "ads" on auction

    I'd like to see the following extension to the order system of the auction. My idea is a feature for faster and more efficient trading of UL items, or rather a feature to help buyers to get in contact with potential sellers (to not interfere with the function of the auction) and a way for item...
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    Buying: Adjusted Ravenger Minisweeper V1

    As title says, I'm interested in both SGA and regular Adj v1's
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    Selling: Doa Rockjacker

    As title says, Doa Rockjacker SB: tt+50k BO: tt+55k Prices are negotiable. Runs for 7 days once sb is met. Interested in Adj v1's sga or regular, or if you feel you have another exotic item you think you can tempt me with, drop me a line.
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    Surprised by MindArk in the crater.

    Just a few minutes ago I was out in the crater that once was Hadesheim offering to heal a socmate on the higher tier bots that reside there when all of a sudden a green dot logs in / tp's right next to me and. I looked around trying to see who was lurking in the fog and to my surprise it was...
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    Selling: DOA Rockjacker & Jag (F)

    DOA Rockjacker Post or pm your offers
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    Selling: Jaguar (F) full set

    Nice lowweight armor suitable for both hunters and miners. Post or PM me with offers. Current offer: N/A
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    Rage !!!

    Click to enlarge Now go make your own. Template here
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    Selling: DOA Rockjacker ME & Jaguar F

    Taking offers on DOA RJ ME & Jaguar Set (F) UL Post or PM me your offers. Current offers: Regular Rockjacker + 15k for the RJ ME
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    Selling: Modified Starkhov & Full Jaguar (F)

    Taking offers on the following items and I'm mainly looking for offers in pure PED's, but I'll evaluate all offers that includes items aswell. Modified Starkhov AS-117 Stats: Damage: 62 dmg (93) Range: 99.0 m Attacks: 60 /min Reload: 1.0 sec Dmg/sec: 62.0 HP (93) Decay: 4.560 PEC (8.560)...
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    Selling: Duchev log # 16

    Duchev log #16, 100 PED, first one to pm gets it.
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    PC: Star Satin Milky Way set

    Hi, I'm curious about how much this set is worth at the moment. I've seen the top selling from time to time on the auction but the Undershorts has to be one of the rarest pieces of clothing ingame. Oh and if anyone is interested in buying send me a pm :)
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    Buying: Jaguar (F)

    Looking for full set non L. Send me a PM or hit me with an offer in the thread.
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    Buying: Phantom (F)

    Looking for a full set of Phantom armor, PM me.
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    Buying: 2500RS/3500RS & 1x Terrus 600SE Sight

    Post here or PM me :>
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    Selling: Thorifoid Battle Mace

    As topic says. Pm me with offers or post here :> Stats and so on: Last three sales according to ingame auction indicates a +800-1000 PED price Buyout is set at +1200 ped.
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    Buying Bear (F)

    As title says. PM me :)
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    Thorio Bandit with cool item :>

    Click to enlarge Thought this one was worth posting because of the actually almost usable item drop (which isnt (L)) :D
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    13,5k~ Ambulimax Mature

    Hm let me se here, must've been like 1½ year since my last decent hunting hof and well it seems ambus and I share a special bond :D Click to enlarge Special thanks to Megadeath Demonrabbit Sniperhawk, and Baja Nicky Maja (sorry but this one was mine :D)
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    Selling: Full set Boar(F)

    As title says Startbid +1.8k Buyout: +2k Auction ends 3 days after startbid is met. Current Bid: SOLD End date: 25/03/2007 Also selling a Female Jade Coat: SOLD:>
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    Buying Imp2870

    As title states, post here or send me a pm :)
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    Skillgainbonus, blessing or curse?

    MindArk stated the following in the VU.8.8 Content list: "The skill gain rate at higher levels, as well as the impact of high level skills on Profession Levels, has been slightly adjusted. This change is a necessary step for the future, as it provides greater flexibility in designing new high...