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  1. cstarr

    ...and finally I'm there : COMMANDO

    Gratz man :yay::yay:
  2. cstarr

    Very nice loot Gratz

    Very nice loot Gratz
  3. cstarr

    Uber: Uber Noober For The Win!!

    Gratz to you Babe :yay::yay::yay:
  4. cstarr

    HoF: 800 PED Atrax on the Beach

    Gratz I see my skills got put to good use.
  5. cstarr

    Sweet how did that happen?

    Sweet how did that happen?
  6. cstarr

    ~PE Addict Globals~

    Gratz :yay::wtg::eyecrazy:
  7. cstarr

    A Very Nice Day...

    Gratz :yay::yay::yay:
  8. dunn


  9. cstarr

    Happy Birthday Sob!

    :yay: :yay: :birthday: :wtg: :wtg:
  10. sig


  11. cstarr

    Happy Birthday MrSmith

    Happy Birthday now go get your drunk on :shots:
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  13. siggy


  14. cstarr

    Marauders Read This

    Registered :wtg:
  15. cstarr

    PvP4: Minor tp chip, attacker :)

    nice find Gratz
  16. cstarr

    What is the best item you have looted so far?

    oa103 BP sold for 5k mk.III sold for just over 1k
  17. cstarr

    Bond goes hunting big ambu's...

    Do you ever stop? GRATZ:)
  18. cstarr

    Warrior Generation 3 - 1180PED

    Gratz it always pays to help others out.
  19. cstarr

    Vast Narc claim

    Very sweet find.
  20. cstarr

    Squee's Travel Agency

    Gratz on the hanger Squee will definintly use your service.
  21. cstarr

    one month of globals (17 globals + 1 hof)

    Gratz nice month you had.
  22. cstarr

    It's been 2 years

    Gratz to you Squee had fun in II you run a great soc.
  23. cstarr

    24,524k armax bull provider-my first tt uber ever.

    Big GRATZ to you.
  24. cstarr

    Amaxes, thorifoid,ambu and armored atrox...

    Life is happening but i will be on this coming weekend.