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  1. Longcloud

    Selling: Selling 6/7 Angel M UL (SGA Harness)(No gloves).with Bonus.

    SOLD THANK YOU. As you can see by the screen grab the current MU on the angel is almost +23k Im after a quick sale so I'm asking 21k total that's including tt Also as a Bonus for the Lucky buyer Im giving at no extra charge the white outfit that goes with it that's Master coat,Feodora,white...
  2. Longcloud

    GeForce GTX650Ti 2GB

    Hey, Im considering buying this gfx card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX650Ti 2GB ) but wanted some imput before I splash out anyone here using it and if so how does it handle EU, Im also going to upgrade my RAM from 4G to 8G. Any advice appreciated thank you. Zed. system atm quad core 4G RAM 9600gt 500g drive
  3. Longcloud

    Dont go to CP

    Hey, Flew to CP for a hunt and when i got there (no loot:scratch2:) But seriously i flew there and couldn't get in so i thought id re-log and revive inside. I re-loged only to find myself dead outside/inside a dome unable to revive. Sux to be me.:yup: Sent a support.
  4. Longcloud

    Mind reaver location?

    Hi, Just wondering if someone can tell me how to get to the mind reavers? Ive been down the square spiral staircase and to the room with the large marcimex. There's a npc just before this room with a bridge with transparent blocks but I get tp'd back to trading area if I try to go across. advice...
  5. Longcloud

    Fortuitous phone call.

    Hey. As loot for me after the update was worse than usual on cally and reading about Jellyfish and his double luck I thought id got to the rock and see what i could find. After a couple of small globs on the motorheads and ped card slowly draining away i though Id go drop a few probes in Hell...
  6. Longcloud

    Buying: Buying M Angel Harness.

    Looking to buy a M Angel Harness, PM here or add me in game. Peds only:D
  7. Longcloud

    Selling: Sell Full M Boar or Trade For M Angel part.

    Looking to sell My Full M Boar set parts either tier 1 or 2 ,except gloves Im after tt +3k. I'm also willing to trade for a M Angel part roughly the same value ( not Helm or Shins).some peds available to pad it up if need be. Post here or PM here or add me in game. Zardoz Zed Longcloud.
  8. Longcloud

    Connection Stability Poll

    Gday All, Over the last few weeks Ive had issues with losing connection during game play,Screen goes gray and the popup saying "You have lost connection" Doesn't matter whether I'm hunting mining or crafting,standing at Auction or just in town at twin or what Graphic setting i have IE: low med...
  9. Longcloud

    Internet connectiion error

    Hey, I was logged on this morning and in the middle of killing a mob i got disconnected,with disconnected from the server message popup Now when i try to log in i get the TOU pop up window but then i get "Internet connection error" message Failed accessing the update server. Make sure your...
  10. Longcloud

    Buying: Omegaton Jungle Walkers.M

    Buying Omegaton Jungle Walkers M. If you have a pair and want to sell them post here or PM me in game. Thnx Zed
  11. Longcloud

    Selling: Selling Full M SGA Vigi

    As the title says .selling Full M SGA vigi (7 parts) ul 2k which includes Full tt. Ill post pics of tiers if asked All parts haven't been tiered yet.
  12. Longcloud

    Selling: Selling Full M Phantom...

    Sold my M Phantom tt +3.4k ...thats lower than MU atm First in best dressed. Arms tier 1.4 Shins 1.3 Mask .8 Gloves .5 Harness .9 Feet 1.6 Thigh .4 This isn't an auction and id like peds thnx Zed
  13. Longcloud

    Ahh The Steel Egg...

    Spotted this about 3 months ago but didnt have my camera/phone on me at the time. I must admit i did get a little excited(sad hey) when i saw it again yesterday so whipped the phone out and took a pic got to be worth a laugh or two i thought. :wtg:
  14. Longcloud

    Help: copy/paste dynamic content

    Need some help here with the Dynamic content. As i have a limited amount of Download Gb a month (8Gb) ive been unable to download all the recent updates including the dynamic content:( So to get around this i asked a good friend to send me his copy on a flash drive. What he sent me was the...
  15. Longcloud

    Selling: Leather Duster

    Leather Duster Coat Gday:) Taking offers on my cool Leather duster. Only 6 in game as far as i know prefer peds but open to trades No (L) weapons,skills or (L)Armour plz im a miner:)
  16. Longcloud

    Magic carpet log in?

    Earlier today when i managed to log in I found myself 500mtr+ in the air above twin tp standing on a carpet. This is the second time this has happened. the first time about 2 weeks ago i can maybe account for it happening as i logged off the day before at the balcony and there was a carpet...
  17. Longcloud

    Looking for a Female avatar

    Im looking for a female avatar i had a conversation and dance with last night in twin:D She wears a yellow cognac coat and fedora hat, the thing is,she in the course of the conversation mentioned she had 10k sweat for sale and i said id buy some,I asked for 6ped worth she placed what i thought...
  18. Longcloud

    Post Withdrawal Syndrome

    Just before and after xmas i made a few withdrawals after selling all my good gear for a RL purchase.Ive had a few good finds but noticed a drastic decline in amount of globals and return to the point that im now little suspicious that somethings amiss. doing 7 or 8 oa104 on cnd runs and...
  19. Longcloud

    Software not found????

    Thats what it says after this last patch in big bold type SOFTWARE NOT FOUND Entropia universe could not be located on your system. Re-install Entropia universe and then run this patch again, So my question is where the F&^K did the patch think it went? Still exactly where i left it from last...
  20. Longcloud

    Selling: Full Angel UL and camo urban

    Full Angel WITH L FEET and camo arms urban stalker Hi Time to sell my beloved Angel M Full suit no feet,I have angel L feet I throw in for free ive come down from 35k to 32k and you still get the free feet.. peds only please. Also urban stalker needs to go as well this is not an auction and...
  21. Longcloud

    Rich Pentonium in 10 min's

    G'day all:) Woke up this morning,made myself a coffee,grabbed a fag,booted my pc and logged in on cnd where id spent lastnight wasting(?) 6x oa104 and getting only a few small claims,I had about 60 ped tt left on my last amp and went to dome.:scratch2: cant remember but the one with the...
  22. Longcloud

    Time for a Bitch

    Currently I'm using 3g a month wireless broadband connection cost me 50$au crappy but that's about the best i can get around central vic without using :handgun: telstra;) now Jump in the way back machine to 10.1.. started the download and was about 3/4 of the way through when my isp...
  23. Longcloud

    error executing c:\ documeneedhelp.

    Hey.. I need some help after the last update 10.1 during the download i was disconnected so i started again and an error poped up saying i needed more 13mg diskspace etc so i cancelled that as i have 500g spare. all went ok till i opened the client loader and i get.. Error executing...
  24. Longcloud

    ATH: Zed's ATH

    What can i say.. Ive been looking for this baby for a long time:D when you least expect it.. bam!! Thnx Bran for the pecart:D vrx2000 oa104
  25. Longcloud

    A Vast me hearties:D

    I went to CND the night before with a oa102 and the best i found was xii(large):rolleyes: Finding this with no amp was a great surprise:yay: