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  1. cstarr

    A few from the last mobths past.

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  2. cstarr

    152ped Longu

    A day late for Akoz's summer hunting competition. But the ped is always welcome. Click to enlarge
  3. cstarr

    Crafting Hof

    My first weapon crafting HOF Click to enlarge
  4. cstarr

    2 HOFs 1 Global

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  5. cstarr

    Saturday Crafting

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  6. cstarr

    Alot of Lyst

    Selling lyst in 5k lots or bigger anyone interest pm me or post here. selling it at 107% 10k or smaller 106% over 10k
  7. cstarr

    Mining Uber

    I was blessed today. Click to enlarge
  8. cstarr

    My fisrt Crafting HOF

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  9. cstarr

    Small Allo Global

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  10. cstarr

    Mining Global

    Could not even spell right last night but lootius understood me. Click to enlarge
  11. cstarr

    First crafting global

    Was waiting to catch a flight down and got this.CND has been really nice to me this week. Click to enlarge
  12. cstarr

    A couple from CND

    Doing some soc team hunting. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  13. cstarr

    What is an UBER?

    I just posted a over 1k hof as an uber and people saying it is not an uber. Read through the sticky thread for posting and it states 1kped uber or hof. So may question is what is an UBER loot?
  14. cstarr

    CND exo

    After alot of mining and an uber hof in dome 4 decided to relax and try the uber exos hit nothing mining there but got this little global. Click to enlarge
  15. cstarr

    Uber trox at CND

    Started out with bad mining trox seemed to be very hungry.They just never stoped coming at us.Somebody really needs to feed them. After about 15 we got this reward. Click to enlarge
  16. cstarr

    Trax beach Uber

    Been about a week since I hunted there and soc mate wanted to go and it paid off for us. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  17. cstarr

    A nice sunday

    It started at trax beach alittle team hunt. Click to enlarge Then I went to ithaca to hunt trox and this pops up. Click to enlarge
  18. cstarr

    Atrox Global

    My first and hope many more from atrox Click to enlarge
  19. cstarr

    A Little Pest

    Was out for trax and drones and got this. Click to enlarge
  20. cstarr

    Lucky day Globaling

    Low on ped and now I like MA likes me.Click to enlargeClick to enlarge
  21. cstarr

    Dry spell finally over

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  22. cstarr

    60 ped argo

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  23. cstarr

    Nice Argo

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  24. cstarr

    58 ped argo young

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  25. cstarr

    My first spaceship

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