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    EK-2900 Tier 1

    I have an EK-2900 Tier 1 I am thinking of selling. Can't find any anywhere to compare. What's one worth nowadays?
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    Selling: Selling Fire Forge ARR8000M Tier 1

    Looking to sell my Fire Forge AR8000M. It's at Tier 1 and has damage enhancers in it. Damage is 78 and Range 135. Price is 1400 Peds Total. Nice gun for someone on your Christmas list.
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    Selling: xxxxxsxxx

    xxxxxxxx please delete this post
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with amp,laser, scope

    Selling my weapons due to R/L issues. Hate to part with it, but selling my Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition with all the extras, E amp 15, Hunnir Laser sight, and Jzar Precision scope. With damage enhancers this little beauty does 153 damage with a range of 160. Price is 2250 ped for all of it ...
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    Selling: Selling Nemesis UL (M) plus 5b plating

    Due to real life issues, gotta part with my favorite armor. Selling Nemesis Unlimited (M), plus 7pcs. 5B plating. Stats are as follows NEMESIS Gloves Tier .5, TT=16.42 Feet Tier .2, TT=15.62 Thighs Tier .5, TT=34.56 Shins Tier .6, TT=14.57 Arm Guards Tier .5, TT=34.89 Harness Tier .6...
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    Katsuichi Determination unlocked

    I unlocked Tier 1 on a Katsuichi Determination last night. What is it worth?
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    Selling: Marber Foxtrot M.E. Scope, amp, and laser

    Hi, I'm selling a Marber Foxtrot Mentor Edition, Jzar Precision scope, E-amp 15, and Hunnir Lazer Sight. With this, only a Tango can touch you. and that is ten times the price. This is a great setup, if it's on the radar, you can hit it. the 30 power Jzar scope is super with this gun. Asking...
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    Selling: Full Ghost male (with feet) and 5b plates

    Selling full outfit Male Ghost Unlimited with feet and all 5b plates. Asking 1100ped. if outfit doesn't sell, maybe I will sell feet seperate. Would prefer to sell the whole outfit. (FYI, somebody has feet at auction for 750. I paid 650 for mine) price changed. will sell feet seperate for 600...
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    Entropedia Google Map

    FYI I just noticed that the Entropedia Google map of Calypso is back up. It's been down for over a week. I really depended on that one to go on TP runs. It's really accurate. The others out there weren't nearly as accurate.
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    Noobs, don't go east of Nymphtown

    I was out hunting, and I walked down the western shore of the lake south of Nymphtown, and it was real quiet. then I swam across about halfway down, to the eastern shore, and I climbed some really high cliffs. Baaad Idea !! at the top I got killed by a mollisk and wound up at an outpost at...