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  1. Txuri

    Do you think the makeup system should be improved?

    Make up its a very cool action you can do on EU to make your avatar unique, but the system its now very bad, maybe MA can do something to improve it and take it again on market. What do you think about it?
  2. Txuri

    Poll: Would you like an improvement in the makeup system?

    Make up system its very bad now, some players think we need some attention from Mind Ark in this.
  3. Txuri

    Selling: Isis project zero three [Isis Project Zero-Three] TT+1200 ped current bid tt(21,54)+1200 ped Ill wait 1 week before sell the item. 1 week to bid up. :P
  4. Txuri

    Can you beat my time? karona enigma 3

    WARNING spoiler info its showed on the video. Link your videos if you have a better time! :)
  5. Txuri

    What happens with new users?

    Hi, im building a new group and im taking my Friends and disciples to, but all of they doesn't have enougth privileges to do nothing, seems they needs some kind of validation. Some of they has 5 days waiting for this validation. Any news about that? Tyhanks.
  6. Txuri

    ARTISTIC Make Up

    Hi to all, this is my show room, take a look and contact me in game to "Gran Txuri Txuri" if you are interested in a makeup. I can work by demand. My make up "No Face" From (Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi) Spirited away. Ghost Raven From "The Raven" movie. Tribal in white...