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  1. staline

    Selling: Ravenger mini-Sweeper V2

    Want to sell my Ravenger mini-Sweeper V2 tier 6.8 , pm offers :) :yay:
  2. staline

    Buying: aakas fire dagger + melee trauma amp V

    the title says it all , pm me ;)
  3. staline

    Buying: khorum ice dagger + melee trauma amp 1

    melee trauma amp 1 , pm :)
  4. staline

    Selling: hunting guear :P (A106, jarhead M , 5b's , etc ... )

    hey , trying to sell my : - Omegaton A106 (SOLD) - full jarhead T1 (SOLD) -full set 5 b's (SOLD) -hedoc mayhem T0.6(SOLD) -fi/ra/co beast (SOLD) -marber-bravo T0.6(SOLD) & -urban nomad lime coat offers via PM, thanks :)
  5. staline

    Selling: Selling vivo T10 UL

    PM offers :) not rly in a hurry so no low balling ;) the fap is tier 3 atm
  6. staline

    Buying: 5b set

    offering tt+34 for ea , pm gl & hf
  7. staline

    how mutch would you pay to play single player ??

    I was just wandering , for me this game is mutch more than a simple way of gambling , ofc the thrill of getting 10 k dolares is always present but i was just thinking ... how awsome would it be to be able to play this game for ''free'' w/o the oportunity of winning or losing money , i know most...
  8. staline

    take a guess ... win and i will donate 500 EFD :P

    how do you kill a pink elephant ? ahah doubt anyone can guess this one :P :rolleyes::rolleyes: well give it a shot !
  9. staline

    Question: is the gold card all that safe ?

    is my gold card broken ? i would like to get the comunity feed back on this one , it has happened to me quite a lot of times .. i type the wrong gold card code in and press enter and only then i look at the screen and think '' crap i will have to log in again'' but it dosen't .. it just enters...
  10. staline

    Uber: 5.6 k allo

    hey guys :D i finally nailed a decent hoff on the allos ;) , its i shame i dont have a decent pick to show you but atm i dont have a computer at home and i was playing in a LAN , so i asked a friend to take a pick of the hall of fame : but dont worry you are not missing mutch 5600 peds in oil...
  11. staline

    HoF: Finaly a hoff w/o oils :P

    hey , this was the first hoff i had w/o any oils ( only junk tough ) but its always good to sell a couple of items on the loot window .. not mutch bue hey .. better then nothing :D
  12. staline

    Full viking M tt+3500

    full viking M tt+3.5 k may consider items just place your bid here ;):) tyvm
  13. staline

    full vicking M

    selling full vicking M bidding starts at tt+3.3 k and BO tt+3.7 k =)
  14. staline

    full vicking M and set of 5D's

    hey i am going to try crafting for a while and i need to make some peds so i am selling my armor and plates if you are interested please send me a PM whit your offer ;) BO on the vicking is tt+4 k and in the 5D plates tt+1.25 k
  15. staline

    starkov as-147

    i am looking for a starkov as-147 if some one has one for salle pm or post it here =) thank you staline
  16. staline

    buying a new hunting gear =) take a look

    i am planing on buying : -DOA loudmouth -ek-2600 -5b's set -full phatom -dante if you have some of this stuff for salle please post what do you have and for what prices =) thank you very mutch staline
  17. staline

    8438 of lyst

    well i found some lyst :P 8438 peds of it and i wanted to know if some one wanted to buy it ??? bidding starts at 105 % =) ty for you time
  18. staline

    my first drill tower

    hey i have just made my very first big run on cnd by big i mean 2 k :P well i has getting pretty dam bored of reading bomb after bomb ''no resourse found'' until... i found my very first drill tower =))) if some one is interested in buying all that lyst say so in the coment and say what % do you...
  19. staline

    skins.. HELP !!!

    well i just started crafting this stuff and i want to know when will i be able to use leathers other then snable and at what levels. thanks for your time :) :)
  20. staline

    how to mine in CND ??

    is there any particular way to mine in CND ? how do you do it ?? i want to go there ( it will be my first time ) i would like tho know if there is any useful tip tho mine there :D thanks a lot for your time